: For a second i thought you did the one on the right i was like atleast you tryed, but no.... it was riot {{summoner:1}} who did not....
I didn't make this, I found it on reddit. However, I wish I could source it.
: Im just disappointed with the fact that we are not having an event or invasion mode , in the beginning of the season we were told the big events like project arcade and SG would be back but now the events are so lazy and we are not event getting a pass for the SG , that’s the sad part
I'm upset that ARURF gets to come back but not the PVE Star Guardian Mode which many people loved. Then they go and tease the new star guardian skins ON SAID MAP and say it's for visual purposes only. ARURF can come back any time but I dont understand why they would not prioritize the PVE game mode for the release of the new SG skins after a year long hiatus because we did not get SG skins last year. Having the PVE game mode will not hurt TFT in any way.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Neeko
The thing that stands out to me the most that I would like to see get changed is her face in her splash art. Her eyes and her eyebrows look very off to me and she's missing her iconic scales on the apples of her cheeks. https://i.imgur.com/57RLKfG.png

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