: Caitlyn taking baron with no effort on new Summoner's Rift VU
: Trying to enter a game as Arctic Ops Varus caused game to crash, forcing a re-install of the client.
The same with Heimerdinger (no skin) [Error message](http://prntscr.com/2wk9aa)
: My First Game.
It's normal. I have 250 ping every game. **Why is my ping so high?** **The PBE servers are hosted in Los Angeles, California, and are smaller-capacity than our live environments. This makes it much easier for us to update the PBE with new content every day. If you don't normally play on NA, you will likely experience higher-than-normal ping.**
: I too have noticed this not only in the beta but in the live, if you have your client shrunk the bar will appear and you can only scroll left and right if you hit that "sweet spot" on top part of the bar, quite annoying really.
Yes, it isn't an important bug, but is really annoying!
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