: Jhin Gameplay & Feel Feedback!
[**on the name of jhin's ultimate**] apologies for double posting on this, but i forgot to add something completely unrelated to my previous comment. i was giving some thought to the names of jhin's abilities and i was kind of getting the feeling like the name of his ultimate didn't fit. in theatre terms, usually the "curtain call" occurs after the play, when all the actors come back on stage to receive applause for their performances. thematically, i don't really feel that this fits and i'm wondering what the reason was for naming it that, seeing as this name is implying that the show is already over, whereas his ultimate really strikes me as more of a "grande finale" or a "go out with a bang" where everything else has been leading up to the perfect end kind of theme, not the post show. just a thought, i'd love to know if anyone else has thoughts on the name! (sorry if anyone else has said this, i didn't see it so i thought i'd share!)
: Jhin Gameplay & Feel Feedback!
admittedly, i was a little bit skeptical about jhin and his kit at first, wondering how much different from other adcs he could really be. i was a bit worried he wouldn't really feel like a marksman, or a sniper, or like a true artist or whatever else. after having had the chance to test him however i am glad to say i was very wrong and i've come to really enjoy him, both from a character design/theme perspective and from a gameplay perspective. i think you all did a great job on him! i really don't have any complaints to be honest, though i agree with some other comments i've seen saying that it would be nice if the enemies didn't see the range indicator on his ult until you fired the first shot to really make him feel like a hidden sniper. in response to the questions: 1) the reloading mechanic does take a little bit to get used to after playing other adcs (unless you play a lot of graves), so it's a bit odd at first, but once you get the hang of it it's actually quite nice, and fun to time and play around with. 2) i personally like using the lotus traps in bushes for wards/safety and as cc when i'm retreating. they also add a nice little burst of damage if i'm dueling someone and i'm throwing everything i've got into it. 3) to be honest, the first time i used his ultimate, i found the zoom out to be a bit jarring and confusing, just because it was something i'd never really seen before in game. after getting over that initial feeling though, it kind of made me feel a sense of excitement and wonder, with a now huge range of vision and the music accompanying it. it really gives this feeling of a grand stage being set where you're witnessing the finale playing out. i really enjoy how his ultimate works now that i got used to it. as for what i'd like for the zoom in, i think just the camera going back to the character would be swell.
: Kindred Bug Report Thread
- made a custom game that froze after champ select and wouldn't launch for either me nor my friend until i relogged and reconnected (he was stuck on the reconnect screen and i was stuck on the blank champ select), tried a couple more times after that and it wouldn't work anymore - there seems to be some visual bugs with shadowfire's ult that when you cast it, a huge black square pops up on the screen before the actual textures load (not sure if standard kindred has this issue as well) - spamming taunts sometimes ends in multiple wolfs swirling around lamb, as a well as an apple stuck floating under wolf (especially in the shadowfire skin) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/92799340/pbe/kindredapple.png - sometimes when kindred dies, they don't go into the death pose, they just stand static with wolf swirling https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/92799340/pbe/kindreddead.png
: Nami Ult Bug
same thing happened to me. the first time i cast her ult, it was instant and there was no casting time or dialogue to accompany it. i was able to use it again immediately after, but the second time around it had a casting time and went on cooldown. not sure how to replicate it, but i was using the new nami chroma, the purple one.
: Tahm Kench Devouring Zac just before Zac's passive - bug
yep, this happened to me as well, but with an allied zac.
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: yes since some time people experience that when they alt-tab things appear black. the whole board is filled with this topic.
ooh okay. thank you, i didn't know that! i'd looked for similar topics but couldn't find any for some reason, sorry for the old report then. do you know if there's any way to fix it when that happens?
: did you alt-tab out of the game?
more than likely, i do that a lot, though i think it was like that all game. is alt+tabbing known to cause this sort of issue?
: New HUD Feedback
i made a little list of my thoughts thus far; **_good:_** - i really like how clean it is. the colours are very nice and it really opens up the screen, that's a really great thing. all in all it feels nice and simplistic while still giving all the info needed - i like the seconds timer on the recall (not sure if that was a thing before this, but i like that it's there now!) - the cooldown timers on the spells look nice and easy to read - the enemy respawn timer on the side is great, prevents having to keep hitting tab to check, definitely going to be helpful. - i'm digging the exp bar's colour and placement, it's clear to read and easy to find. **_bad (or just less good imo, some minor personal preference things):_** - personally, i'd like to be able to move the item/gold bar back to the left hand corner. where it's at currently extends the health/ability bar too far and takes up more room than i'd like on the right side (as i prefer my mini-map over there, so it's a lot of things on one side.) - i found it a little bit difficult to actually notice that i'd leveled up and had the arrows come up to level up my spells the first few times. the little animation is nice, but the colours of the arrows are a bit too similar to the main bar so it's easy to miss and not realize it's there if you're busy concentrating. - as a sort of addition to the previous point, the little dots that indicate the spell's level are really small and kind of hard to see in my opinion. i think either bigger circles or the boxes like before would be easier to see. - in the little pop-up for the champion info, i think attack range is sort of a strange thing to have since it doesn't matter much for most champs, besides like kayle/cait/trist/etc i suppose. as well, i'd like to see more things added onto it like crit, magic pen, health/mana regen. (unless there's already a way to change this and i just haven't found it yet.) that's about it, i'm digging the new look so far!
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Risen Fiddlesticks!
i've made a video to show some of the bugs i noticed while playing this skin! specifically -his crest doesn't go around his neck properly and clips through his body, though works on the recall animation (i think this might be known already) -the animation in his fingers looks odd and broken(? unsure if intentional) -he doesn't have a proper grip on scythe and it clips through his fingers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXtA_xZYAM0
: This is how Zhonya's works normally. If Fiddle is currently crowstorming, and uses Zhonya's, the storm will continue to rage. Only the windup is channeled, not the spell itself. In contrast, Galio's ult is contingent on channeling. If Galio does something like issue a move order or activate Hourglass, his ult is interrupted.
it makes sense in the context of zhonya's/wooglet's working with fiddlesticks' ultimate, but (please correct me if i'm wrong and maybe i just interpreted the way his ult works differently) but i was under the impression that bard's ult was meant to put everything into stasis and make everything in it stop temporarily? i have yet to test this, but if it works with fiddlesticks' ult this way would karthus and amumu's toggled area of effect abilities also continue even when they're in the stasis of bard's ult? as well, would bard's ult completely cancel nunu and galio's ultimates or does it force them to finish and do their explosions at the end, damaging anyone not in the stasis? i'm interested to try this out now!
: Bard Champion Feedback Thread
i'm really enjoying bard so far! his design is absolutely gorgeous and his release skin is just as nice his kit is challenging because it's so situational but definitely fun once you get the hang of it i really like the idea of a wandering support and i'm excited to test him with different builds and see how he does in different roles something i'm thinking might help players is adding some kind of special cursor to let you know that your click is going to send you through his tunnel since myself and some other people i've played with have noticed that you have to click around the entrance a few times to go through it, it's a bit hard telling just where you need to click (posted this in the bugs thread too just in case)
: Bard Bug Report Thread
*these are probably just things that have yet to be added since he's still new to the pbe but*: -no voice when selected in champ select -no voice/sound on taunts/dance *some things i noticed while playing him*: -meeps seem to get stuck on walls sometimes when he's going through a path made with his e, they teleport to him afterwards when he starts walking off but sometimes they don't follow him in properly -bots don't seem to know how to interact with his tunnels and his shrines (they won't go through the tunnels and don't purposely stand on his shrines like they do with rek'sai's tunnels) -no special cursor for the tunnels, hard to tell if you're actually interacting with it or not until you travel through (as in, you have to click on the tunnel's entrance quite a few times for it to register and let you through)
: Good report, kochokoi. But bugs that are found on the live server should be reported on the live boards. The PBE boards are for bugs and feedback specifically related to the PBE.
ooh, okay, i was not aware of this! thank you very much, i'll post it there as well.
: Hmm. Are you sure you weren't playing an ARAM? Because this happens alot in ARAM since the servers automatically lock in on a champ for you.
nope, it was definitely it the draft pick for ranked queues, i didn't play aram today. everything got fixed once i'd actually picked and locked in as a champion (i went back to the champs page instead of the skins page and everything was back in order and all my champs were there again) very odd
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: Two Vel'Koz Classic Skins
i've been noticing this happening as well (in normal games, not on the pbe) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/92799340/pbe/twovelkozclassic.png
: Scuttle bug not turning into a ward
today was the first time i'd seen this happening. happened in two different ranked rift games i played with a friend. both instances were outside of dragon pit, and the enemy had gotten scuttle. (no sweetheart annies on either team in either case) here's the screenshots i got: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/92799340/pbe/scuttlebug1.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/92799340/pbe/scuttlebug2.jpg
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: A list of DJ Sona bugs
as some supporting evidence for the zhonya's/wooglet's weirdness, i recorded some video footage to show which of the particles get left out of the active golden effect (her hair, power chord background, effects on the mask/keyboard) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUcLHHG-z0I


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