: Unfortunately, for some of us the only chance to get past the login queue at all before the next maintenance is by leaving the queue on overnight. If we with your idea woke up even just fifteen minutes after we actually get in (impossible to predict with the unreliable login times), we'd wake up in the morning to a 15+ hour queue, go to bed before it even finishes, and wake up to being kicked out before playing a single game. Please remember that not everyone lives in the same time zone - nor do most of us have the power to magically wake up within fifteen minutes of the login queue completing.
That's the main point, There wouldn't be hour long queues. Most of the people leave their client open after playing and I'm assuming that there is a maximum number of logins to control the number of simultaneous games. My suggestion is not capable of providing the possibility to login for everyone, rather decrease the queue timers. In my humble opinion this would be the most optimal solution to get the most players being able to login. Also on an other point this would be the most optimal for Riot too, so there would be a higher pool of players testing the game with different configurations and playstyles.
: Here's the thing. I'm not sure if they throttle the number of game connections by creating a login queue, or if their login servers are being overloaded, causing the login queue. If it's the latter, this disconnect after x amount of time would backfire enormously as people would have to log in more frequently, backing up traffic and creating even longer login times.
Most likely there is a maximum login limit to control the number of simultaneously going on games.
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