: Champ Select "freeze" / grey screen / blur fix on PBE now!
Hi I tried to play a game earlier today and ran into the grey screen error on PBE. For some background, I was queing up ranked draft multiple times but someone kept declining or was afk. I finally got into a lobby but I ran into the grey screen error immediately as soon as the champ select screen came up. The only other backgrounf I can provide is that I wasn't spam clicking accept and really have no ifea what could have caused it. Shortly after, I relogged to find that the client was patching and came back with the extra rp/ip. Played a few more games and haven't run into it since.
: Hey guys, Sorry for the delay on this. We've been fixing critical bugs for the last couple of weeks and because we weren't able to repro this internally, we saved it for last. We have a fix up on PBE now, take a look and let us know if you guys see the bug again! Thanks!
Hi I just encountered this bug a bit differently this patch. Last patch I had the same issue as stated above abut not being able to change summoner spells until I had locked i champion, runes, masteries. This time I qued in ranked draft pick and as soon as I entered the lobby my client greyed out forcing me to dodge. Edit: and yes im talking about pbe server.
: What's the purpose? Won't those already queuing with friends continue to; and those without friends or without other players to join queue alone? As well, will this come with more ways to spend IP? Those who already have all their runes and champs already have too much IP and few reasons to spend it.
Incentive to play with friends. Some people just grind solo que all day and forget how to have fun imo. Also when non-league playing friends see you playing with mutual friends, they would want to play with you guys to not feel left out...if that makes sense. (bad english XD)

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