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: Where are the 6.24 Changes
Patch 6.23 is live right now, and the PBE is currently on 6.24. However, Riot does not officially document all the changes they put out each day until the day before the patch's release. If you want to keep up on current changes, you can follow the [Surrender@20]( PBE page.
: Her Q really confuses me. Sometims it shoots all 5 shots and sometimes it shoots just one or two. Is this a bug? Am I misreading the tool tip?
Are you casting it in _worked ground?_ When used there, she only throws one stone for half the mana cost.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Radiant Wukong!
Tried it for the first time and observed three things. 1. He has two auto attack animations. (Thrusting foward, and swinging) The swinging one plays abnormally fast. 2. When riding his cloud during speed boosts for extended periods, the cloud will vanish, but a gold outline is still visible. 3. Not sure if a bug, but he says a line I have never heard him say before. _**"If you don't fight, you can't make friends."**_
: [Champ Select] - Queue times are INSANE
Still haven't gotten a chance to really try it either. I know its PBE and things are in testing and all, but even here my patience has a limit. It probably isn't helping that The Poro King is here, and blind queues were left up unlike last time.
: When I think of marksmen I think of three sub types: Casters, Critters and On-hitters. with this new marksman update riot have single handedly removed casters and on hitters from the game, this is not diversity. I expected each sup class of marksman to get itemisation so that all of them would be equally viable but this is not the case.
How have casters been removed? If anything, they gave them more tools to work with. They have the reworked Essence Reaver that can give up to 30% CD, and the new Deaths Dance item that gives Life steal, AD, And CD all in one.
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: Grevious wounds is now more easily accessible as well. I think the problem is more so in Soraka than the mastery.
I think grievous wounds only works on self healing now. Outside sources like Soraka are not mitigated anymore.
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: Response to: "Focusing specifically on 'Is this a good direction?' " Listed are: 1: Acknowledgement of what I see 2: Ideas for creativity 3: Mistakes being made with items 4: challenge 1: I see a lot of focus on crit. Spacial effects over raw dmg (moving away from consistent on hit results). I would like to review a few elements. 2: Armor penetrability builds (for dps or for burst) ... S5 Trisana - APen runes yumus bork LW Attack speed builds (DPS) On Hit builds (Pokey) like cait Mixed builds Surviving builds (like how vayne often used bork) the heal + move speed buff / debuff Another item that is this style is the maw even blood thirster and the attack speed item that gains mr as hit hits. Kite builds like blue ez Mr builds - example: merk boots BT Spirit vissiage MAW QSS-upgraded wit's end Armor builds - At the moment there really are not armor paths for an adc Unless you count thornail and life steal/ crit that always was pretty mean vs an enemy adc for a squishy fed shaco. AD HP - I jungled graves once with black cleaver frozen mallet trinity force boots hurricane and blood thirstier or bork. It was amusing (because it fit a dps tank / peal role / support) and was actually quite effective. I see hits of items that can relate to different styles of builds. There are many ways to build a ranged ad. Lets keep different builds possible and some what balanced. Altho obviously crit will shred a squishy pretty fast and attack speed and armor pen will kill a tank faster then a crit build. And an mr dmg build will help an adc still do something in a game vs diana or another scary apc. 3: As the items are being changed there is a systematic integration which is happening which makes items less unique. A huge example: it feels like all attack speed items hover around 35% attack speed. (30%, 35% and 40%) This makes them less unique and having less trade-offs. Not necessarily bad but it is currently to an extent that has standardized the items. 4: challenge... I have noticed that a large majority of the players who play league are not creative. They bash people who do not "build right." Many pro players know that there is more then one way you can make your champion effective. But players who played on their own judge each other heavily for not doing tried methods. We know why... trying often involves failure. Long story short... not mattwer what items are available one build will be broadcast as the norm and then people will be bashed if they deviate even if a yumus rush season 5 was viable... it was not bork or ie. Even if some one went a Blood thirster into PD instead of IE. This is actually one of the biggest issues which is totally separate from development. The community often does not embrace creativity because they associate it with noobs failing. I don't have an answer to that. People need to have fun and play.
Addressing point 3, I think it is a good thing that their basic stats are the same. This way one isn't universally better than the other, and are instead are defined by their passives and who is taking them. Phantom Dancer: I want to 1v1 {{champion:67}} {{champion:236}} Shive: I want to push{{champion:222}} {{champion:15}} Cannon: I want to be safe and siege {{champion:51}} {{champion:18}} Runninans: I want to hit them all {{champion:110}} {{champion:29}}
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: Will Sated Devourer double proc Quinn's passive?
It might work just like sheen/tri-force. It is an on-hit that is **consumed** so it only works once.
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: Ahri shouldn't get those buffs
"Technically" she actually has lost some damage. Yes her "w" got more base and "e" has a higher ratio, however she lost her damage amp on charm. So in a way, her orb and ult have indirectly lost 20% damage (if their numbers are left as is) Also, being killed by her "w" and ult alone, only tells me that you were at low enough health and doomed either way.
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: Animation Glitch
Same as Soraka. I cast Q (starcall) the hit box appears on the ground, however no star falls to the ground or explodes when damage is applied. The particle that goes to me when I heal with it never appears either, but i still get healed after the usual delay. A few seconds later, the "star" flies from the left side of my screen to the location where I casted it and explodes, the particle that supposed to go to me when I heal soon follows. Also in that same game, the glitch would occur with fiddlesticks and his Dark wind. Damage would be applied, but the particles appeared to be invisible. A few seconds later, **as many as five different "dark winds"** would fly in a cluster from the left side to the locations of where their respective targets were, whether there or not.
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: Major FPS drop after maintenance
Same issue, except I wouldn't even have to be at the fight. One broke out at our outer turret, but I still lagged out sitting at base. Turning all visuals to minimum didn't seem to help either. One player suggested turning all sound off and that actually helped. I left the visuals down to be safe but needless to say my performance in game suffered for it.
: Soraka Rework Feedback Thread
What was your reasoning for scraping the armor/magic resist conversion passive? You seemed adamant about it at first but then you scraped it? I don't have much of an opinion on it, (didn't get to use it myself), I'm just curious.
: Reconnect to Nothing
It's more that just custom games. Tried to start a 5v5, countdown hits zero, and me and my team are just sitting their in the chat wondering what now. I log out then back in, click reconnect, and nothing happens, no matter how many times i click it. They did say live maintenance so maybe that's all it is.
: Serious health bar and vision bug
: Love the skin, it shows the beauty and raw power Karma has with her style and elegance. But I feel the name of the skin isnt as elegant as it should be. Karma is an elegant champion of peace and her name in this skin should reflect that. You can decide on the final name but I recommend "Lady of the Lotus, Karma" or something like that. I love {{champion:43}} so much and how to see this skin get her some gameplay action.
Ironically, Sakura Karma could work, but that has been used XD
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Order of the Lotus Karma
VISUAL IDEAS: 1. The flower petals going down the back of her legs look nice but they feel to, solid. They don't flow like dress, they just bobble up and down, which looks strange. 2. When she casts an ult-Q, instead of cracks expanding outward, it should be shaped as a big flower. 3. I also think you could do more with the flower petal effects, like on an ult-w, flowers appear to fall below it. Or an ult-e, where flower petals explode out and swirl around the target of the shield. (not to much though) 4. What if when her ult is activated, the two flowers on her mantel of decorum bloomed, then closed when used. 5. Random idea, the sound that plays during her recall could also be used with here empowered abilities. When her Q detonates, when here W roots a target, or casting her empowered shield. BUG REPORT: I was playing on classic summoners rift, 5v5 intermediate bots, I noticed that i cant select inhibitors or the nexus as a target for auto attacks. If I stop moving, she can still attack them on here own, provided she doesn't target any near by minions.
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
Me (skarner) and Rengar spawned in the same spot
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
If you have a structure selected, its outline will wrap around minions and champions.
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: Skills After breifly playing with his kit immediately I can see the e isn't so much a problem in terms of damage for an ad/tanky build, but is lack luster for ap skarner. His w's shield is too easy to break and lose the speed buff, I think a nice fix would be to have the speed buff ramp up faster (say over 1.5 seconds) and when skarner loses his shield have the speed buff decay over the remaining duration the shield would have lasted. Alternatively set the speed buff to be maxed out initially and then decay over time and have the speed buff reset to max by auto attacking enemy champions while the shield is still active. TU I bought the earth rune skarner skin on my main because of the amazing texture it has so please don't go ahead with the texture update. It feels like the old and new textures should have their labels swapped around based on their quality. The new texture is very lacking compared to the original texture. The original texture has much more detail and beautiful contrast between the stone and blue markings, the colour of the stone is the bigger of the issues, I don't understand why it was made it greenish because the colouring of the stone looks so much nicer on the original.
I like the idea of the MS buff "ramping down." Same should be applied to his Q stacks as well.
: Skarner PBE Feedback/Bugs Thread
Getting 3 stacks, ulting, then proceeding to stun them afterward is insanely satisfying. *(When I don't accidentally auto after getting the third though XD)*
: I've been playing a bit of skarner on both live and pbe, like around 15-20 games combined, and he feels about the same up until lvl 11. At this point, crystal venom actually feels like it does something and the shield is getting beefy enough to give me a sense of safety and I can stay in duels long enough for crystal slash MS stacks to matter. In general, he feels pretty balanced when compared to anyone other than lee sin (nerf plz), although he feels more like a bruiser than a tank. Like he'll get blown up instantly if I initiate wrong instead of taking a few seconds. Things that feel bad: * the .5s stun feels like it doesn't affect the duels at all * the lower damage on e reduced the decision making for skillups, e will always be maxed last and feels bad to be taken at lvl 3 since the damage is so poor for the mana cost * not being able to cast e during ult sucks * it feels like an optimal use of his ult (with 3 stacks of venom) is almost never going to happen at the right time in the fight. I either wait 3 seconds to hit 3 spells or i wait 12 seconds to pop the passive and rebuild the stacks * there's no real option for scaling other than tank items and no sustain during fights. Things that feel good: * midgame flash impales into a slow and then a stun * spirit stone + lvl 3 q give skarner infinite sustain in the jungle without a blue buff * ult cd * MS bonus on q lets skarner move around in a teamfight despite his shield going down so quickly * jungle clear is still safe and fast * a single mana item makes him feel like he's no longer mana gated unless the fight goes on for 30 seconds or more All in all, I think skarner still has the same old problems in 5v5 situations, but his dueling post 11 is a lot better and the reduced ult cd makes him more of a persistent threat early game.
The cd on his passive does not go if the stacks were consumed by his ult, so you don't need to wait 12 seconds. **I need to confirm this**, but I heard that the first burst of his ult consumes them, and the second actually adds one stack.
: Skarner PBE Feedback/Bugs Thread
His passive has a bug. When you proc it, it does add the the magic damage, but the entire auto becomes magic damage. Procing Iceborn at the same time, it became magic damage too.
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: Akali just needs a rework in general. Riot's mentioned that they are not pleased with her play style. It's pretty toxic to the current gameplay environment.
Really? Do you have a link or quote of when they said that?
: I agree, that's really annoing, but makes {{champion:84}} less OP
Well, if she does get more op because of it, they could always tone her down to compensate. A weaker combo is better than a stronger one that fails to work.
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: Q on tower might not be a bug, just doesnt work on towers. think of vayne tumble, sound always going off when hitting tower until attacking something else or goes on cooldown. But imo i would like to see rengars Q work on towers at least.
thats why im confused, it used to work on towers so Im not sure if they removed that or not.
: Some Rengar bugs
I have seen all of these as well
: Major Bonetooth Necklace bug
: Game ended abruptly
Attacking baron causes a crash at the moment
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: Team Builder Bug-Masteries
: [Bug or Oversight?] Skarner's Passive doesn't proc when attacking structures
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