: Ashe Update Feedback Thread
Hey guys! Really great rework!! I'm happy ashe is finally getting some love, and taking away that god awful old passive of hers was enough for me! First impressions - Wow! She is definitely a lot more powerful consistently throughout the game! For me, I can see how pro players can definitely make Ashe OP. She's such a great duelist now and her utility is amazing. Even though people are complaining about her crit chance not being enough, or being nerfed from live, I really see it as being too overpowered right now. I dunno killing creeps after 2 hits just seems really awesome, and nothing to complain about. I say that you are definitely in the right direction, and I'll have to play her against real players and against some ashe's to see how it truly plays out :)
: Ashe's damage and DPS:numbers down
I'm not really sure what your point is here... the numbers look pretty similar, with pbe ashe actually having higher numbers. The key to pbe ashe is her viability now early game. Live ashe had to wait how many seconds of not attacking to actually get a crit? The pbe ashe is a vastly improved champion and I would say she does too much damage now.
: Soraka in the new splash
No she definitely isn't purple in this splashart... I do believe they should give her that purplish tint because people will be misinformed when they buy the skin. They'll think this skin will be like her divine soraka, with human skin tone.
: Just saw the {{champion:90}} changes, i think his scarf and hat are to red instead of the purple. Also his skin color went from tanned brown to white, isn't he supposed to be tanned from wandering in the desert?
Yah I was hoping when they did his retexturing, they would make his base skin more purple like his Splash Art. I really like his Splash art colors of Purple and greenish blue... It would be great if we can see this!! Thanks!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Snow Day Malzahar!
Simply adorable!! I'm so happy Malzahar has a new skin!! I love the new pro voidling and the recall animation is soooo cute! Love love love it!
: Thanks for the feedback! I'm really glad you like her! I know there'd been some concern with her ult not changing - I've gone ahead and relayed that to the team. :3
I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH!!! The colors are amazing, the hit effect is beautiful, and the Poros aaah! They will give everyone on the map diabetes <3 Sooooo sweet and cute!! I really really love what Riot has done with this skin, and the ult would just need a few snow particles (maybe make the circles in the ult have a trailing particle of snow?) Overall, this is one of my favorite skins (second to winter wonder lulu) and I am so happy and grateful for it!! Thanks ^_^
: playing large champions "i think" is causing the ulti to fail do to the size of the champion "hitting" kalista when she tries to launch them. I was playing naut last game and kalista could not launch me at ALL. 1. Bug cant launch champs. 2. to replicate play kalista and naut 3. try to launch naut. you will notice naut launching then "becoming stuck on kalista" then reappearing.
Is morganna considered "large" cuz i couldn't use ult either
: Kalista Bug Ultimate
Same here... As the one being ulted, there was an indicator and when I would try and click, nothing happens... Then I just appear reappear randomly :/
: > Hey, I don't know if it affects other people, but the new inner turret laser sound is really harsh and with it constantly going off on something, it really sounds annoying. Something sounds muffled at off about it and the sound really doesn't seem to sound laser-like. Just my 2 cents, thanks! Hey m3ndi3! Yep, we know about this! There is a broken piece of tech that is keeping the visual, to which the sound is hooked to, from controlling the sound in the way we would like it to play. Don't worry, the fix is underway by our designers.
Oh thank you so much! It was inner turmoil in my head when all 3 inner towers were going off haha :P
: Kalista W passive + Relic Shield Interaction
hey played a lulu and this affects all soul bound I think. I did not have a relic shield, and yet when I tried to cs on the minions my kalista didn't get, I would get this annoying "kill secured" and not get any gold. I wasn't sure if she got the gold either, but from your post it looks like neither gets gold.
  Rioter Comments
: I like the general direction the jungle changes are moving in. There are some great ideas here for the upcoming season. Placing the exact hp above large monsters and the exact damage on the smite icon are great ideas, but the hp should show on all monsters that grant effects on smite, not just at the major camps, and similarly the damage should show on all smite icons. Placing a renewable DoT effect is a good way to provide a balanced damage bonus that functions for all types of champions and allows for more variety in champion selection. I also like the idea of building in sustain, but giving flat hp/5 and mp/5 favors some champions over others in terms of armor vs. hp durability and mana hungriness. I suggest tying the sustain buff to the champion's hp/mp stats, either maximums, regeneration rates, or some combination of the two. Not only would this naturally tailor the sustain aspect to fit the needs of each champion, but it would also allow players to tweak the effects to suit their personal style via rune and mastery selection. P.S. The Hunter's Machete upgrades aren't showing up correctly in the item builder.
Yes totally agree, I felt that sustain, especially for mana hungry junglers was a bit of an issue. I feel like I need to have blue all the time in order to sustain, but the duration of that decreased as well... Now I have to think about building extra mana sustaining item... perhaps champions who already have this in their build will become the new junglers?
: The problem with that, is now you've made it impossible to win unless you have people capable of thought from a soloq. People are going to play whoever they think will do best to score themselves a hexa, and no one will focus on synergy. Just played against a team with {{champion:14}} , {{champion:61}} , and {{champion:157}} . It was retarded. The entire team would be knocked up by one ult or the other, combined into a 5 second complete team lock, while {{champion:114}} ulted in for ridiculous damage. THAT is why a ban phase is COMPLETELY necessary. And on a map this small, good luck dodging ANYTHING, even with {{summoner:4}} . Some teams simply have too much synergy on a map this small. Ban phase lets people get rid of combos like that which make the game not only completely pointless, but more soul-numbingly depressing than {{champion:17}} .
The team you went up against had the right idea, your team didn't. The next time you play you will tell your team, "hey guys lets go for a synergy team comp," then you guys will be the ones owning. This isn't ARAM where its a free for all... people will come to see if they want to win in this mode, they have to actually work together, and that starts at champ select. BTW I have those times where I want to say screw the team comp I wanna try x champ. my team almost always loses the game... so when I feel like winning, I'll see where the team comp is lacking (cc/tank) and fill that role.
: A ban phase might be interesting, but with 6 champs on each team in such a fast paced brawly type mode, kat doesn't seem that overwhelming to me. Tbh I haven't played her that much, but cc or exhaust renders her pretty useless. Tl:dr have someone get exhaust. problem solved
Yes totally agree! Kat is very easily countered if you get cc or exhaust.. I think it's crucial to think of a good team comp too in this mode and not just have a mish mash of anyone and everyone
: Hexakill: Twisted Treeline Bug / Feedback Report Thread
Omg I love twisted treeline, and having hexakill on it is awesome! I think this is my favorite game mode so far! Thanks riot for this! I know a lot of people will have fun with this mode ^_^
: Ongoing: Mass Texture Rebalancing!
I love this more matte direction you guys are going for... It reminds me of that 2d/3d effect I love. It makes them more anime/cartoonish, and even though people are complaining about akali and naut, I think they look a lot better! Great job and can't wait to see more!
: Yup, same thing happened to me. I can't say that I noticed the w hurting me as well. But yes the E definitely hurts Akali. Another thing to note is that no silence occurs. I don't know if this is because Akali is damaging herself but the silencing portion of the ability never occurs, regardless of the target.
Hmm I don't think akali has any silencing portion on any ability... I think you might be thinking of the old leblanc? But yes can confirm this bug!
: This is quite awesome. But one thing, what are we supposed to do? Unless these skins will be sold for 1ip I don't see much feedback unless you were not looking for any? Or are we supposed to watch and view the pictures and videos moobeat and skinspotlights make because you know they have everything probably up already. I'd rather not... Same thing with champion visual updates, you guys started out on the right path by making everything available for that rework, then you stopped (at least with the recent texture updates: Renekt and Cass). Without RP no many can do much. I love you guys, but come on...
Yes please at least give us a hefty amount of RP so that we can test the new tu skins :)
: I feel like the lack of details on Akali needs to be addressed. Her hair textures were removed so she has a blob of black for hair, but other champions still have those details. Also Silver Fang Akali without silver kamas? Wtf. For the most part, I like these texture rebalances (I feel like Prestigious LeBlanc could go a tone brighter on the red too), but it looks like Akali got the short end of the stick.
It's exactly what I thought when they did the tu on sona's original model... The hair looked like a blob of color, rather than hair :/ I guess this is the style they are going for... more matte anime/cartoon looking characters.. I like the style, it's just I'm not used to seeing it on League of Legends.
: You forget you can heal yourself with Q. No, it´s not useless and yes, you can hit it. just don´t try to hit them at the max range of it and you´re fine. Why should her E deal damage? she´s a sustain support. Viktor´s W also doesn´t deal any damage. It´s totally fine, you just want to buff a champ at a place where it isn´t needed. Don´t think of it as *"I have to use it wisely to root someone"* but rather as *"I´ll zone them and if they misplay, they´re rooted"*. It´s totally fine and does what it should do. the time the enemy needs to walk outside of the silence zone to use abilities again can save your life (I´ve seen games where even a 0.1 silence would´ve turned the outcome of a fight to the favor of the other team because a skillshot just barely hit at max range), you just have to use it as a zoning/interrupting and defensive tool, rather than thinking it´s for offensive use.
Her Q is not reliable enough to sustain her... if they had it heal her when she hit any type of enemy, then it would feel better. They can even make it so the heal is stronger when you hit enemies. I think it just needs to heal her for any kind of damage she does, whether it be a minion, a jungle creep, or an enemy champion.
: I can't quite put my finger on why, but new Soraka just isn't fun to play. All of her abilities definitely feel rewarding, but she just doesn't feel fun. Maybe it's the new Starcall. Having the time to impact change based on how far the ability is cast in relation to yourself is adds a steep learning curve for a champ that use to be easy to pick up and play. Personally, I would prefer for a normalized impact time in exchange for reduced values on the ability. Also, if Soraka is calling down stars from the heavens, why does her position in relation to the target affects impact time? Touch of the Cosmos feels weak and not being able to reliably heal myself makes Soraka feel really squishy. I want to be close to my allies and in the fray to use my abilities effectively, but even if I land a Starcall, I'm so squishy that the heal is made negligible near instantly. Again, Touch of the Cosmos does little to help even if you do build a bit tanky. And to be honest, she's not going to have the gold to get tanky AP items even if she wanted to as a support. Most supports that have to do their job in melee range get free defensive stats in some form(Taric, Braum, Leona, Threst, etc). I think it would better to give her a version of Wukong's passive. Let her gain bonus armor and magic resist based on the number of ally champions nearby. Also, Soraka's heals are at their best on allies with low health. However, Morellonomicon automatically makes your abilities apply Grievous Wounds to champs below 40% health. It's a common purchased item on many popular mids and absolutely hard counters Soraka. I dunno. Overall, if I want to play a healing support, I would rather play Sona as her heals are just as good in terms of practically and usability, and she brings more to the table than Soraka. And of course, Sona is now easier to use than Soraka.
Totally agree with what you said about Sona vs. Soraka. Sona just feels so much better and has utility that overcomes her shortcomings. I think there needs to be something to compensate for her using a percentage of her health to heal others... Her q needs to heal her for damaging any ally, so that she can sustain, or her w should give her a heal or some kind of boost when she uses it :/ It just felt so underwhelming and I would choose Sona instead of this new Soraka any day.
: This is actually the main reason why. Tibbers and potentially a super/cannon minion.
Yes I always felt that there was no point to healing minions, and especially now, when your heal costs your own health in addition to some mana. Also, can we please have her q heal her with any enemy? It's so hard to heal myself when there are no enemy champions around :/
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands
I definitely think that Azir's soliders do far too much damage with no counterplay. I would be fine with the damage, if you can at least hit them, or they have an indicator on when they die. Also, their cooldown is far too quick .. mid/late game they destroy everything way to quick. There should be a damage reduction with how many subsequent enemies he hits with the solider, since it attacks enemies in a line. Also a damage reduction on how many soldiers are on the field.
: Those are ultimate skins that do that, not legendary
Oh my bad hahah I thought this was supposed to be an ultimate skin >_<
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Final Boss Veigar
I like the skin a lot but I feel like the skin needs a little bit more oomph for it to feel like a legendary skin. All of the other legendary skins have some sort of transformation... The skin should feel more powerful according to how many stacks of q you have :D
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: They're saying Sona's rework is a buff 0_0?
Those are just slight nerfs to Q... Her W was significantly buffed... I love how much it heals and shields... When they took her changes out for a while on PBE, the lack of heal on her W was so apparent and it made me feel icky not to be able to heal a third of my life with it.
: Totally agree! Pretty much hate pvp, just for the toxic environment. And then people will rag on you because you got to level 30 against bots. Well, really why not? They are fun and they don't treat you like garbage. I've been bullied by people in PBE when I say I'm standing somewhere to test something, or I'm writing notes to add to a conversational thread! Crazy stuff. My last pvp match, my whole team was dead but me. So, I decided to jungle a bit while I waited (wolf camp). One of our team was ragging on me that I didn't head out to mid (to die) to face their whole team. Geez! So, after my team was alive and heading off the platform, I came up behind the other team and we sandwiched them. I got off an ult, and we as a team got three kills, but I got one as a result of the ult. Guess what? The same person who was ragging on me for not running out and dying then starting saying to report me for KSing. OK, we are here to TEST, not complain about KSing (unintentional or not). Makes a 'team' sport not fun at all. And it makes testing challenging. Anyone who is happy to 'play nice' can feel free to add me :)
: Newest Sona Update!
Sona's hair update needs more shadows and detailing please... It's just too monotone and feels like it's incomplete compared to her other texture upgrades.
: PBE Server Unavailable
Hey just wanted to give an update, it's been 30 days already and my client will always say "Unavailable", and the only way I can get in is with the Urf code :/ does this mean I have to redownload the client?
: Sona PBE Update
How many games have you played on the Sona Update? -I have played 2 games so far. What sort of game was this? (Doom bots, Summoners Rift 5v5, Standard Bots, Howling Abyss, etc.) -1 Doom Bot and 1 5v5 Summoner's Rift Did you feel in danger when granting allies aura tags? -I felt really fast so I didn't feel very much in danger. I was like a distraction of darting in and out of bushes :P Plus I love the shield that w gives you, so it made me feel safer. What was your laning experience like? -It went pretty well, good poke and good sustain. I was against a Braum/Draven lane with ashe as my adc. We dominated easily. What was your team fight experience like? -I think it was great! The speed boost, along with the shields w gives you were really great for team fights. It was like having a sivir ult on such a low cooldown. What items felt powerful? -I love the new Ardent Censer on her. It has all the stats you need. I think frost queen's claim is also good on her since she has good poke and can slow enemies down, while speeding up their team. What items felt weak? -Like most people have already said, lich bane sona doesn't have as much power as it did, but I played ap lich bane sona in doom bots and it seemed ok, just not powerful. --I actually really like this rework and I feel like w is really strong right now.. I don't know if it's too strong, but the heal seemed really powerful toward the end... It always healed me for like 1/3 health each cast (when I got a little bit of ap) Everyone seems to be complaining about how useless e is, but I think movespeed is very underrated. It lets you and your team get around the map faster, helps people escape, or helps people kite and pick off the enemy team. I think she's in a good state right now and I can't wait for the sounds to be put in :)
: So I found some **weird red dots** appearing under the purple side mid turret when looking from specific camera angles. The dots are lined up and only visible if the cursor is hovering over the turret itself. If the turret is destroyed the dots won't appear anymore. EDIT: You need to zoom in a bit to see them on the first images. 1. http://imgur.com/bbyfW20 ; shows some dots at a normal camera angle 2. http://imgur.com/1txlLfT ; similar angle but no dots 3. http://imgur.com/JCdEoCS ; zoomed in shows full line of dots independent from angle 4. http://imgur.com/FBjRBHi ; same as 4. through the fog of war 5. http://imgur.com/M2SLYP0 ; turret destroyed, cursor hovers over turret ruin, no dots. **Again:** Only appears when hovering over the turret (you can tell from the top left corner that I do hover over turret, fraps just didn't include my actual cursor). Dots do not appear anymore after the tower is being destroyed. I did not find any more dots on other turrets. Using Windows 7. JayAgeDee
Found this too when playing custom game
: Turret sound is annoying. It's like going to the Theater and someone is eating a big noisy bag of chips with their mouth open. Like, the sound is there, and after a while you can tone it out, but you wish you could stop it.
Seriously, it's not a pleasing sound either... It's loud, annoying, and sharp
: [Client] - Can't login
My client has been saying unavailable for the last month and have not been able to get in without "thereisnourflevel" but I was able to go and play the new sr today several hours ago... Anyone else getting the unavailable client even if they can login fine?
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Omg thank you so much "thereisnourflevel" worked for me... you just type it when the client is active for anyone else with this problem!
: PBE Server Unavailable
It's still down for me :/
: **The Splash looks great minus the severely man-like face.** Please put a touch of femininity back into her face... just to express she is a woman, doesn't have to be a lot. Boobs aren't enough.
Well if you think about it, we already have a really feminine guy (Ezreal), so we need a masculine girl :P
: It's great minus the face is awful. So much manhood.
: It is a bit Draveny, comes off butch when it shouldn't necessarily.
Yes! Totally agree! Very butch hahha
: The main thing I'm worried about is her new Harrier particle, as it seems that it could have an impact on gameplay. Here's an excerpt from a thread I made about the skin (http://community.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-skins/oGMKsuFr-why-woad-scout-quinn-is-disappointing) *The particle looks nice, but the main problem I have with it is how it fades in and out. This may not seem like anything important, until you realize that the Quinn's default and Phoenix skins do not have this. Having a particle give different amounts of information based on the skin means opening the door for a skin to give its owner either a disadvantage or an edge. Quinn's passive particle is notorious for ghost proccing, using the passive just after it seems to have disappeared. Additionally, the animation gives Quinn's opponents a better idea of when the passive will expire. Finally, the animation and color scheme make it much easier to notice than on the default skin. Due to all of this, I believe Quinn players that use this skin may be at a very slight disadvantage compared to those that don't. That is not to say I am not for this change, I actually believe that readability issues should never be used as a balance factor. Because of this, rather than removing the animation for Woad Scout Quinn, I would rather the animation be added to the default and Phoenix Quinn skins. As it stands, most player in solo queue who use this skin will have opponents that can react to their passive more easily and readily than those who do not, which is unfair to those who just want to change champion cosmetics.*
That's a good point... I forgot that the enemy can see the Harrier mark too haha so though it may seem pretty to me, it's a lot easier for them to see and stay away.
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: Woad Scout Quinn; Thematics
Seriously, you are asking way too much.. Do you realize you have to change quinn completely if she has to animate differently from range and melee. They would have to redo their code if they had a champion switch animations based on how far they were from their enemy. .. Sounds cool, but it definitely won't happen just for a skin. They might do that for an entirely new champion in the future though.
: [Hopefully 4.5] Gragas Rework Feedback Thread
I'm liking the changes so far! Only caveat would be that he has a bit too much cc for such low cd. Even though people aren't used to his new Q, I quite like it and it requires more thought and strategy when using it. I also like his W as it acts like a lich bane and provides a burst your enemy wouldn't expect. Body Slam is great with the added cc and as for Explosive Cask, I would make it less damage because you should use it primarily for the utility.
: [ 4.5 ] miss fortune changes
I agree that minion aggro should not reset her passive.. Her Q targeting feels a lot better than when MF changes first came on the PBE.
: MF Changes
Was just searching the PBE community for any mention on it too! I'm very excited to see what they changed on MF ahh can't wait >_<
: Instead of completely reinstalling, I downloaded the zip again... then pasted it onto my PBE folder and replaced 2 files and 1 folder. Took less than a minute. I reran it and it works now!!! I thought PBE was bugged, turned out it was just that random error!
OMG THank you!! This worked for me!!
: same happened to me.ı repaired the client.And its over
I just repaired client and am still getting the missing .dll error
: EDIT - I completely deleted my PBE folder (basically uninstalling the game) and then re-downloaded from the pbesignup.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/pbe-signup page. After a huge patching, as one would expect from a fresh installation, my issues subsided. This worked, but repairing the client twice did not, so, heads up. The waiting time for both operations was around the same for me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I simply can't get into game - after champ select, I get the (rough translation from PT - EN) "The program can not be started because MSVCP110.dll is missing. Try reinstalling to fix this issue." error. I manage to get through champ select just fine and when it should start loading, bam. After it crashes, I get a Bugsplat error popup and I'm brought back to the AIR client, with the cute little Reconnect button up there. This happens with whatever champion in whatever skin with whatever lineup, and to be doubly sure I booted up a game where I was playing Fizz rather than Vel'Koz or Miss Fortune, and they were equally not partaking in the games in whichever side. Mind you, this was only in customs as I don't dare go near PVP in this state. I've tried repairing the PBE client to no avail, too ): It has been like this ever since the last patch, and yes, I have tried this twice more after the most recent one, where you guys fixed some of the bugsplats issues! (Edit for clarification: I managed to play when bots decided AFKing at fountain was the meta, and ever since a fix was deployed this issue kicked in) (For good measure, I'll drop my latest Bugsplat submission of about 10 seconds ago here - Crash Report #103588133)
I second this... Even after today's patch, I am still getting the missing "MSVCP110.dll is missing" and "MSVCR110.dll is missing" errors. I am on Windows 7. Happens after champion select and after trying to reconnect game
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