: Varus or Malzahar?
lol Varus really looks like Malazar
: After i disconnected and reconnected all went good, towers reappeared
: Mistake in Sightstone's tool-tip
good that you noticed that one. Riot please fix that mistake.
Once again this is a **client side** bug
: I think the new mastery trees will take a bit to get used to, and they seem to be a little underwhelming for supports, but overall, I like the design, and I'm confident Riot will polish the talents until they're all meaningful and make sense for each champion and role.
I think that if they keep the design but input it to the old system it would be awesome. but at the moment it's hard for me to do anything with the new system
: i just try to think like riot. I think that, as a player, you've to understand the game and play it in the way it go. I mean, would a worlds player say something about those things when they'll hit live servers? probably, but he will play with those things anyway =D
: The new one is better in some ways.. For example you don't rush same masteries for roles.. but for champions. I found that ashe and some other champions have so much different masteries respect to others those are in the same role. But the best change is that the rune pages will change so much now. Because you'll not get old masteries stats for level one. Now you've to chose wich way in better for THE CHAMPION, not for the ROLE. i'm Right?? maybe some rioter can confirm my way of thinking the "new game" xD
: is it a rare icon ?
everyone gets it on the PBE
Rioter Comments
: Have not received RP or IP upon creation
You get the IP+RP Upon buying the Champion bundle. Since it's unavailable at the moment you must wait
: Turrets dissapear after freezing 15 seconds
I think it is a client side bug. Try to repairing your client or wait for the new update that maybe will fix it.
: I believe you get it when buying the champions' bundle~
everyone gets it on the PBE. you get it with the acc
: Did u have that icon on your live server account?
everyone gets it on the PBE
: He has a visual update, and looks up to date. What he needs now, if anything, is a recall animation and new voiceover lines. But that's needed by a number of other champions that received similar smaller updates (Maokai, Singed, Renekton).
If he did get a Visual update then I didn't see it cause no one plays Kass this days (Atleast as I see it)
: Does Tryndamere count as a fighter or as a marksman?
Marksman = Range Figher = Melee {{champion:23}} = Fighter
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: Feedback on the new Vandal Brand's splash art
I like it but I think it's too red-ish and it's too close to the screen

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