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: I don't believe he's an ideal support. I expect that he will function better as a farming carry.
i guess the brace confused me more then anything however i still disagree that his solo lane potential is gone a friend of mine and i had a hour long discussion on his new W and we cam to the conclusion that the rework overall and his new kit minus the w would be better suited for a mid laning champ because his w would make ganks easier for him to receive and the new passive on his ult would make it easier for him to help with dragon as well. as far as a farming carry goes i think that him not being able to use his w on him self would mess him up in a solo lane because that usually be use to finish the minions off if they lived through his E and Q
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
I honestly dont understand why you would make him a support nothing in his kit makes him seem like a support i played a bot game with him with a friend and his q is amazing i live the amount of damage it can do and with the new scaling on his e the base damage nerfs may seem bad to start but mid game when you start getting items its not all that bad to me but gutting his w in that way makes no sense he is just as strong a solo laner and i think is a much better solo laner then a duo laner. honestly the new w is the big thorn in my side about the rework and the damage nerf to his E overall i kind of like the new rework except for the issues i mentioned.{{champion:82}}
: “Black Market Brawlers” featured game mode live soon on PBE
i just played the mode and it is a blast to play however when i saw the enchantment teleport i was giddy any chance of that enchantment becoming permanent


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