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: Why is Inspiration so bad for secondary?
Zed. The free stopwatch cock blocks his ult rediculously hard. It also builds into zhonyas saving 600 gold. Free boots are also good. No magic resist runes means spell pen boots are kinda OP. When this all goes live, they are going to get nerfed. Everything else is varying levels of meh. The biscuits are probly at the top of that heap because they restore an ok amount of mana.
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: Plant Spawn Full System Design
I really like how the blast cone modifies gank paths and promotes pushing into an enemy jungle (to possibly kill the plant), but maybe if you could only activate the plants out of combat?? It makes it a lil less 'I lost a fight cus I wasn't aware of ANOTHER thing the enemy could do in combat' and more of pathing/sustain/vision tools.
: Yea the ultimate would be completely reverted with the AP ratio removed, the AP ratio will only be on the passive and the ult can apply 6 stacks instead of 5 over the duration for 2 damage procs if you get all 6 stacks Vel'Koz ultimate should be both fun and powerful, and his passive made him that way, just a nuke is bland and I don't care it does true damage, only the passive needs to deal true damage. I actually want Vel'Koz to be more about a mid range mage that can both kite really well and about an aggressive playstyle, he is not a poke champion and should not be one- I would even increase his passive ratio to 60% and take away 10% from his Q [50% right now for passive ratio] **** The gameplay around his passive is what I find unique and fun about Vel'Koz and makes him the rewarding skill based champion with that satisfying passive proc, even better if you have thunderlord's currently off cooldown
Riot probably doesn't like all the hidden dmg that would entail. Seemingly 'randomly' while you are ulting someone they take a 350 true damage proc. It is much smoother to have the ult deal constant damage. I def agree that the cleanness isn't worth the hit to gameplay though, oh and butchering of vel support. Also there already is a pretty large perc to procing passive, even in pre-reworks AP-ratio-less version of it. I honestly don't think he needs even more focus put into it.
: [5/12] I just want Vel'Koz proc'ing his passive again with his ultimate =(
Yeah I made a bunch of posts about it when the rework just came on PBE. The rework makes him allot more shallow, vel support is getting shafted, exc. Don't really feel like reiterating. Anyways no one on the pbe really cares. Apparently few are vel mains and none play vel support.
: Swain Changes Underperforming
Just wait till you see the vel'koz rework in action. His ult is literally all around worse (15-50% less ult damage in the most common situations) unless landing skill on a higher MR enemy (80->120MR) then he does the same damage. On the plus side he nukes Alistars. Oh. And support vel, the position he was played 40% of the time, barely viable, very fun... well they reworked vel's numbers so he is gold dependent mid/late game... ------- Be could have been worse...
: That's nothing really new, she has always done that
Yeah that's the thing...she does the same damage just with a large round of buffs. Her weakness was that she was easy to harrass after she harrassed you (no plants, no damage). That's gone. Her weakness was that plants would attack the closest target so it is tough to get good harrass on enemies midlane. That's gone.
: Zyra??
Probably most OP thing coming out of 6.9. Pre-6.9 she was already on the edge of viable. The plant AI update throws her over the line and then some. Plants don't lose agro against a champion untill the champ walks out of plants 550 attack range... AMAZING for support... AMAZING for toplane... solid as mid. Passive plant spawning. More plants to abuse the better plant AI... a stronger punishment for anyone trying to dive you... that's literally everything zyra could ask for. You still can place and pop a seed to block lee sin Qs, elise stuns, exc She will AT VERY LEAST be the bar setting 'viable supports' until she gets nerfed. Odds say she will also be tormenting the toplane while she is at it. Midlane has assassins and more gank avenues for a more fair matchup.
: Thoughts on Rageblade
No its not? It costs much more (800 gold). It gives less stasts (passive stacks 6 times instead of 8). Rageblade tooltip: [Every other basic attack will trigger on hit effects an additional time.]( Just laugh if a tristana or vayne buys it. They lost near 1.5k gold for a few more silver bolts or E explosions.
: Rageblade on Kog'Maw
Bork is 6% **current health**. Razor is 3% **max health**. ------------------- Rageblade costs 800more. Rageblade's bonuses only stacks 6 times instead of 8. Rageblade doesn't proc 30 aoe damage anymore. Sooo... either you get on-hit-procs before rageblade or it is one of the weakest 3.6k items out there. You can give up a summoner skill for your 4th item (bork->rageblade->hurricane->razor) to be pretty good. I see no problem there. If anything his power curve seems much more kog'maw like... bork is a weak first item, rageblade is an ok second, hurricane starts tying it together, razor makes you a serious threat. Now its just a matter of tweaking numbers...who knows, dmg might scale a little too high lategame...
: I think that looking ONLY at his burst combo is misrepresenting the effect of the changes. There is no dispute that his burst using the ult is going to be lower if you don`t proc researched first in almost every case, simply because you are losing 5 deconstruction ticks (1-2 procs) from the ult. However, that being said his poke game is much nastier from the addition of the 40% True Damage AP ratio on Deconstruction (that means more damage as long as you get more than 3 AP per level). It shifts him to prefering extended fights where he can get several procs off, research one or two enemies, and then ult from the All-In he used to excel at. The two other things that can`t be underestimated is the removal of the targetting marker for enemies and mana refund on Q. Those are both VERY significant boosts to the power and usefulness of Q. I expect that the default way of building him will shift to maxing Q first rather than W since it will now be able to wave clear fairly well as well as poke. Overall my impression from playing him so far and expectation is that his lane phase and extended teamfight power will get better while his All-In burst and squishy killing will take a little bit of a hit.
The *bonus* 40% AP on the passive came with a total 45% AP nerf to his W/E ratios. Skills you near undoubtedly used to get 3 procs. His damage from a WE or QWE combo is near identical before and after at every level and every gold amount. Still, you will get a slight buff to damage if you hit the first part of W twice or 2 Qs or are targeting an MR tank. 15 to 50% less ult damage in every situation short of the best case is on a whole nother level though. That large of a nerf to his ult damage is going to make him a suicidal early pick in ranked. Assassins like fizz/leblanc/zed, champs that were already good against him, will just abuse the nerf, if they avoid getting 3 stacks of passive... if they bully you out of CS... you legitimately have no kill pressure (where as old vel did fine without much gold and only needed 1 stack of passive for high ult damage). That kind of laning nerf is just cruel.
: We will have to wait. Usually these reworks tend to fail at the release since they are unbalanced and the result is OP or UP... Afterall I am not really a fan of the change on velkoz but then maybe after 3 or 4 patches they will balance him to a good place, still he was already on a nice state, not perfect but not bad either.
Yeah I'm sure they will balance him... but 'we will just have to wait' never changes anything with Riot. My issue is that no matter how balanced he becomes, his gameplay will be worse. They moved tons of power into landing E, if you miss it you do 30-40% less damage with ult. If you make it... you do pre-work level damage (unless they are stacking MR against a true damage champ). Vel a champ that struggled in mobile matchups will struggle FAR more.... but you will do the same if not mildly better otherwise (at least after you farm up to frost queens) ... its SUPER POLAR. To boot his gameplay is far more shallow. There is no sneaking spells onto backliners for an extra 200~ true damage on ult. There is no aoe'ing an enemy team with ult unless you have the gold for 40% ap to make up for 300 true damage. Landing a perfect aoe even had depth though... you have to be close enough to hit the enemy backliners, ideally with a tick or two of passive already on them, while they are grouped up; yet you have to time/position the ult well enough that you can't get gangbanged/interupted in those 3s. Tons of counterplay on both sides. Now you are better off going for safer targets, combo-ulting an enemy frontliner from a safe safe distance. It's suicidal now to pick him without knowing the matchup in ranked. It's more shallow to play him in teamfights. Get fed. Combo anyone you can reliably hit (typically a bruiser/tank). Hope its enough damage to turn the fight (steraks and zhonyas counter his damage pretty hard). aaand of course... the kicker... vel support.... something 40% of vel players played... something just barely viable... is now massively worse...
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: the new ult passive is to make his ult require more set up then "oh look a team fight IM A FIRING MY LASDFASLGJASDFJLJSJEFLKSDLFVNXCZNVSADKJFL!!!!" so yea he is gonna lose some out right damage to better what he actually is meant to do, be the true damage mage that doesnt give a fuck about your mr. secondly if your good with vel its very easy to harass with and safley farm under most everyone who isnt xerath, ziggs, lux or a butt piercing assassin. you also didnt label the units of measure on your grid so who ever taught you how to science (/calc) deserves an F for not grinding that into your skull cus i can only guess that your Y axis is meant to be damage and the X is ap.
Sorry bout that, I was actually just fixing that. Its (damage dealt) verse (enemy MR). ---------------------- Its not just a matter of 'you need more setup'. Upping his passive damage instead of this whole rework would have done that just fine. What they did is completely change the dynamic of the champion. He now is super reliant on landing E(makes mobile champions counter him even harder) and there is little point in trying to catch multiple carries in your beam and there is little point in trying to a clever spell tick or two on the enemy backline... It's a whole new direction that seems more shallow.
: Is this really going live already?
Zyra is broken. Broke OP, already decent champ given massive buff. Its going to be nuts. Brand is decently OP. Rylais on him is even more obnoxious (hard to imagine, right?) Vel is broken. Like he is worse off and less fun.
: Am I the only one to think that MOST REWORKS FELL UNSATISFYING ?
Definitely agree with brand and vel. Brand seems far stronger if nothing else. CDR. 5 second Q/W/E CDs on a 4 damaging skill champ is pretty nuts. The ult snaring ups his kill pressure in lane (easy stuns), I mean, he won't kill you in 1 combo short of being super fed, but his consistent and aoe damage output is now amazing. Vel was wrecked. Whoever did the rework had no idea why vel was fun. IDC about numbers. They scrapped the most enjoyable parts of his kit along the idea that 'its easy to land skillshots on tanks, vel is 100% skillshots... why not just make him do that'.... safely ulting a tank and praying you do enough true damage on him to turn the fight is FAR less fun than trying to line up the perfect ult on the backline... you have to be closer to the action, you are greatly rewarded for landing a skillshot or two on the carries before ulting, exc.
: It is small, but I still don't like the change
When it comes to playstyle, it seems like a pretty large change. Ult will be mainly only an accessory to your E combo... I mean unless your pretty fed.
: As a Vel'Koz player I love the ultimate and passive interaction, now it just feels boring
That's what I am most scared of. I never played vel because he was competitive, numbers being low or high doesn't matter too much... I just loved his gameplay. And the rework seems to be beating that up. I didn't think it would happen to vel... they said a tweak or two... not a whole new direction.
: Soo... the vel rework is gonna flop
MY FEELINGS: This rework is changing his playstyle. Now you're best bet is to throw everything on who-ever you can reliably combo... then your stuck praying you have enough gold for enough damage for it to win you the fight. That ruins everything I liked about the champ. No more crafty skill shots to hit the carries before or even while ulting, no more perfect ults where the enemy team can't interupt you for the 2.5s yet you are still beaming down their backline. I can go on and on about how situational and skill based playing vel can be. New he seems more simple, shallow and snowbally.
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: MYMU - Vel'koz Discussion
Feedback from a vel main. diamond, tons of pbe time. [making vel a counter to the tank meta ruins what was most fun about his gameplay]( [vel support is hit HARD by those last set of nerfs onthe pbe]( It seems like riot wants more failsafes for the tank meta. But its doing vel no favors, they are hitting him right where it hurts... the depth in his gameplay. On the plus side, you guys did a good job on brand though...
: I think part of the point of the changes was to force him to build AP more.
Oh definitely, but the thing is.... support. Balancing a champ that scales well with ap for both mid and support is a mess. If he does well with little gold (playable as support) he will do REDICULOUSLY when farmed (vel mid). You should always stack ap on vel now, the thing is your aoe dmg goes to piss then (no spell pen for the high base dmg ult) so you are stuck in a place where you either have allot of gold and then land your full rotation on a key target and nuke that 1 person with fucktons of true dmg.... or be nerfed.... be a nerfed version of an already fringe pick. That wasn't vel, that isn't fun, that isn't near as deep and strategic as it was... my sadness aside... nerfing ap ratios and buffing base dmgs will undo some of the dmg to his supporty'ness.
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: Impressions after the first two games: * The new kit feels much better. Especially the ultimate. And the bomb is hilarious. * The passive, though, without stacking seems to deal no damage at all. * The recommended items - WTF? Why would he want RoA over Rylais, or Ionian Boots over Sorc Shoes?
CDR is good. CDR is very good. His base dmg is so high, rylais is so good and the CDs so low that being able to spam more skills is a very, very good thing. Especially since post-rework he rarely will kill someone in 1 combo, so getting those CDs back asap is extra important. I honestly prefer ionian unless the enemy team/mid has uncommonly low magic resist.
: After playing Brand a bit, the clear feeling is that he just doesn't have a reliable damage output. The AoE passive explosions just don't feel all that impactful to finally land. People either spell shield, zhonyas, archangels, or just have the MR to not seem to give a damn. I used to secure a lot of kills with his 8% of health passive. Walking away, you'd know they were gonna burn to death. Now, the damage his passive does is laughable. Unless you have his ult ready, or there are no minions in the way, you aren't stacking that passive and you aren't doing any damage with his nerfed Q, E, and R. The W cooldown doesn't compensate for this by much at all. The E cooldown feels a little better. It is, however, annoying trying to waveclear with his E now that it does very low damage. The Q didn't change much. Stun down to 1.5 from 2 seconds? Alright, I'm down. Sounds fine to me. Less damage? That's kind of annoying especially when you're chasing people or trying to scare people off, but it's fine. While the explosiveness that is Brand does seem to be thematically pleasing, the burn is also what made Brand who he is. 2% of health is laughable, and close to nothing. 6% would be fine if only your own passive didn't remove that burn from the person after the explosion. Seeing as you can't stack on them (which is fine, I like that) for 4 seconds, you should be allowed to burn for the 6% for 4 seconds. Or, after the explosion from his passive, allow it to burn for 8% for 4 seconds. While 8% might be a bit much for just landing one ability, getting that on top his landing his passive would be much more rewarding rather than it just resetting itself. Brand is, after all, throwing fire at you. Being on fire should hurt. I do think the passive explosions are a bit strange. While they do fit the "explosive" nature of Brand, they just don't seem to fit his identity as a walking wildfire bent on purifying the world in flames (which is a thematic that matched his old passive). The new one just explodes. You aren't purifying anything, but blowing it up. As far as gameplay, depending on the number of stacks on the target, I think Brand's W doing 15%/25%/35% more damage according to the stack would also be great. More emphasis on getting those stacks up. Just something to compensate for the damage nerfs to the rest of his kit.
They made his dmg more reliable ... in almost every way... The ult can slow for a reliable combo without rylais. It's easier to get cdr, so you aren't as punished for missing a skill (3 5s CDs). Lower mana costs so you can reliably spam more skills. BRAND HAS A RELIABLE ULT!!!!! !!!! Unless by reliable you mean 1-combo-burst-dmg... then yeah, that is less, but so what? Brand is a aoe-%health, low CD, high crowd control mage. All I really get from those 5 paragraphs is that you don't like the passive. I think the explosions are amazing. Rylais slow + enemy centered nukes is a brutal combination... forcing enemies to either run away from each other or eat 1/3 of their life bars.... its very satisfying and very good follow up to an engage. Then again, I am very good at brand.
: Brand was considered a crap pick for 3 years. Then, all of a sudden, an influx of people claiming him as "sleeper OP". CDR just makes it easier to use his 4 second window of opportunity, and I don't believe it's a reason to nerf him. Honestly the nerfs done to his E are kind of brutal considering it was mostly a wave-clear tool/don't-go-near-your-minions-tool. Honestly, I think he needs a buff.
Everyone has an opinion. Mines just a concern that with 4 high base dmg skills, good passive dmg and very good CC he can skip over stacking ap and just build mostly durable. His base dmgs are high enough he can deal great dmg with 2 offensive items, leaving him open to be a tanky/high-dmg/ranged/super-CC mage. Pure ap brand is fine, 1/2 tank brand... that might another story.
: Why is there so little attention being paid to Brand?
He might need more nerfs honestly. With all the cdr floating around and 4 dmging skills and QWE all on 8~s CDs...
: Velkoz
That's just vel'koz. Always has been. This rework actually gives him far less pic potential against squishies.... far less damage without a full combo... even with a full combo it is still less damage on squishies.
: Better to post it [here](
: yeah....nobody cares that you find him less fun and your imaginary rank has nothing to do with PBE
Opinions are subjective. Yep. I can link a screenshot to my client if that is whats bugging you.
: Well, Im interested only on the Support aspect of velkoz so it worries me a lot. I still think the ultimate should create a max of 3 stacks of passive, so you can do QER/EQR, since sometimes you cant rely on W. The Idea of new effect was good, the problem also could be new itemization, which IMO is not good at all on mages. We will have to wait until Live to finally have a glance of it is good or bad, but the increasing on difficult of having to keep on the stacks to have damage its kinda reduced his powercurve a lot, or you deal the entire combo, or your damage will be too low.
I have over 2/3 those games as vel support, so I feel you. The early game ult combo dmg (lvl6) is nerfed by over 100 dmg (including enemy resists) and only gets worse. So its a VERY large nerf to to support vel. The itemization might be his only saving grace atm, getting max cdr asap really mitigates the problem of 'I need 3 stacks on a target or my ult is kinda bad'. To boot a lower CD ult is very nice. So far it has seemed like pre-rework vel was better made than this though honestly.
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: Suggestions for new content should be posted in their respective locations on the [NA]( and [EUW]( boards or [Reddit](
? Soooooo while playing on the pbe, testing the new items on the pbe, I had an opinion on the sate of the items and I suggested a possible change.. Is that not a pbe discussion?
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: [Bug] Game breaking Spellthief's edge bug
Same thing with thunderlords, abilities aren't counting as hits for it, at VERY least on vel'koz. Chill on the 'gamebreaking' though. League is still running last I checked.
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: I still don't think it's good in the long run. Late game Vel in team fights will just shred front and back lines with his ult alone.
You have to land a full combo to 'shred' anyone. That's a MASSIVE downside. If you waste skills to get marks on the frontline (your skills hit tanks forshit) then you're ult wILL hit them hard, no questions asked, but then you won't hit anyone else that badly... since ult dmg is nerfed short of having them desintigrated. Shredding a team is only possible off of stuff like W'ing under stuff like malphite or sej or ammumu ults. Which he will follow up on AMAZINGLY.
: Can we lower his 40%AP scaling passive? This will put him in a nerf state and I don't want that for Vel. At level 18 with 700 AP his passive is dealing 485 true damage. This will definitely put him at risk for being nerfed.
The passive is actually a lil nerf from live. Using your example of 'full build lv l8'... they lowered the ap ratio of E/W by more than 40% to compensate (500~ less dmg) and his ult doesn't proc it (down 400 TRUE dmg). The real buff is the true dmg ult. A combo then ult seems like it will kill someone from full health WITH magic resist, lvl 6. His late game doesn't seem that out of wack. I mean he's an immobile mage entirely built on skillshots who has to land multiple skills and turret for a large portion of his dmg. The counters to that in lategame teamfights are unreal. Maybe lower the ap ratio on ult a little. Maybe lower the lvl 1/2 base dmgs a little (as much as I hate to say). Then his dmg in general will be down from live, yet the percs of landing combos are now higher. (from a D4 vel supp main)
: MYMU - Vel'koz Discussion
Quick question: does auto-attacking still refresh the disintegration? ---------------------------- Seems like more of a buff to support vel than mid (even though its a good sized buff to both). The more-CDR-on-items couldn't be at a more perfect time. Now as support you can get a sightsone asap, splurge on pinks, mana regen, CDR yet kill an adc, from full health, with 1 combo lvl 6... I mean supp vel has never been very competitive, but after this I can go back to main'ing him as I push into higher diamond.
: > Also I never want to see Ryze with this, ever. I just really feel like putting even a short ranged dash on an item is probably a bad idea. I actually partially agree with you - It's why I describe it as a fairly dangerous ability to add. However, experimental content is designed to push the boundaries of what we're familiar or comfortable with. And so - if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out.
As a sidenote, with the dash, as you've said, the most unhealthy uses seem to be for extra range while out of combat... so I mean, you can consider making the dash have decaying speed (1200 at start->600 at end), great for dodging skills, not so good for raw displacement. That or to further enforce 'in the thick of it' the active could be like gunblade (point and click dmg) but it gives you 1/2s of bonus movespeed when it hits an enemy (kinda simulates a dash).
: > Also I never want to see Ryze with this, ever. I just really feel like putting even a short ranged dash on an item is probably a bad idea. I actually partially agree with you - It's why I describe it as a fairly dangerous ability to add. However, experimental content is designed to push the boundaries of what we're familiar or comfortable with. And so - if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out.
I love that response. In a world where every of my favorite MMOs was shot down by incapable devs... either because of the company they work for or their own minds... you guys constantly surprise me with how much you can do for this game.
: About illaoi
44% winrate in ranked for plat+. Shes prob gonna get buffs if anything since thats abysmally low.
: Illaoi
I thought people wanted buffs for her if anything. Isn't she kinda bad right now? People were complaining about her low winrate last i saw.
: Regarding zilean passive
Yeah, figures, 0 responses, there aren't many zilean players.... Still never seen another in ranked.
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: Illoai's tentacles should be harder for ranged champions to take. (3 or 4 hits, like teemo shrooms)
yeaaah, she as a champ is already pretty bad verse ranged. Most of her dmg is through a delayed attack, great verse melee it forces them to either step away for a second missing chances to attack, that or eat the tentacle dmg... but ranged champs don't have that problem, they can just walk away while auto'ing losing no value... she's already at a loss... but on top of that the tentacles being extremely easy for them to pick off.... ehh.
: > [{quoted}](name=leftSide,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=dKfnQ7Qe,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-11-11T19:23:24.755+0000) > > Hate to say it but I really can't see it happening. > > Illaoi 'pull' is strictly a harass tool. That's really not good. > Half of being a support is stopping people from nuking your adc after shit like alistar combo, leona combo, thresh flay, jungle gank... > Like think of trundle, he worked as an off-meta support because his 1 support-like ability is a massive cockblocking snare/knock CC. > Perfect support ability. > > Even if landing Illaoi's grab was super brutal, can kill in the window, exc. (which it isn't) Illaoi would still be just a worse blitz. Do you know how strong her E is? If she can kill the spirit, regardless of how far the enemy is from Illaoi (global e), tentacles will spawn in their face and attack them. That's 30% base damage at lv 1, plus additional 1 tentacle every 10 seconds. There are different kind of supports, not all of them have to be peeling support. Soraka is strictly a No CC, heal support. Illaoi may not be a heal support, but her e give her adc a target to life steal from as well as tons of damage.
Your thinking too simply. Yeah its a good ability, no it doesn't make her comparable to blitz or soraka or trundle. Illaoi's ability is cheap(35mana), so spammable (every 20s), but hard to land (a blitz hook with no overdrive). ok. Not terrible, not great. But the rest of her kit... Say you're always landing perfect Es (the stuff that makes blitz's get 3, 5, 10 kills early game), and you auto down that bonus 150~ armor/mr soul of enemy adc (70% mitigation), get that 3% life steal, watch the tentacles spawn. Oh and of course you land your Qs right when the enemy adc goes to cs, PERFECT LANE. But what if the enemy jungler comes? can you stop an elise from walking up to one of you and cocoon'ing? can you stop a lee a naut an anything from cc'ing you or the adc and getting a kill? say one of you happens to be weak from trades, is there anything you can do to stop a flash engage or a jungle engage? soraka can, she can keep the adc near full health then she can lead that silence/root to mitigate dmg or catch the adc (I do it all the time) or try to slow one of them with Q. Thresh can help, alistar can help, trundle can... Then lets say it isn't a perfect lane, you still land your Es (like a godhand) but the enemy adc just walks away out of tether taking only 1/5 of her life from stuff, losing 1 or 2 cs, oh and of course then tentacles spawn, but as a ranged champion she just autos them down for free gold, then what? can you stop the alistar from zoning your adc from any and all cs? can you stop a thresh, a nami, a sona? what if they hook/harass YOU while your locked in the Q animation trying to stay relevant? can you even make them pay for tower diving for early kills after beating you or the adc down to their last 10%???
: Illaoi Strong Support
Hate to say it but I really can't see it happening. Illaoi 'pull' is strictly a harass tool. That's really not good. Half of being a support is stopping people from nuking your adc after shit like alistar combo, leona combo, thresh flay, jungle gank... Like think of trundle, he worked as an off-meta support because his 1 support-like ability is a massive cockblocking snare/knock CC. Perfect support ability. Even if landing Illaoi's grab was super brutal, can kill in the window, exc. (which it isn't) Illaoi would still be just a worse blitz.
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