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: I noticed in the Skin spotlight video they said you took away the quotes that had "Shit" in them "Shit i think I broke a nail" "More little shits" pretty sure those are the only ones, one for killing a champ and one for minions... I really hope you don't get rid of those quotes, I disliked that there were censored quotes on Kled, swearing fits these champions personallities and censoring them without any uncensored option is dissapointing :c This is taken from my post, I think it should be here though. Hope you guys see this.
I think the second one is said after you use xayah to kill a gromp
: file:///C:/Users/caitc/Desktop/LoL%20Logs%20PBE/2017-02-25T20-02-29_r3dlog.txt file:///C:/Users/caitc/Desktop/LoL%20Logs%20PBE/2017-02-26T08-46-22_r3dlog.txt file:///C:/Users/caitc/Desktop/LoL%20Logs%20PBE/2017-02-26T08-48-15_r3dlog.txt file:///C:/Users/caitc/Desktop/LoL%20Logs%20PBE/2017-02-26T12-27-38_r3dlog.txt file:///C:/Users/caitc/Desktop/LoL%20Logs%20PBE/2017-02-26T12-53-24_r3dlog.txt tell me if this opens up to the logs, if not ill use IMGUR. but these are the most recent!~ These aren't clickable, just open a new tab and copy and paste the link~ ^^! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Not working for me ( I am using MAC)
: If you happen to have a good idea of what time/date this occurred could you please navigate to the following directory (or whereever and however you have the PBE client saved on your computer): C:\Riot Games\PBE\Logs\Game - R3d Logs They will look something like this: 2015-06-23T17-30-40_r3dlog.txt which translates out to 2015/06/23 at 5:30 pm This would help a ton, as we want to ensure this issue does not make it to the live servers. Thanks!
I put them all in a google doc:
: Not sure if this is something that just happened to my computer or if it was an actual bug, but I was retaining 67 ms and had no problems with the internet whatsoever during this game. Rakan simply ulted me and my game just stopped working. It couldn't have been my internet because as you can see in the video, my pandora was still playing and my ms stayed the same and I was still able to surf the web.
It usually happens when two rakan ult each other
: Rakan & Xayah Bug Thread
Game freeze when two Rakan charm each other? From another game: It happened again today
: Did you guys purposely make Xayah look very similar to Ahri or was it a coincidence?
They are both vastaya (I think)


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