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: the solution i think its as simple as muting the flamers and reporting them. in some weeks all the people wo got here for hype will be gone, and the ones like us who really want to test the new skins, buff/nerfs, etc, will stay here . (as he said, sorry for my english :v) {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
y, i'm new too, i never flamed someone, i play for fun, i try maybe a 2v1 too with "no chances" without an outplay cause it's funny and we try the beta
: what about masteries? i cant save them, because it enters in conflict with the new level up system {{sticker:sg-janna}}
u have to use only 30 points and that will be fine :)
: If you get 700+ ms; - Get better internet because no one should be getting that ping living in EU. - It's the PBE servers acting up. Server hasn't been stable lately. But has been better today. - Move to NA. Also, Riot has said repeatedly that they are not making an EU PBE server. All the Devs live in NA.
i know, i said too they'll never do a server here, my connection is nice, i usually do 130 ms but sometimes that goes up to 700 for lag spikes In normal lol i do 27 ms
: [GIFTS BUG] Hextech Annie 1 RP gift
oh, i forget, i saw that bug like 3 days ago, i don't know if that bug still actually on PBE
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: Btw will it refresh after midnight or every 24 hours? if its every 24 hours like disable my pbe account right now i dont give a shit its retarded
1) it's the same if that is every 24 our or every midnight ._. change only the reset time, u need to log once a day 2) their midnight is different then ur 3) ur comment change nothing, riot did a good job, u are not that usefull as u think on pbe, bugs that u will not found will be founded by other people (sorry all for my english, i'm italian)
: Only 1% all players on PBE are testers.
i'm a new PBE player, i tried lots of things, but i bought not my favourite skins, i took new skins for try them, i reported lots of bugs too (like {{champion:20}} 's bug with special {{item:3673}} ) i've tried many matches, i bought 0 of my favourite things, yes i'll do that next too, pbe is for fun too, but i tried to find many bugs as possible


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