: Tanks on Fire - Incoming Cinderhulk + Gromp changes
Nautilus main here... {{champion:111}} I like the item but would prefer to have 10% CDR rather than + 25% bonus health... as a Tank i dont need even more health in the lategame... i already have 5 k with full build, and i dont need 5.800 HP However getting to 40% CDR as fast as possible is what it's all about. Having your CC spells up more often allows you to gank more and be more usefull for your team. Right now i can get to 40% CDR with Juggernaut, Locket and Frozen heart and be one tanky dude, with no damage though. Now it will be harder to hit that 40% as you need another CDR item or CDR runes and masteries... which is not easy to go for as a utility tank.
: A BIG PBE RANT, ehm i mean *constructive criticism* (HELLO RIOT)
putting the PBE in EUW won't do any good as then people from asia and NA play with 200+ping however a more global solution to pbe would crete a more global feedback :) i'm glad that this thread got many people thinking and responding, PBE is awesome, we all agree on this point. and i would love to see these forums get more streamlined and more content by allowing more people access to the forums at least. Focussing champion ideas and creation here would be a great thing as it would put all the devianart, Riotforums and reddit content on one single platform... Thanks to riot Riscx for his answer and to everybody else commenting! If anybody has other feedback on the PBE please keep this forum alive by ranting about the good and bad things on the PBE Dont forget to stay awesome!!
: First of I want to say that the PBE is just awesome, in theory as in practice. You should feel acknowledged by RIOT just being on the PBE, they don't just let everyone on here anyways. For your point about the ping; RIOT has already explained this in a previous thread saying that the community on the PBE is already small as is and they cannot afford to make seperate servers for all regions because that would make the playerpools even smaller and sometimes it already is quite a hassle to find a game on the PBE if you ask me. So all players are connected to American servers which makes perfect sense since the mothercompany is American. As a EUW player I can also state that having to play with such a high ping is not of big concern to me, I can easily do good in normals and win. On the note of RIOT not listening to EU players and only hearing what 10 year old American kids have to say, you are completely wrong. When posts and comments on here don't make a point a RIOT employee will not easily comment on them. They have bigger concerns than to do what you say they do. Mostly they comment on which they see as constructive feedback. Giving YouTubers and such a premium membership to the PBE would just be unfair to the bigger part of the LoL community, RIOT gives everyone which is legitimate for coming into the PBE a fair chance of actually getting in. The argument that YouTubers share what's on the PBE with the crowd is not even good any way you look at it since there are more than enough sites which mention the changes that occur on here, the WWW is full of information about the PBE if you know where to look. About your last three ideas; I think RIOT gives us more than enough opportunities to give them constructive feedback about stuff, as for telling us about changes before implying, the way they do it is better since you immediately get feedback about what it does in game instead of worthless ideas from so many. Giving all LoL players acces to the PBE threads would make the comment sections way more crowded than they already are which is a bad thing since RIOT employees would have to read through all of this to find what actually matters and that gives them less time to give feedback on what they really want to say about things coming from the PBE. Last but not least, RIOT will not bring content to the PBE more raw than it is right now. They also have a lot of people testing champions, item changes, etc before it even comes on the PBE. We actually do a lot more than just visual bug testing (e.g. there was a lot of constructive feedback on what was wrong with the 'Dinger VU which was a lot more than just things about visual errors, if you actually read the thread you would know such things. Yours sincerely, theganjabanana
About my "riot not answering to EU players" you read that wrong riot isnt answering to PBE PLAYER forum enough... i dont care about EUW vs NA forum wars... thats another subject for another forum :) also yes about the dinger bugs... again bug testing is mostly what we're allowed to do... messages with improvement ideas mostly get ignored (like this one probably will be) and they ask on NA/EUW/EUNE/OCE forums questions about the newly released skins and champs... people there haven't played them and argue based on seeing numbers and maybe a youtube video while here we already played the champ... i wrote a lenghty article on Garen back in the days with improvement ideas which didnt get noticed at all however my bugreport got noticed... i see a misstake in the startegy of riot not in the PBE itself.. like i said i love the PBE <3 about your implying changes directly method you got a serious point there but how come miss fortune update thread was runnning more on NA than on PBE ??? Also the fact that they won't invest in servers is very valid but then they should only offer it to NA people because seriously the state of it when playing from europe is just horrible... you obviously aren't concerned by thoses issues as else you wouldnt disagree with me...
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: [4.5 Items] Support Itemization - Should Aegis lose Armor?
Locket is a support for mostly supports and tanky junglers who want team aoe utility, they already get loads of hp from sightstone, sotag and other core items, however armor is something they both need as protection from AA and jungle creep damage so please RITO DO NOT TAKE AWAY THE ARMOR, sincerely a nautilus main :)
: Not sure why you'd be getting Athene's when you have his passive. Late game you never run out of mana, so there's no point in getting it. Aside from that, I can see your point. But his passive is most certainly not useless.
20% cdr is godlike on xerath's kit, also his passive alone is not enough for you to "never run out of mana in extended fights where you can't really AA"
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: well and we could only move move our camera by using the minimap
Same happened to me, even relogging didn't help... is this only an issue on SR or everywhere ???
: **A few things:** 1. **Passive** tooltip should state shield-figures. 2. **Q** could stand to be a hair-fraction wider. 3. **W** ought to have a minor push-back when cast at point-blank. 4. **W** should continue to block tower-shots (explanation below*) 5. **E** animation should be just a tad quicker. 6. **E** should have a "landing-spot" indicator (similar to how Lucian's Q shows beyond-target). 7. **E** ought to be usable on allied Champions... perhaps granting them a minor MS boost. 8. **R** should have a "crosshair" type indicator to Airborne enemy Champions. ***W blocking tower shots should go through to live because:** * It's an exciting & interesting niche. * If not entirely, please allow it to block at least 1-2 tower-shots. * It's unidirectional nature combined with it's long CD makes using it for tower-blocking its own risk. * *ex. if used to bypass a tower, it's no longer up for the ensuing engagement/runaway.* **Additions/Critiques/Thoughts?**
Couldn't agree more on points 1-8... also support yasuo would be awesome, however W working on towers is too strong if you ask me, if you put it just in front of the tower in a sideway fashion, you get 0 towerhits during a full dive. if you leave it like that they will have to make it weaker in total, so reduce overall skill power, else they can keep it strong and usefull outside of dives :)
: Yasuo Discution: all points of view Welcome
1) ok so first of all English is not my native language sorry for any mistakes... 2) i know some of you might like the cowboy skin and yes there is a based reason for riot going cowboy. and yes the skin looks decent... it's just yasuo offers sooo many cooler possibilities and they went with a very very mediocre one... cowboys and katanas dont mix if you ask me, anime or not, i dont care!the only blades cowboy use are for cavalry and even then it's a 2nd class weapon in the whole cowboy genre... just go watch his skin spotlight and read the comments... this skin is making many people sad.. 3) Yes you are absolutely right yasuo is an extremely high skill champion... the thing is just that before he hits level 5 he has 0 kill potential on his ennemies, you can't trade positively with any ennemy especially not melee bruisers bcause you need to get 2 stacks over 11 seconds then dash in harass a little hit with empowered Q which isnt circular and medium-slow missile speed and dash out... in this time he just gets oudamaged by 90% of champs out there... having such a weak early game will make him the new poppy of midlane (well that's where riot wants to put him) 4) yes W is op as fuck, especially with such a low cooldown and on a non ressource champ, but he can still be bullied around as you just have to force him to stay behind his little shield, losing farm and being out of position... and right now he gets even outdamaged by easy bots in early levels... try it and you will see he loses trades with easy bots :'(
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: No voice sound ingame :'(
tried again with another champ sejuani and same happened
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: Supporting: S3-Live vs S4-Beta
- Shurelia changes are nice but it makes the item more niche as hp is universally good on everybody, however Shurelia is best for taric as he needs more mana regen than hp, also taric is the best support babysitter so he counts on a long laning phase in which shurelia gives him the most gold. - Emblem is op but gives less gold once upgraded, compared to kages lucky pick and philo stone. - I found most effecive to get red trinket early on, then sell it for yellow after laningphase, you upgrade it to pink ward trinket. - Utility masteries are good and 21 in utility is basically core on most supports, though some can go 0-13-17 (Leona, thresh).
: The mastery point of Swiftness now requires 3 points on Hardiness.
: [Disappearing Icon] Shield of the Rakkor Icon Disappearing
with me at some point both dissapeared, had same error while playing leona in a botgame
: No point to the new Wriggles
agree with you it's too expensive and a win-more item
: Will of The Ancient remake
I agree with you as the item is mainly bought on manaless champs, so why put mana regen on it ? Normal mages won't want to buy it as it is a wasted slot, for nothing more than and a bit of HP and Mana regen. EDIT: Make it 900g more expensive and give it 20 % CDR and 80 AP, so it builds out of hextech revolver and Fiendish Codex
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: Garen's Visual Upgrade is now ready for testing!
Hi there I noticed a possible bug with Garen's passive tooltip. While he regens 0.4 % of his HP per second, when i calculate the bonus HP regen that i should get it doesnt match with the tooltip... you should get 2% of HP per 5! EXAMPLE: at lvl 1 with 687 HP 2 % of hp are 12HP/5 yet the tooltip shows 24HP/5! also the passive sometimes stays at 0.0 cooldown. While the passive is healing you, your passive icon stays blue (like when you have it on cooldown) stating 0.0 Cooldown left
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