: Store is Missing
It has already been reported lots of times
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: Zoe Bug Thread
Hacker Zoe's recall animation is bugged. Whenever you're recalling (except when Zoe looks towards you) and then press Ctrl+1 (Joke) then the half-pipe rotates but not the arrows on it. I do have a screenshot but i have no idea how i put one out there. [](https://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=788313Zoerecall.png)
: Zoe - Mechanics and Damage
Yes but she falls off later on if she's not fed. Your team can protect your allies when they fall asleep so they don't take the extra true damages. Her abilities are barely AoE Her Q isn't that easy to hit and may require some risky positioning, especially in teamfights. Her W doesn't deal that much damages either. She's strong with single target damages but against a team you just can't do that much. It's pretty much like an assassin.
: [Rakan] Ultimate "charges"
Well maybe it has never been reported or something? Anyway if Riot can remove it if they want to now that they are aware of it
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: Zoe Bug Thread
It's also impossible to cancel Zoe's TP when it's on his W


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