: Kindred - Bugs
i think the passive stop doing camps is intended caus otherwise ppl will just do camps and not marking their enemys and hunt them ^^
: Kindred's E is Broken as HECK!
the passive is more op ;) if ur fed u can get 20-30% current hp on hit dmg easy and if ur crazy getting 100 kills u can get 100%+ onhit dmg so baron is nonsense :D
: Kindred: Wolf stops Hunting
i think its intended caus if wolf does all the time ppl could easy farm passive up in jungle and wreck in late
: Looks amazing. The passive is a tad confusing to me on exactly how it works. Also just wondering what would happen if Kindred was to ult Sion after he died? Would he be unable to go bellow 10% for that time or does it not work on already dead allies.
For Champion u have to mark the enemy u want to hunt (so u want gank bot mark their adc 5 10 sec before and there u go^^ camps is automatic it seems to stop marking camps after some time/amount of camps^^ if u want to farm near 100kil u can get 100% current hp dmg on hit xD for me kindred is vayne reworked for faster jungle xD
: No updates since last week
well worlds are nice but if riot cant do patching and worlds at te same time is jsut wondering..... caus i dont think the guys who makes the patches etc are on worlds.... but nvm new patch must come live soon so PBE can update^^ PBE is not Patched caus PBE is waiting to push contet on live server ;) Halloween is soon so i thin patch will be soon^^ i think monday next week^^
: [Azir] - Particles of Soldier's Binding
it ist invisible but yes its not that super visible )
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