: Midseason Update - Utility Contribution
This isn't a super necessary thing but I'm a very avid Kassadin player and one of the main things I wish I could do is ping how much my ult costs, or how many times I've stacked it so my team knows I can't spam it! :D
: Practice Tool now live on PBE for initial testing.
Some of my ideas for the Practice tool: - Allow players to skip to a specific time in the game, rather than add a +30s. Example, when a player presses the button, a small menu appears, and the game pauses, and the player types in a specific time, and it will resume, and speed up to that point in time, rather than having to wait next to baron pressing +30s over and over - I can't test if players can Practice on champions they do not own, because I own all champions on PBE, but if they can't play champions they don't own in Practice, I think they should be able to, so they can see if they will like the champion before they buy it (possibly have this available for skins as well, but I can understand if you don't implement this part). - I think a button below the next page arrow, there should be a button to toggle text, so you can read what they do, rather than have to mouse over them to see what they do. Of course, mousing over them will still show text if it's not on, but you don't have to mouse over them to see the text. - I think it would be kind of cool if you could edit the stats of the dummies by double-left clicking on them, it would show a menu, and you could change their armor, magic resist, health, etc.. (Also would be cool if you could make them immune to dmg, immune to CC, etc) - I noticed we couldn't spawn a baron once killed, but we could spawn a dragon after it's killed, maybe implement this? (unless there's a good reason why it wasn't, then I understand) Overall, I don't really encounter anything out of the ordinary (unless lee sin flash ulting an ezreal 14 times to kill him is out of the ordinary) and the feature is a great milestone for future implementations! Good work Riot.


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