: I've had this problem before. To solve it, open Task Manager (ctrl+shift+esc for windows) and go to Processes. For me, remains of my firewall (AVG) kept blocking that patch. Scroll through the background processes and if your firewall is running, try ending the process. Hope this helps! :D
OMG It worked thanks, I turned off my Windows Defender Firewall {{summoner:13}}
: Hey there, can you help us out by providing your logs? # How to post Client Logs 1. Navigate to wherever your LoL folder is 2. [Logs] folder 3. [LeagueClient Logs] folder 4. Open the most recent "_LeagueClient.log" text, copy and paste the text into https://pastebin.com/ 5. Post the link Thank you so much {{item:1051}}
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: MYMU Annie, Fiddle, Veigar Discussion
What about making {{champion:1}} 's Q a linear-colliding skill shot?
: Goth Annie splash change
**OMFG** Really?... that doesn't even look like Annie {{champion:1}} Whoever drew that is a fucking idiot! Riot Designer > Donald Trump > Potato Stupid Riot everything is going downhill nowadays, stop trying to fix things that aren't broken.
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: Team Builder Bugs!
I think that we need some sort of **Feedback Report** from Riot. A summary acknowledging the comments grouped into categories, I don't know like *Known Bugs*, *Maybe will be in the Roadmap*, *Not a chance*. I **<3** Riot, LoL and the Team Builder feature, but I'm starting to feel that no one will ever read this in a thread with more than 500 comments. :-/
: Team Builder Bugs!
I should be able to **close** the champion select **modal clicking outside** of it.


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