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: New jhin skin and R´s hitbox
This might be a bug when moving or something. When I messed around with him in the practice tool his bullets stayed within the range. I'll check this out Edit: you are correct the ult is a bit misaligned. It seems to only affect the right side of his ult though.
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: Because if you knew how to use the talisman correctly it was often objectively better than machete before. The buffed attack speed makes it much more equal
Yeah but before I didn't have to rely on getting Machete to have AS. Also Tailsman isn't always objectively better start. It definitely is really good on certain champs but it isn't the obvious choice all the time. Edit: They aren't adding AS to make it "more equal". They're adding the AS because almost all junglers will lose out on AS early level.
: ***
So are we going to get an actual answer to this problem or are you going to continue blaming this obvious bug on our internet. I'm currently trying to connect into a game but I'm 100% sure I won't be able to connect. So my team can't remake because it's an ARAM and on top of that they also have to play 4v5 because of something on Riot's end. This is actually getting really frustrating that this continually happens and there hasn't been to be an actual answer to this from your end. Edit: Got into a second game and the same exact bug is happening.
: Tank Junglers getting the shaft?
My biggest issue is it you go for {{item:1039}} you lose out on attack speed which is really huge in the jungle. I don't know why they had to gate it to only {{item:1041}}
: Suggested Changes to Manaflow Band Indicator (For after it gets fixed)
I'm fairly certain the mana bar being removed is a bug.
: About the black minimap
An easier solution is literally to just alt tab and alt tab back in.
: New meta bot lane?
You'll be seeing a lot of Vel'Koz, Brand and Karma for sure but at the same time Leona/Alistar are really strong at the moment too. Since no mages got any armor compensation buffs they have like 20~ armor early game.
: With DFT gone, there isn't a good option left for tick damage/damage over time champions.
Has anyone tried Summon Aery? I tried it on brand and you can get like two procs of it with the DoT
: What about us,veterans?
Report them and move on.
: Black minimap
If you have a black minimap alt tab and it'll be fixed.
: i believe it happens when the champion's 'mana flow band' (from the sorcery tree) is up and will refund the next ability used.
: well, then it´s a bug
Hence why I posted it in the bugs board..
: Because it´s more like an fun mode, and not a competitive gamemode.
That just seems like a step back.
: I think you won´t get any Mastery Points anymore from playing ARAM, only from Normal games on SR.
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: Pink wards in Kleptomancy rune
I don't think this will happen. They removed old pink wards for a reason. They already reworked the way stealth and what not works. No way they are going to allow pinks back into the game.
: PBE Healthbar with colourblind folks.
I'm not even colorblind and these feel terrible to look at. I'm not a big fan of having 2 different colors for damage. I also don't like how dark the healthbars are compared to the map itself. It feels really out of place.
: Suggestion for Iron Skin and Mirror Shell
Yeah it'd have a cooldown. Similar to Fearless.
This change will never make it to live. This change is specific to PBE. They want players to test the new stuff.
: What about Cassiopeia and Magical Footwear rune?
Did you fast forward in the practice tool? If so, there was a post about how the upgrade isn't concurrent with game time. I agree with giving her +10 MS by the way.
: Suggestion for Iron Skin and Mirror Shell
I like the direction with changing it away from having it gated behind a heal/shield. However I don't think your change is any better. It should be this instead. Gain +5 Armor. If you take physical damage, increase your armor by 8% for 3 seconds. Gain +7 Magic Resist If you have take magical damage, increase your magic resist by 8% for 3 seconds. This is essentially Fearless but more aimed at a specific damage you want to resist. These changes will allow any tank to use these masteries without having it gated behind a heal/shield.
: I asked if Colorblind was tested on New HP Bars BEFORE release, Clearly it wasn't...
I was wondering this as well. I'm not colorblind but I don't see how they don't think the red/yellow/orange color wouldn't be an issue for players.
: SHIELD STACK BUG with champ's abilities - WORKS ON LIVE SERVERS TOO!
Caps and the profit, kappa. This isn't a meme board.
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: SHIELD STACK BUG with champ's abilities - WORKS ON LIVE SERVERS TOO!
If you're going to post a bug on the PBE forums can you not post in such that is painful to read.
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: Mecha Kha'zix chromas evolved R
I completely agree with this. Most people are evolving RW now so at level six no more Chroma.
: iron skin + mirror shield buff is a nice try.
I just think it should be reworked to the way Fearless mastery currently works. I think it's stupid that we are gated behind a heal/shield instead of making it so when you take damage it pops. I mean it's the TANK tree.
: 2 new bugs found
It's not specifically Taliyah it's any champion that runs Manaband Flow.
: for a mana bar
This is because of Manaband Flow. The mana used to be white now it just disappears
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: Ornn's passive and Kleptomancy
This also happens if you have Biscuit Delivery
: hunter talisman new effect
It seems that if you're a tank and you run resolve the bonus health you get from that will count.
: GP Death's Daughter isn't doing enough damage.
Can confirm Death's Daughter on live is doing 255 True Damage even though it should be 270.
: Manaflow band on Akali (maybe other energy champs) does not proc when it should
There is a clarity bug on the energy bar for sure. A quick way to check if it is up is to see if there is a blue Aura around her hands. Also something to note on Manaflow band and how it'll almost never be worth to use on energy users. Compared to a mage your resource bar is significantly smaller in terms of raw resource points. When a mage is say missing 500 mana and they go to use a spell it'll refund 40 mana. But as an energy user if you're missing say 100 energy you'll get a whopping 8 energy back. The biggest difference here is it'll take you one second to regen that compared to say 10-20 seconds if the mage doesn't have a blue buff.
If you are to submit a bug please be a lot more concise on what the issue is and how to reproduce it if possible.
: Potential electrocute and GP bug?
Do you have Cheap Shot as a mastery? If so this would be sense however it does feel pretty cheesy, Edit: Just did some testing myself and Cheap Shot doesn't count as an extra source of damage so there is a bug with GP's Barrel + Q combo Edit: Passive damage sources such as Lux and Gangplank DO NOT count towards the 3 count for Electrocute, but Bard's Meep passive damage does. Not sure if this is an undersight or intentional. On another note Zed's double shuriken into E combo WILL proc it. Even though this was stated it wouldn't. It seems Rito has a lot of cleaning up to do. Edit: Electrocute is also different from Thunderlord's Decree in the fact that it ISN'T AoE. It's only single target.
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: New Icons missing in my shop
Do you have the Mecha Kha'Zix chromas?
: Sejuani Armor Issue
: Tiny pet peeve with the character stats/runes tab misalignment
: My Thoughts on Summon Aery
Summon Aery is really good on poke mages. I can consistently do hundred of damage in the early game. I've found that a combination of Summon Aery, Scorch and Cheap Shot. It'll be about 10% of my damage in a game.
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: Preseason 8/runes/soloQ
They are already planning on adding 15 seconds to the "Choose your loadout" section.
: I don't really follow, Precision runes are meant to give AS and not AP, the AP you can get from that path is adaptive and [Riot Sparkle answered to me that adaptive damage was decided by your build in game](, so there should be no issue of gaining AD instead of AP. Either way, the runes aren't AS OR AP, just AS and AD or AP.
> [{quoted}](name=BewitchingCougar,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=rPEsvv3A,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-16T15:52:15.786+0000) > > I don't really follow, Precision runes are meant to give AS and not AP, the AP you can get from that path is adaptive and [Riot Sparkle answered to me that adaptive damage was decided by your build in game](, so there should be no issue of gaining AD instead of AP. Either way, the runes aren't AS OR AP, just AS and AD or AP. I think you missed the point he was trying to make. He wasn't talking about the certain runes that have adaptive damage. He is referring to the fact that the main tree you choose is the Stat weight you get. IE Precision is AS, Sorcery is AP/AD, Resolve is Heath, ect.
: Why this is happened? The game stop in the middle of match
Was there an Ornn in the game? If so it's because someone bought one of the masterwork items and it crashes the game.
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