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Initiate a full repair to the client it fixed the problem for me.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Jinx
The point of the visor is that there is a slight change or symbol on it that is prevalent on the skin and chroma's looking at the base skin there is actually an x supposed to be on the visor that is yellow and supposed to be noticeable and that the leg is supposed to have symbols that reflect that the problem is that sometimes the symbols that are on the legs are more noticeable then the one's on the eyes. In the preview that is on this post the hair that is on the model is actually hiding anything that you could see on the visor. On both the base skin and the splash art the X on the Visor NEEDS to be as much of a contrast as the icon for reckoning and the icon for the border because visually it doesn't look like it exists otherwise the one on the splash art looks muddled because it doesn't look like it even glows even though its supposed to be a neon yellow/orange in contrast to the purple of the skin. Looking at some of the chroma's the symbols that are for the eyes are incredibly hard to see or there is no contrast to pick out where her eyes are at. Looking at the green one it doesn't even look like there was a symbol at all for the eyes except for a x on the very top but looking at the rest of the skin it does not look like there was a purpose for the chroma other than to have a more human/doll like skin for project jinx. One thing for the skin would be possibly putting the Project Triangle on the front of fishbones for that particular chroma and putting more green on the emerald chroma more then teal because for a emerald chroma it looks to have more blue then green in her clothing for emerald even in comparison to other emerald skins of other lines. Something else to possibly add is to have something to distinguish the hand area of the right hand because otherwise in the comparison of the arms the one holding pow pow in the preview picture in this post and some of the chroma's look like the arm is missing and that it is a cable that is attached to the guns instead of a hand reaching in. There looks to be no points of articulation on the arm and at a glance looks like a crystal instead of metal which is confusing for a skin that is aiming for a metalic look.(Maybe toning down the color for the arm and adding the brighter hints for the points of movement? although the arm seems to match the pigtail's on the chromas, the base skin seems to match the highlight in the hair rather then the pigtails which is confusing)


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