: Sylas Item Bug
This is how it looks in game Imgur link of the photos (2): https://imgur.com/a/VUlri0S [](https://imgur.com/a/VUlri0S)
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: 10 cursed capsules package. rerolled all skin shards into a random skin permanent. but
I have the same problem, but happens only when I am coming back from game, when game ends and I have to see match statistics, client closes itself
: Any better method to report users other than in-client report?
I don't know what they are looking at and why they implemented honor level 3 for free PBE account.. I am so dissapointed with new players on server. Champ select is okay, they all pick ,game starts and someone is already AFK.. Few mins into the game another player has left.. By the end of the game only 2 of us are playing vs 5 on enemy team. I have deleted PBE and went to live server like 10 times because of this, either stop it or invent much higher punishments for this (for both PBE and live server from which player has came)!!
: Also having the same glitch, but it seems like the store starting page, the featured page, is working just fine. Maybe it's a server connection problem on Riot's side, not allowing the store pages to open.
I think they are fixing it now, the server is under maintenance :) Hope they are fixing
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: Shop bug black screen
Also, samo problem here, with me.. After last maintenance I can not access store.. [Click for picture](http://prntscr.com/auys08)


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