: [Assassins] Talon feedback thread
I really like the new changes, the jumping over walls is really reminiscent of games like Assasins Creed and definitely hits the right character spot. However, no change is perfect which is why we have feedback: * there is something off about the passive indicator, I can't quite put my finger on it but it seems a little too simple and out of place. * whilst the overall design of the new blades in abilities is nice they seem to not have enough definition so again look a little out of place/unfinished. hope this feedback helps.
: His E does not take him over the wall. That's currently intended.
Can I ask why this was intented? I'm all for making it so that all linear dashes don't go through walls but keeping it so that blinks and leaps (noticble arcs to the dash) go over walls to help put a cap on mobility creep but until we know that this is your intention for the game it feels that you're just removing a mechanic from this champion for the sake of it. I know we shouldn't really compare champions too much as you want to make them distinct from each other but people will ask 'why is renekton allowed to dash over a wall but kled isn't?' I use renekton as an example due to the similarity in their dashes.
: [7/12] Instead of buffing Kassadin, buff icerod, then it buffs Kassadin without buffing Kassadin
i've actually been having a blast with kassadin with a completly different build that i believe works far better: {{item:3003}} into {{item:3152}} into {{item:3001}} the passive on seraphs refunds a shit tonne of mana allowing you to stack kassadins R with no downside.
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: MYMU - Vladimir Discussion
I really like the vlad update especially the new E, it feels impactful however I do have some problems with the E visuals: when you charge up the E you get a circle, this makes you position yourself to fit all the minion wave in the circle then boom only half of them got hit. At first glance it appeared bugged and I couldn't figure out what was wrong then after much time I learnt that it was a projectile! so basically there is no indication that the E stops at minions leading to awkward misplays, I would either like the ability changed to be true aoe (pass through minions) but with maybe something to stop it being too strong in that state such as damage reduction if the projectile has already passed through an enemy unit.
: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
When Black market brawlers was released there were 3 mana regeneration items that built out of lost chapter, each of these promoted a different playstyle depending on what you built. Everyone I spoke to thought these items were very healthy and I beleived they would replace morrelonomicon, this never happened. Is there any chance that we will see these items again? I personally really liked pox arcana and thought it was well designed.
: While I like that Braum is getting a new skin, does anyone else think something feels a tiny bit off about the skin? I don't know what to say because I don't want whoever designed the skin to feel bad.
it feels too blue, if it was closer to silver then it would be perfect.
: Can second this bug. Occurred after patch. Tried making it not smart cast then smart cast again, still the same issue.
Can second the second of this bug. 3/3 games not being able to smartcast trinket.
: The games are just pure snowball
I feel like riot is forcing the game to be snowbally instead of giving all stratergies viable options and letting the players decide how the game flows. In my opinion the death timer should scale off the champions kills so that once you finally shut down that 21/1/12 zed you have a longer time period to pull yourself back.
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: I don't see how it's better to give one adc a realistic and thematically appropriate shotgun, leaving all the rest with infinite and unrealistic projectiles. This just doesn't fit in at all. His kit and weapon are still comparitvly unique. By your standards, giving Kindred a bow with with normal auto attacks is an unimaginative cop out because Ashe and Varus already have it, and don't forget Twitch, Quinn, and Vayne with their crossbows.
> [{quoted}](name=jlklgsojgwl,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=wfMqA7fE,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2015-11-09T05:09:18.038+0000) By your standards, giving Kindred a bow with with normal auto attacks is an unimaginative cop out because Ashe and Varus already have it, and don't forget Twitch, Quinn, and Vayne with their crossbows. I would admit that arrows are vastly overused as projectiles, I personally want an adc who materialises swords and psychically throws them (like Gilgamesh from the fate series)
: Most casters build Trinity Force, which gives 20% crit and 10% CDR. Combined with Essence Reaver, that's 40% Crit, 40% CDR, and mana back on crit.
again though it's forcing crit onto champions who didn't want/need crit. the only reason that works is because of how overtuned the new essence reaver is.
: How have casters been removed? If anything, they gave them more tools to work with. They have the reworked Essence Reaver that can give up to 30% CD, and the new Deaths Dance item that gives Life steal, AD, And CD all in one.
Essence reaver gives 30% cdr based on your **Crit**, casters usually don't build crit as they benefit from spell weaving not rng right clicking. Deaths dance is also an all round strong item, it helps everybody equally as much as it helps casters therefore it doesn't count. for example take builds such as blue build Ezreal or Legolas Varus, both very strong builds no longer work with the itemisation changes as they favor crits over casters.
: Riot, please take a closer look at Varus
Varus is very strong and has been for a while, any changes to his passive would push him over the edge and would mean he has to loose some power from his kit. I'm not against varus changes just noting that it would be very difficult.
: new adc items
If there are more good items for your champion than you have item slots then that is good game balance. I'll explain why: this prevents builds from being stale (same every game), this also adds a lot of player choice to the mix and personal playstyle/preference which overall leads to more fun interactions. so yes I agree add more items as it can never be a bad thing.
: Runaan's Hurricane, Why?
When I think of marksmen I think of three sub types: Casters, Critters and On-hitters. with this new marksman update riot have single handedly removed casters and on hitters from the game, this is not diversity. I expected each sup class of marksman to get itemisation so that all of them would be equally viable but this is not the case.
: New Sightstone Upgrades Comparison to Support Versions
Because of how riot have removed wards no good support in their right mind would ever not buy the sightstone upgrades. In my opinion riot should remove the origional tier 3 support upgrades and turn them into items in their own right, this way supports don't lose the utility but gain huge amounts of slot efficiency.
: Please read the entire post before commenting. I clearly stated that the purpose of his attack speed cut would be to keep his power the same. His dps would basicly be the same, he would just play better So for example, let's just say over 5 seconds: -Current Graves does 2 quick attacks followed by a long reload animation and 2 more quick attacks. This does a total of 500 damage. -Proposed Graves does 4 attacks, spaced 1.25 seconds apart and they each do 125 damage. So the only problem here would be the 3.75 second mark where current graves has done 250 damage whereas proposed Graves has done 375. This is why I say the numbers would have to be tinkered with. Even as I've stated it, it hardly turns him into a monster. There is still plenty of time for counterplay between the attacks.
he loses a bit of his new identity if you change like this, the point is to give adc's non cookie cutter kits. Reload works thematically and is a good gate on him. changing to half effectiveness from attack speed is an unimaginative cop out.
: Graves' clunky rework and proposed solution.
problem is if the reload passive is removed then the gate holding the rest of his kit in check isn't there, he would become a monster and would be far stronger than any of the juggernauts were on release. also he doesn't feel clunky at all to me, he feels in a good place.
: Jungling Items
Riot talk about diversity but never take actual steps to implement it, the best way to have multiple champions viable is to have so many item choices available that anything is possible. this leads me in perfectly to my point of agreeing with you, how do you make tanks, AD and mages all viable jungle? Item support. We currently have Cinderhulk {{item:3725}} for tanks, Warrior {{item:3723}} for AD and Runeglaive {{item:3724}} for mages, however these only assist in the jungle after you've bought them so if you can't clear well enough early then you get left in the dust. The current early jungle is highly biased towards auto attack champions, anyone else can't handle it. so yes, in a very long winded way I have agreed that we need more items.
: Figure out who keeps dodging
There is a bug where if you click the done button after selecting your champion it crashes the client, that's why there are so many 'dodges'
: Stealth Wards MIA
I agree, they wanted to make games more bloody by allowing better ambushes from the fog of war however with the removal of green wards nobody in lane wants to push aggressively as they will definitely ganked as there are few/no ward deterrents. this makes for very farm heavy/passive lanes which are unfun. also with the removal of wards pushes more ward pressure onto the support, with the new sightstone upgrades I haven't seen a single support build the regular final support upgrade as warding is far too necessary, this is a decrease in diversity not an increase as riot intended. I also feel that I can only ever get one ward on the map with the trinket as it is now and that is not a good thing.
: Possible balance to Yasuo?
with the ability now to get nearly 100% crit chance off 3 items regularly I think that it is time to remove yasuo's double crit chance passive and give him some compensation buffs.
: Potion Rant lol
I wouldn't mind the mana potion nerf if there were items added that helped with mana issues. take the lost chapter items from black market brawlers for example, they would be perfect now that all the mana changes have happened. also consider riots plans for soul sickle (it was supposed to be a component of origional essence reaver that did the same thing).
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: Zeke's - agreed, which is why I think adding MS to it won't be an overkill. Exchanging Hydras - agreed again. These are way too different. Items from other maps - my draft of Wit's End is based on Dervish Blade, but for the other's it's not so easy. Wicked Hatchet upgrades go a bit against the idea of high DPS ADC with the DoT application, Bloodmail was initially conceived as a Warmog's without stacking (that was a LONG time ago) and Odyn's Veil is a replacement for Banshee, and a champion having both would be way too punishing to magic damage dealers. Mirage Blade would have potentially added that Kalista frustration factor to everyone. I don't think it's the best idea. But some other items, like Martyr's Gambit and Murksphere, were definitely fun. Were they balanced, though? Trickster's Glass surely wasn't. I think some ADCs might consider getting into burst masteries (Cunning, particularly Thunderlord's Decree).
Regarding items from other maps, I say that they should add them during pre season to trial them out, some will definitely need changes (mainly odyns veil) but others would be relatively harmless additions (i personally really want Bloodmail as it's already pretty balanced with conditional regen and offers flat health which has slowly phased out of the game) (also i went into more detail in a my own post as to how they could benefit the rift and how they could be rebalanced if needed http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/dGc6LaOB-want-new-items-for-the-rift-other-game-modes-already-have-solid-items ) forgot about tricksters glass (definite no no) but everything else was rather balanced and is definitely worth further testing.
: [Preseason] Itemization Feedback Megathread (November 2nd PBE Build)
I agree pretty much with all your assessments and there are a few points I would like to add. * {{item:3050}} with the amount of crit chance that is achievable now (90% off just 3 items) Zeke's seems a bit redundant as the 50% crit it provides is usually well over the crit cap on your carry. * {{item:3074}}{{item:3748}} I disagree with riot making titanic and ravenous interchangeable for free, they have identities as separate items and their logic for why they should be interchangeable is rubbish (if I can change RH and TH because they are similar why can't I change Iceborne gauntlet and Lichebane? they're similar right [this is just an example i don't actually think you should be able to interchange sheen items]) * I personally feel that riot have been stretching for items when perfectly balanced items have existed on other maps for quite some time. {{item:3137}} {{item:3184}} {{item:3104}} {{item:3180}} {{item:3084}} {{item:3185}} I would like riot to add these onto summoners rift at least for a trial period. * I'm also a little dissapointed that dead man's plate{{item:3742}} and staff of flowing water{{item:3744}} were the only items from black market brawlers to make it into preseason (so far), there were plenty of items that had a strong identity on the rift. for example where is mirage blade? that item would have been fantastic addidtion to the marksman update. * Also these new marksman items have been fantastic addition for crit ADC's but has really left other forms of ADC in the dust, Varus is still as strong as he was but the changes to flat AD builds will hurt him, Kallista one of the true non conformative ADC's scaling off attack speed but not crit has had most of her itemisation gutted. I expected riot to create 3 ADC types: Caster, Crit and on hit however only the crit users got itemisation buffs.
: Marksman update: Urgot anyone?
The point of the Marksman gameplay updates is to give them all a solid identity other than just 'I right click to kill things', Urgot already has a solid identity as a marksman and didn't need any changes to make him more unique. however he does need buffs, he has not been forgotten.
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: The problem with the lack of mana pots is that mana reg items are also rare. Morellos is the base mana reg item to go to. Athenes if you want the MR and even more mana reg. Tear if you don't want the CDR, but it is a stacking item. There are no options for mana reg if you want some mana reg on an item without CDR and without focusing onto stacking up tear and getting a lot of max mana. I hoped that Riot would fix this problem with the AP item changes back then, but they didn't.
Do you remember the Lost chapter set of items from Black market brawlers? now, with all the mana nerfs, is the perfect time to introduce these items into the real game, they each provided a fair amount of mana regen (on par with morrelos) and had fantastic passives that promoted playstyles therefore increasing diversity.
: Enchantment: Warrior
This is a really good idea, it's easily tweaked if needed and can still keep it's current build path. this would be strong on ad assasin junglers like rengar but wouldn't bee too dominant.
: It might be a bug, but I dunno. The few games I've played with it, I've noticed it proc with the E. I've done some pretty scary 1k hits with it, Trinity, and Ghostblade, without critting or using homeguard.
It may be a bug, I repeated it again and the stacks were being proced but the sound effect was playing on the next auto
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