: How can you possibly say this with a straight face? AD Champs have been so heavily favored from the recent patches and nerfs both direct, and indirect to AP champions, that the new meta is almost exclusively AD. AD Juggernaut top, AD Mid, ADC Bot, AD JG, with the only real AP on the field typically being support. Maw, Merc Scim, New AD Items, along with the changes to core AP Items via pricing delaying the chance of a power spike until mid game. There is no possible way, you can convince me that our feedback is read, considered, or even partially acted upon. The only thing that has been nerfed that absolutely NEEDED to happen was the changes to Warlord's Bloodlust. AP Champs have been kicked under the table, with AD reigning supreme with additional free lifesteal added to any counter item that leans toward AD + MR. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Well you gotta be fair here. Sure the meta is primarily AD but is that not something NEW? The whole point of changing the meta is so we don't have to sit around with the same stuff all the time. Some people may not like the current meta. It happens every time. That doesn't mean it's bad or unfeedback oriented. Also, the meta doesn't change overnight (plus we're in preseason so who cares what the meta is anyway). They'll take feedback into consideration like they always do just give them time.
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: [Client] Interesting Bugsplat
Ok first, you should try running the PBE patcher in administrator mode. Then if that doesn't work then you have the same problem I used to have and I had to totally reinstall League to fix it. That means I had to completely delete all League related files (including the Riot Games folder located in your C:/ or primary storage drive). The reason I include that is because for me, a simple uninstall would not get rid of the Riot Games folder and I had to do that manually (if you have any issues deleting that, let me know.) Then reinstall.
: So what's the point of PBE feedback exactly ?
Well they don't ignore us entirely, but you have to keep in mind that we're a very, very small percentage of the overall League of Legends community. Our feedback is definitely taken into consideration, but they also have the other 99% of players to listen to. They also have their own design team, the higher ups in the company, and the shareholders that all ultimately get more of a final say than we do. Basically, what we tell them is taken to the rest of the company and they go with whatever they feel like will be best for the theme of whatever it is they're releasing. It's not that they don't care, it's that they have to do what they think is best, in the end.
: [suggestion] Yasuo
If anything he needs a nerf to the raw amount of damage he does. Possibly a thinner q width. Possibly a base AD reduction at higher levels. Something though.
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: Keybind transfer from Live to PBE?
Nope. Since PBE and Live are two separate servers, there is no way for that to happen. You're gonna have to change it manually.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Snow Day Bard!
When playing a mirror matchup (or just two Bards in the same game), the other team's Bard's chimes have the base textures and not the snow textures. Also, when Bard has a great amount of movement speed and uses that animation, the snowy particles go in and out of his back and make it look weird (only visible when bard us running towards the topish of the screen).
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Snow Day Syndra!
Syndra W+(maybe)Luden's bug. Black square appears. I only noticed this after I got Luden's but my casts are often off screen with her W due to moving after throwing it. Screenshot [linked](http://imgur.com/wavNmLE).
: How to counter invisible Champs in Lategame/with Fullbuild?
Just saying, if you want a better answer, you may want to post this on the main boards. This board is only for feedback of content currently on the PBE and bug reports. Definitely not for asking how to counter stuff. You definitely want to delete this and post on the main boards.
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: [Suggestion] Gravelord Azir should carry a Dfg
possibly his animation of using his w on a turret. either way, I like this idea.
: there has been a lot of this posted on the boards already u might want to check them out before posting more
I've checked them all out actually. None of them show this happening to such a degree nor do any of them visually explain it this well. Plus, I can't add my gorgeous thumbnail to my post in a comment to someone else's.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: 750s Set - Braum, Gragas, Ryze and Varus!
Something I noticed in game today while testing out the new Varus skin was that he looks like you guys took Malzahar and gave him a bow. Something a little different to make it more of its own thing would be nice.
: [Minions] - Anybody else noticing minions not loosing aggro at all?
Yeah definitely. Was playing Varus mid and hit the Hecarim I was playing against and took aggro. Then walked behind my own casters and they followed and went around my caster minions and almost back to my tower just to hit me. To clarify, I was fairly pushed up at about level 5 when this happened so they followed a long way.
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: {MAJOR!} League Keeps Crashing
Same issue but so far only with Elderwood Hecarim. I also never get an actual crash, it just stops loading at 100%. The first time, it was loading fine and the not connected Graves who was the last to reach 100% actually connected and reached 31% before it froze.
: No death animation
Was about to report this. I was playing the new Braum skin and noticed the standing still deaths when I was walking back from a fight to some champs that were dead in the river around baron pit. It only happened then out of the entire game. I noticed it with maybe 2 seconds left on death timers so no chance to pull a recorder out fast enough.


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