: Champion shards' blue essence proportions
Even if you max the be you get, compared to the ip we used to get its next to nothing. Should be a per-game be reward
: Shop Champion Costs
They give you 8k rp/day for whatever you need, should be plenty
: Yorick's Ultimate gets stuck in Ascension
It won't let you cast her in base, probably for that reason. Poor maiden doesn't know how to teleport
: I love it. Im off work tomorrow (the normal days they do patches etc) They Release her today but then I get home from work she is disabled....
No worries bud, she was released for half an hour max
: "Zoe has been disabled"
Any idea how long it'll take? Am ready to try her out
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: > [{quoted}](name=FNC llAlexlll,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=lo7bTZRp,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-19T23:57:23.321+0000) > > so actually i dont get BE and runes grade 2 is on 9999BE ? the cost of the runes can be less? It is a indirect way to say "don't try the runes or anything can happen". It is supposed to be replaced. Though it is still weird they don't remove them from the store just yet.
anything?... makes me want to take a gamble
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: OLd Runes, No enough Blue Esence buy Greater
more importantly, why are they back? im kinda confused on this
: Corrupting Potion + Arcane Comet
theres a few champs who have to start corrupting pot. usually ad-mana heavy ones like yorick and pantheon use it best
: [Heimerdinger Doom Bots] Turret Attack + Bard Ult Animation Glitch
yeah, heimer's turrets seem to do weird things. ive definitely seen one doing its attack animation on a champ who is by dragon while it's midlane(no damage). the projectiles would just follow it all the way there. other times a turret will just start doing its attack animation at nothing
: First of all i thought LOOT menu is disabled but i can open it and the second thing is i have a BOX but i CANT open it xD PLS HELP {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
am having the same issue with purple chest
: Could you give me an example of a jungle champion that would become over powered with predator having a shorter cooldown. The only one that I could imagine becoming stronger would be hecarim, which wouldn't be the worst as he has a negative winrate on live servers currently. I also said predator would most likely be taken on a player that struggles to gank on him without his ultimate, he would only use it with his ultimate during late game.
ornn, cho gath? tankier, low mobility champs. it makes them kind of weird for not having full tanky runes, but ups their gank potential. unsure how valid this point is but both of this listed champs benefit from rightous glory quite a bit, these boots feel like a cheaper version of that.
: Feels like you snowball harder
not only that but theres a lot of the runes do just that. domination and precision both have effects that give permanent bonuses on takedowns and resolve benefits indirectly through overgrowth and grasp that benefit indirectly from being snowbally. taking precision, domination and getting fed will pretty much make any adc a nightmare.
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Not a big concern, but i just created my pbe account today (about an hour or so ago) and it shows no rp or blue essence. I'm assuming once everyone gets their daily amount ill get it too, but it would probably be neat for people to get it sooner.(also just making sure it will come in when people get their daily amount)


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