: Dragons stacking and possible improvements (Riot please read, I want to get my point across)
It sounds like you were all over the place in your thought process on this. I do however like the 4th Point you made. This gives priority to whomever has the objective control. Favoring those who play the game objectively (like it should be). This allows a learning curve as well for Jungle mains. It forces the Jungler to focus on objective focus targets. Making more for what could be linear, but bloody and exciting team-fights. This focuses on lane matchups and not tower trading META. This actually encourages skirmishes too. By seeing more aggressive top lane champions and assassins. This would invite that kind of META back, but don't fret. The ADC changes have helped against that. This would encourage further team compositions and bring back champions that have niche fits into comps. Four dragon camps seems too excessive, dragon spawn time reduced to 4:30-4:45 minutes seems more realistic and exciting to me, and I do not agree with the Elemental Dragons spawning after 35 minutes. I agree with Riots decision on that. It punishes those neglecting to go early game and favors the late game. So this will increase game times and reduce early game spike champions. Meaning fewer team fights and skirmishes. I must stress that do not expect Riot to implement one of these. If you want them to implement this, I suggest going further into detail and suggest further reasoning. Describe how team compositions are affected by each idea you have. It will also help you further your idea and flesh it out more.
: Patcher not patching!
Ah, and I have searched everywhere and I seem to not be able to find a solution. I have tried all the things I have found and nothing seems to work. Even tried combining some of them and they didn't work.
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