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: When will Urf come
Soon(tm). Now seriously, when they say soon(tm), it's usually few days or 1 week max.
: [SUGGESTION] Rotating Featured Game Modes
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: PBE Disconencts
Check [PoodleCorp's twitter](
: Look at the description of Garen's E and tell me what's the bug?
Garen's E deals 2x damage.
: Garen bug
Teemo has never been banned on URF. About Garen, they should just fix the bug.
: Tahm Kench's devour interaction with Lux
{{champion:99}} ult can't be cancelled
: Play normal urf in customs: Any Map, Blind/Draft/Tournament
Yeah, there are many reddit threads about that bug. You can also play League of the Poro King on SR. [thread]( ; [video]( EDIT: As I think of it, maybe it will be fixed on the new client.
: What is the point of other gametype testing?
: Problem update fixed!
It's a real pain for people with trash PCs like me
: bug in Yoirck Utimate (The Maiden)
It has nothing to do with {{champion:83}} . The PROJECT Minions don't have their own icons so when they destroy a turret or execute an enemy, they use a random one. In that case, they used Nunu's icon.
: When can we test the Ultra Rapid Fire (random) mode ?
Yeah, we had OfA for a week and we tested all new things, so it would be awesome if we had URF (or something else like Poro king or Ascension) for testing.
: Zilean Diana Bomb Bug
: Fizz Bot Bugged.
Bots have always been bugged on TT ~~and Dominion~~ (rip). They usually don't move, don't purchase items, etc.
: Another 2 hour update?
: He can post this on live boards if is also present on live servers but if is just on pbe it's good where he posted.
The bug is /was on both pbe and live servers, you know
: Yorik didnt changed at all
Bad feedback. - Lack of information. > I dont know if the Q can crit, but if it can, remove it pls. - No context. Explain why do you find him ''broken''. You just said ''change Q and E'' - ''Yorick is completely broken and toxic''.. ''I like it..'' - ''He will be played much often now, cause everyone thinks he is a new champion.'' **????**
: TF's E visual indicator bug
Post it on the live boards, it will get more attention. Nice post btw.
For a second I thought it was Vayne gameplay. kappa
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Read that 10 times and still couldn't get it.. Can someone explain, please?
: [Bugs] Kled and Bots
1. Bots are very buggy on TT, it's always been like that. 2. No idea, it's a bug. Nice catch. 3. It's intended.
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: Here is the thing with Nunu...
Your 'mini-rework' is awesome and very creative but it won't get any attention here. Post it on reddit so it can get the attention it deserves.
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: RIP english
PBE is global server, what do you expect?
: Why u want to DISTROY NIDALEE? Someone from Riot please read this. :)
Agree. Off-topic, I miss the old Nidalee and I think she was fine before the rework. After the rework, most of Nidalee's damage relies on her Cougar form, which is pretty annoying because you should go in to do something. Nidalee should be long- ranged mage, but instead she always have to go in to deal some damage.
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: Bard charms bug
Yeah, it was a problem on Definitely not Dominion, too.. the chimes were spawning in the range of the enemy's bottom turret.
: didn't worked x(
really? lol, works fine to me.
: About Pool Party Fioras splash art
: So, the solution is increasing Effects Quality to High?
: Ryze's E Visual BUG
There are no ability timers on low visual settings. I have the same problem because I always play on all my setting set on very low, but that's not bug.
He will have his Q animation and visual effects changed soon. (confirmed).
: Sincerely, this is not necessary. If you have luck, position and a Malphite & Orianna in your team you already win. I will post a part from a Video i did some hours ago and you will see how powerfull and easy is to do a penta.
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: Idk, i don't think you can (should?) disable the bandit mastery, though it kinda defeats the purpose yeah x)
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: When will Nexus Siege be released on the PBE?
It's confirmed to be released for testing **this** week.
: Its fake, I'll try and dig around for the website that posted it, but it is quite obvious it wasn't from Riot in any way. Riot has said they want to add Doombots to the RGM, but it would probably be one of the last to be added. Doombots ain't as simple as all the other games, it is programmed to be broken (in a way). Be patient. Edit: [Link]( Edit 2: Actually, because someone is going to ask it anyway, I will further prove my point by showing all the flaws in the given descriptions. Edit 3: Here is a batch the proves my point quite well. * First off, Riot doesn't use random icons like this, they use the champion icon and not crops of splash arts, they like clarity. * These only include one version. Doom Bots have several difficulties, even progressing through the game. * They also are very simple minded compared to the first batch of Doom Bots. Compared to having bots with other abilities. IE: Karthus with Janna's tornado. Morgana with Anivia Passive. Ect * Adding Doom Bots for champions that don't even have Bot AI doesn't seem likely. * Riot doesn't just use Q,W,E,R. But this could be left to whoever edited it. * Aatrox - "Ascension" is misspelled as "Ascention." Immediate Red Flag right there that can't be questioned. * Alistar - This is Doom Bots, all of the Qs would knock you up. Lets be real here. * Anivia - "Q fires in three straight directions moving forward." * Azir - "Azir **spreads his corruption** to all his team's towers around him." You know, that famous part of Azir's kit, the corruption. Right? No? Okay then. * Bard - Seriously now, the amount of new coding that would have to take place to give Bard a bot is insane. When does a bot **know** when to place a portal? * Caitlyn - "Headshot is available every third attack, and **every attack while in a bush.**" I've only ever seen a bot in a bush once or twice. Not enough to warrant a passive like this. Also would like to point out how this is called "Headshot," the name of the passive, while all the other ones are "passive." Inconsistency right there.
Doom bot Ekko's ultimate: 'R fully heals _Ekno_ and leaves a trail of smaller illuminati triangles in his round path.'
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