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: "Assassin roster + items update" I said that, because the Assassin update is both roster AND items, they are one and the same, I was not listing 2 separate things. Holy DENSE.
see its pretty easy to misinterpret that because your TLDR had everything to do with the assassins roster update goals, literally word for word and nothing to do with the items update goals which were **not** to give more time for counter play but instead to give assassins more interactive tools to use. The items updates were also literally for the assassin so maybe you just have no idea what your talking about regurgitating bullshit or what but like idn how u could expect anyone to interpret that any other way. HOLY DENSE
: Exactly my point. Do your research. The plant spawns are EXTREMELY telegraphed. You have quite some time of the game telling you THERE GONNA BE A PLANT HERE DUDE OR DUDETTE I GUESS I AM NOT GONNA ASSUME GENDER IN 2016 So if you are surprised by a plant spawn messing up your chase, it is because you are not paying attention to the info the game is feeding you. Also, while there is SOME variance in spawn locations, they are still very controlled. I have seen one or two Rioters quote that it should be controlled enough that spawn locations wont win or lose you the game. I will reiterate: Do your research.
u realize the point your making doesn't mean that plants are a good idea. just because there is information on the map warning you about one plant or another doesn't mean that having to play around a shitty "controlled" gimmick is any more fun. its not the plants themselves that are necessarily a bad idea its types they choose. There is one that gives u a lot of healing in exchange for a slow that dissipate very quickly and a satchel charge these are not good rng elements to introduce into the game controlled spawns or not there will be situations where u get cheesed no matter what you do and it will not be enjoyable at all to be on the receiving end. That why 90% of people dont want this change not because of yasuo ult interactions.
: "Channel for 1.5 seconds to generate a spell shield that lasts for 10 seconds and blocks the first spell" Ok but what this is is an effect where you need to think about when to use it. If you are using it when ganking a lane, you have to use it pretty close to the target. you might spend 2 seconds standing on a ward because of this item, in that case you have to decide if you really need the shield or the surprise. Also, it only blocks the first spell. This introduces much more counterplay than, say, Nocturne W or Sivir E. Counterplay is a big focus of this assassin update and the fact that this shield is channeled really shows that. TL:DR - Your evaluation of the Assassin roster + items update seems to indicate that you think this update is FOR the Assassins. This is not the case, this update is for the people getting assassinated. Counterplay is everything, and this update is aimed at creating windows of time for that counterplay.
i dont think you have used the item in game yet it lasts 10 seconds!!!! thats long as hell for a spellsheild u can pop it whenever you think that u might get in a fight and just run around and even if u dont get hit with any spells it has a 30 second cd that starts when you use it its up again in 20 seconds. also TL:DR i didnt address the assassin roster at all in the post it was almost entirely about the items and how they are very lackluster. That doesn't mean i want items that make u assassinate targets with no counter play, which is the case on live right now but that is not because of the items that's the assassins kits and i have no problem with them changing that.
: Of the ~5 people I talked to that hated plants, all of them thought that the satchel plant was a viable prereq for Yasuo ult, and none of them understood the slow and multi-drop contestable nature of the healing plant. Do more research.
thats not why i dont like plants thats not what this post is even about... i dont like plants because its rng not because it could be a prereq for yasuo ult. You could run someone down and outplay them then boop some random fucking plant out of nowhere ruins the whole thing it takes no skill to click on a random object and use it correctly unless your a new or bad player. thats why the idea seems aweful to me.
: Don't judge something before you played it. Plants aren't even here yet :>
thats fair i just have a hard time seeing how it will be a good mechanic from what they have shown but i could be wrong thats just my impression
: Shaco Update Opinion
i agree i was really worried with the way balance has been over the last little while but i think they did some really good things for shaco hes still extremely fun to play and has a few new tricks
: This is not even half of the pre-season though. Not everything that was supposed to make it this patch made it in this cycle, and pre-season will last until ~December. Be patient, more to come~
I really doubt they will add more items or mechanics that they haven't announced already within the three weeks, as with past preseasons i imagine it will mostly be about balancing the changes they have implemented and possibly removing things that aren't fun or balanced (plants).
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: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
Alot of crashes at loading screen and almost always screen becomes black and unexitable after you tab out. appart from that I love the new map and the new aesthetic direction league is taking as a whole good work riot!


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