: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battle Boss Malzahar!
Clarity is definitely an issue. His Malefic Visions are very hard to see when up against the red color of the enemy minions. With how crowded lane can get and his Visions jumping around constantly its hard to keep track of exactly where it is as it blends in too much. Also the SFX could use a little more "oomph" in my opinion. I understand the binary/arcade theme going on but the SFX sound dull. On normal Malz when you cast his Malefic Visions you can hear the "shroud" as I like to call it, the sound of it enveloping the enemy as its thematics suggest is extremely satisfying. On the Battle Boss Skin it sounds so unsatisfying as it jumps from enemy to enemy giving more a "wet splash" kind of sound imo. Similarly his auto attack SFX sound dull as well. His AA sends out a sharp piercing red dart but when it hits the enemy the sound is "soft" rather than "piercing" that you would expect from the imagery. An example would be Lunar Wraith Caitlyn's AA. The visual represents a sharp piercing shot and the SFX match it extremely well to give an extremely satisfying combination. The overall visuals and theme for Battle Boss are amazing and as of now is my favorite skin for him but I definitely suggest taking a look at his Malefic Visions visual clarity as well as his overall SFX.
: While I do agree that his AP damage has taken a hit (namely with no flat numbers on his ult which QSS will make even more useless since the damage isn't tied to the tether but to the pool), I like the changes. Minions are easier to manage and keep active and the passive shield helps keep him alive. Not to mention that if you all in someone with your passive up, you don't have to worry about them using a delayed stun to kill your ult.
Sadly all in-ing someone now doesnt even guarantee a kill anymore.
: MYMU - Malzahar Discussion
With Patch 6.9 announced im severely disappointed that this rework is going through. I was so excited at first but now Malzahar is a shell of his former self. His midlane has been completely gutted all in favor of his AD Jungle. His AP Ratios are terrible and his damage is so inconsistent and unreliable due to the huge focus on voidlings which are essentially useless late game when it matters to anyone with a brain. I was hoping you'd delay this patch to work on the reworks a bit longer but after essentially only 3 minor tweaks all focusing on his jungle power while completely ignoring his midlane now we're stuck with this trash.
: MYMU - Malzahar Discussion
Another day of PBE updates for Malz and they still only focus on his Jungling. Come on Riot Malz is a MID LANER, why not work on his now crappy midlane instead of solely focusing on his Jungling.
: Iv seem a lot of AP Mid Malz. Its ok the voildlings dont do a lot of damage tho. Its your Visions and CoV that do the damage
> [{quoted}](name=LadyVash,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=bHirNlWy,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-04-22T00:23:37.549+0000) > > Iv seem a lot of AP Mid Malz. Its ok the voildlings dont do a lot of damage tho. Its your Visions and CoV that do the damage Hardly, his midlane is pretty gutted now. Visions aren't strong enough to even kill minions by itself anymore at max rank until you have your full build. His ult is trash now since it literally cant kill anything. They shifted to much of his damage to his voidlings to try and keep AD Malz viable but now hes the best version of Malz. Voidlings AP scalings are trash and you lose so much damage because of their inconsistencies and having to walk to the target loses precious time and damage. His live version is so much better.
: MYMU - Malzahar Discussion
After finally updating PBE and playing him all I have to say is... it feels so lackluster. I was excited when I looked at all the new changes but actually putting it into play feels so meh if your focusing on Mid Lane Malz. It looks like all his power was shifted to the Voidlings. His R is a joke, its so weak and feels completely useless. If you cast W right before you ult by the time your voidling actually spawns you've already lost half your ult duration, you'll maybe get two ticks of Voidling damage on the person before the ult ends because of the time it takes for it to spawn and walk over, it just feels so underwhelming and majority of the time the enemy manages to get away before you the second voidling even starts walking to it. The nerfs to his Q isnt so bad, it still does a good chunk of damage and 2 sec silence is still long so not many complaints there. The damage to Malefic Visions is just sad though. I know you can refresh it with Q but its so weak it cant even kill a full heatlh minion at max level, Rank 5 Malefic Vision wasn't able to kill a full health minion until I had got my 6th and Final Item which was a Rabadons that brought me up to 600+ AP, At 400+ AP it was still leaving a few ticks of damage left on the minions. His teamfights are also pretty bad now, with his damage so focused on his Voidlings now its so erratic and you end up doing less damage than you could have. You have Malefic Vision on one enemy and spawn your voidling it goes to that champion, if you ult another Champ then the voidling leaves that enemy and runs to the champ thats ulted, meaning its leaving damage behind on the previous champ and while it wastes time walking to the ulted champ your losing damage there as well. This was fine before as its the same on live but because his damage relies so much on his voidlings now its a big hinderance now. Theres just no real consistent control on Malz damage output because his skills are so reliant on the Voidlings to make up for that lost damage. Even the voidlings themselves feel lackluster in the damage department if your going AP. And they're so weak and squishy late game they barely last long enough to get 3 out. I know riot wanted to keep AD Malz viable but this rework seems to push Malz players to go AD Jung now rather than AP Mid because of how well his kit synergizes with Jung now. Making all his skills heavily reliant on his Voidlings to recoup the damage lost from pre-rework just makes Malz feel clunky and inconsistent. I know theres calls for his Jung being supremely OP, soloing Drag and Baron at spawn but I'm talking Mid Lane Malzahar here, his laning phase and dueling potential just feel like they went down the gutter to me. Malzahar was THE champion that got me addicted to this game, after playing champ after champ Malzahar was the one that felt right to me and connected to me the best and he's been my go-to champ ever since. He's the only champion where I never felt helpless playing no matter who I was playing against. As a Malzahar main i'm really disappointed by this rework and I hope theres some changes on the way to push some power back to his other skills and not make him so voidling focused. I know thematically it fits but its too inconsistent and unreliable for it to be the main focus. And Please Please PLEASE make his Ult feel relevant again, its just so sad and pathetic at this point.
: Hi! I enjoy the changes towards his kit (The idea of playing with them anyway, can't really say the same for against yet because that can be said about any champion.) I just have a few questions. {{champion:90}} 1. **How would his passive's crowd control immunity make his matchup with {{champion:157}} **, who _relies on his CC_ to even unlock one of his spells? I see several Yasuo's using Qx3 first for the knockup during laning phase then ulting for the armor penetration. Would this not change Yasuo's playstyle entirely if there's a Malzahar on the opposing team? (Keeping in mind that Yasuo can't E then use his third Q either due to the lingering effect.) 2. With the new %HP scaling on Nether Grasp, are there any ideas on where it would place Malzahar in the more tankier metas when enemies stack defenses (Such as how {{item:3065}} gives both magic resist AND health?) What would a rough idea of the scalings be like if an opponent build an item such as Spirit Visage which gave both a defensive, tanky power towards it with magic resist and a negative, offensive advantage with the health? Overall love the mage rework, very nice! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Malzahar already countered Yasuo before the MYMU, I feel like they're just reinforcing his counters now.
: MYMU - Malzahar Discussion
As a Malzahar main I was afraid the update would change him too drastically, but so far I can say that I'm liking the new changes. The new passive sounds really good and definitely helps shore up his weakness as a mage who relies heavily on positioning so he doesnt get caught out. I was expecting a nerf to his Q but im glad the silence stayed atleast, even at a shorter duration. His W moved to his R imo is about 60/40 for me. I dont know how many times i've jumped in to try and kill someone with a W>R combo only to miss click W and not have it activate so having it activate together really helps. BUT I will definitely miss its utility though outside of battle. It was great for chunking down Drag and Baron as well as Super Minions and Jung Monsters, also it was one of his only real team fighting moves, placing it down in the middle of a large team fight while your fighting from the backline with Q and E really helped, especially once you got Rylais and Liandries procs working together, so i'll have to see how this one plays out now. Cant wait to try new Malz on PBE though. Last thing in regards to his Null Zone though, even though its cast with his single target nuke in R does it still damage all enemies standing on it or just the one tethered to his ult? Edit: Were the vision changes on his Q reverted as well too or no? I know last patch the vision changes inherently nerfed his Q's vision and Im not sure if that was intended or not.


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