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: Is the game down for anyone else?
Down for maintenance until further notice (few hours). Literally says that in the client.
: What I found to work against the new Wraiths is to kill the small ones first cause they are around 70% of the damage and have a lot less hp than the big one. So kill them first and you should have relatively little trouble.
+1 on this. Definitely more effective and a pet peeve of mine when I see teammates or even some streamers doing it differently. This was a great article on the math behind attacking the small camps first which, used to be somewhat neutralized by the low CD on {{summoner:11}}. Now that smite has such a high CD, definitely more effective to go for small jungle creeps in just about all camps - starting with either gromp or krugs to get that buff first and then doing the traditional blue and red buffs on second clear without smite. And in fact, I find it really effective to donate first blue asap to get an early advantage in mid lane.
: smite does not get stopped by silences or stuns or anything, you can still smite. (80%sure)
Oh I know that, I was just throwing out a hypothetical.. The ones they came up with are quite a bit more imaginative though.
: I was {{champion:64}} and i couldn't do jungle that easy, i had to B every 5/7 camps, #{{summoner:11}} i like the new monster(crab) and the new 'buffs' the camp gives you after you smite, but it's impossible to jungle propaply without going to base very often... am I the only one who has this issue?
Check out Stonewall008 on youtube. In this patch, the pathing becomes super important depending on which role you're trying to play. For example some routes are better for tanks, others for fighters, others for ap, etc. For me, I highly recommend avoiding the traditional buffs (blue and red) until your 2nd or 3rd clear. For champs like {{champion:19}} and {{champion:9}} - they never have to back if you route correctly.
: So, we don't want to throw out too many details, just because there are a ton of elements in actual flux, and setting the expectation that anything is for sure, or here to stay is a real risk when we release details. With the caveat that this could still get pulled, changed, etc., one of the new jungle items allows you to use your Smite on enemy champions. Still figuring out what effect is going to be (damage + slow, just a crazy slow, ???). Mainly just very excited about the patterns that emerge when Smite has more pulls on its usage so that Smite becomes a multidimensional choice.
What about a mechanic where you could use smite to silence the enemy jungler? I mean, maybe this is too anti competitive because don't get me wrong, I love smite fights. But at the same time, what if you could say, use your smite to keep the enemy jungler from smiting for 4 seconds or something so that it comes down to a clutch zed passive or ez ult to actual make the steal. Thoughts?
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: Ascension Bug Report Thread
Ok, I've noticed a couple things since I've played ~5-6 games now. * First, unknown if its {{champion:107}} specific, but, after leaping at the beginning of the game, he froze in animation and "skated" around like has sometimes been seen on SR. * As mentioned, there seem to be a few triggers for chat messages with errors on placements or whatnot. * Maybe its just me, but I saw had several dc's during big team fights or while using trinket tp to the bottom right side (red?) platform. It crashed at least twice. I had someone recommend using the admin launcher but that would bugsplat immediately after attempting to open program. As far as balancing goes, I get the damage cap on {{champion:20}} 's Q and on {{champion:31}} 's ult. That would ensure a capture. However, this doesnt seem to apply to {{champion:238}} 's passive or to {{champion:76}} 's cougar form q which makes them very very strong in this mode. I would bet over the next few days zed and nida are going to be shown as *required* picks or bans. Gnar seems to do incredibly well as well. The prevalence of walls make his GNAR! an almost unmissable ability. Not sure what can be done about that. I have a few more champions I want to try (poppy, teemo, etc.) but its hard to tell for sure with how many players crash every game. Thanks, look forward to seeing more. keozai.
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: Hydra
Playing Pantheon, confirm - no hydra active. Lee Sin also in my game said that it was working for him either. So, +2 on this issue.
: [Tiamat/Hydra] - Unable to use active
Playing Pantheon, confirm - no hydra active. Lee Sin also in my game said that it was working for him either. So, +2 on this issue.
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: Official Braum Feedback Thread
Have a question concerning {{champion:157}} /{{champion:201}} interaction where Yasuo's Windwall blocks braums ultimate. I would need to test again to make sure but I believe this blocks the knockup etc. Considering that Braum's Ult is a fissure in the ground.... this doesnt quite make sense to me. Thoughts from others?
: Same issue as OP. In a lobby for OFA:MM as {{champion:51}}. closed game, relogged, game abandoned screen shows. Appears to be an issue with summoner spells not loading correctly, if anyone else had an issue with either {{summoner:21}} or {{summoner:7}} and their game not loading, include it in your post so we can track this better. I believe the problem spell is {{summoner:21}} mainly because someone else on the forum has posted an issue involving it.
I don't think it has to do with summoners. I don't remember exactly but pretty sure we didn't have one on our team when it happened. I think it's just something with the game client.
: Games not starting
Also had this issue with normal, blind pick. The whole lobby froze when it went to launch the game client (which never happened) and we were still able to team chat, etc in the lobby window. After relaunch of launcher, also having the reconnect issue reported above. > TL;DR there is a major issue that prevents Client launch from Launcher.


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