: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
I was playing as Zed on new Summoner's Rift and I'm not too sure EXACTLY how to recreate the bug but occasionally when I'd W-E-Q over the wall and switch to it within about a second the buff wouldn't display any animations. So there would be an instance where Blue Buff big golem and small golems wouldn't move or react to me at all, yet I'd still take damage. I've managed to recreate this on both Blue Side Blue Buff and Red Side Red Buff, I've had no success on the other side of the map and I haven't tested as to whether this happens with any champion that can go over a wall or if it's with just Zed.
: I agree with the longer cooldown on the spear part. That would definitely give a good opening, but team combination will cover that part anyway...... You do seem to know how to use the forms well, I guess you know how to make good use of those 2 forms and each of the abilities to counter more champions than before? It used to proc lich bane so it does.
Yeah with the new Cougar form changes it'll make it so she can lane a lot better against champions who would've pooped on her before. I think champions like Yasuo won't have such an easier time against her anymore as she has more brawling potential. And she gets a ton of kill pressure when she hits level 3 and can all in after a spear hit. Hm. I thought so it doesn't seem to be procing Lich Bane atm I'll have to try that out some more.
: Nidalee Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
So far from testing Nidalee she feels a lot more satisfying to play. It feels more costly to miss a spear but hitting it also creates unique situations where the opponent knows you have the advantage and so do you so they attempt to hang out of range which creates a predator and prey kind of situation. I feel like the spears are almost in the perfect place they just need a slightly longer cooldown in order to give opponents a justifiable opening to take an advantageous fight. I like that the changes have given a proper balance between using human and cougar form, human form being used to set up opportunities to go cougar and burst down an opponent. I do have a question, is Takedown supposed to proc on-hit effects? A friend asked me about this while we were testing her together and I don't remember if it does or not as he was wondering if it is able to proc lich bane.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Primetime Draven!
I'm loving the skin a lot so far, the only thing I noticed is sometimes the passive sound effect doesn't play when I get a kill.
: The new jungle (especially Wolf) is too strong. I have had a game using Nasus and have my Q stacked ~600, which is nearly 40mins length. I had a triforce but I still have to need 4 Q hits to kill the big one. For comparison, at that moment I can one shot (or plus one aa) to kill any minions. That's either bug or definitely too strong, I can't imagine if the jungler is building tanky, how long does he take to clear a camp.
They scale off of average champion level so it makes sense that the camps are stronger later in the game.
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