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: People (Trolls) are abusing the report button
Don't worry about this, cuz when you are innocent nothing happens to you, so when that happens, be sure to report who warns to free report you. have a good game {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
: most of the time people get auto filled into support and thats enough to tilt them off the face of the earth. But on the odd occasion when someone who gets bot and has no idea how to ADC reccomend them playing a champion they are comfortable on and try and supplement that in other lanes.
I liked your thinking. in fact this is a good thing to do and help someone who falls in auto fill, but unfortunately at the beginning everyone is friendly and with the course of the game someone ends toxic and free hate, of course some can be exceptions and can stay calm.
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: Yasuo - Yasuo's Q can crit with 0% crit chance
: I am not trying to counter. I was simply stating that based on your post, people will most likely assume that is just your opinion and that you "summon" conversations you had with others just so you strenghten your point. You could put up a poll on this post or make another post where you put up a poll about Blitzcrank's W skill and see what people vote.
relax, I did not take your comment on the offensive, I'm sorry your gave to understand this. in fact it was not to strengthen my point, the people I '' called '' were random people just to be impartial. I apanas did the post when I arrived at that conclusion. hope to see u in game :3
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: Why don't you post the discussion you had with all those people where they agreed on this. Otherwise it's just he said she said.
because the '' different places '' where I talked was ramdom to be impartial, otherwise it would not make sense to do the post, it's one thing to talk to a random gal from Lol and ask about the champion in question, if I did in a specific place like: people who hate yasuo, zed and riven and wish they think they should cease to exist. it was going to be very explicit that they would be speaking for self-centeredness and for simply praying the champion and that they deserve nerf. but its a good advice. :3
: I disagree. . . {{summoner:4}} It fits thematicly because the slow resembles a computer that gets overworked and causes it to slow down. Besides that, I don't consider it to be so bad because the burst in speed lasts for 5 seconds which is enough to split or dodge with, and the slow although it is active for 1.5 seconds, this duration can be reduced by building tenacity (Mercury's Treads; Elixir of Iron; Runes/Masteries) or simply with boots of swiftness' passive (UNIQUE – SLOW RESIST: Reduces the effectiveness of Slow icon slows by 25%.).
I agree in parts of that on the build, it's kinda unfair because if you're suffering with slow down, you're kind of forced to give up some item, rune, or mastery to get rid of it. about the computer theme, it really looks cool, but it's a robot so it does not make 100% sense to make a comparison, but it's still good. on the slow down there are several champions that gain move speed according to their skills, only the blitscrank receives this debuff, and for a champion who does not have any type of escape (without mentioning the spells) it becomes uninteresting. hope u hav a good game :3
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