: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Order of the Lotus Karma
Karma is my most played champion all time, and I refuse to purchase/use any of the skins currently available for her because of the lack of quality. This one may change my mind. But some instant thoughts about it (after one 40 minute custom game): - The recall doesn't fit at all. Fans were removed from Karma's character for a reason, why are they back? This is present in all of her skins, and the main reason I refuse to play them. - I love the colors, the particles, and the sound effects. However, they could stand to be brightened up a bit. They are really beautiful particles, but they are very hard to see (and therefore admire). Compare it to the base Karma skin, and her mantra effects are much less visible in a chaotic team fight. In general, Karma has so much that a skin could affect. She has 6 skill effects, her mantra on her back, and a very adjustable character. I appreciate that Karma is finally getting a skin besides her release skins and her Traditional skin, but for the amount of time that no Karma skin came out, this is disappointing. I feel that this skin was only accepted and put into production in order to fulfill the lack of skins that Karma has, not to give Karma a skin worth bragging about. This is by far her best skin, but it just fell sort of what I wanted.


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