: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lunar Eclipse Leona!
While this is a nice skin, it just doesn't make sense that it wasn't given to Diana instead * Would have fit in perfectly with the VS event * Would have been a great opportunity to add more depth and interaction between Diana and Leona with new voice lines on them both had she gotten the skin * Feels pretty bad for anyone that plays Diana * In terms of gameplay clarity she looks very similar to Diana now It's obviously a drastic idea considering this isn't a poorly made skin or anything, but I honestly would rather just see this particular skin be taken off the PBE and rerelease solar eclipe Leo with a newly made lunar eclipse Diana instead
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Soraka!
Like everyone else I absolutely adore the skin, you guys have really outdone yourselves! The only thing I'd like to see changed is Shisa being utilized more. Janna, Lulu, Jinx, Syndra and Ahri all have their familiars visible at all times and use them in certain spells, which makes sense cause they're their weapons, but Soraka (and Miss Fortune) only show their familiars on recall and homeguard. It just seems like a waste of potential and makes their particular familiars seem awkwardly placed and lacking personality. Personally I'd like to see Sisha and Boki/Baki shown all the time or at least be used in certain spells, or just straight up remove them and have Soraka and MF be like Lux and Poppy and not have a familiar at all.
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Think it's almost been a week since there was any activity here but is Riot gonna give PROJECT Katarina a respawn animation? Ekko got one since I last asked a week ago, Ashe had work done to her recall, but there hasn't been any sign of Kat getting one even though she's the only skin of 9 to not have one now :(
: Hey everyone! Thank you for all your awesome and insightful feedback! It's really great that you guys are active on the boards voicing your concerns! Quick notes: *I've seen a ton of feedback about Katarina's hair. One thing to keep in mind is that Kat's white hair and style actually fits within the PROJECT theme. All characters have white-silver hair. We want to keep her consistent with the rest of the PROJECT skins and likely won't be making any changes to her hair. *We've heard your concerns about the spell effects on Kat's Q and W. We will be making them louder to help them read better in game. When Kat get's a speed burst from W, she now has a trail to indicate the buff. Let us know what you think!
Awesome! Thanks so much for listening to our feedback, it's great to see that you guys are taking the community's thoughts and opinions seriously I just tested the changes and I really like everything you've done with the W, however I much prefer the original Q. Visually the newer Q dagger looks a bit clunky and lesser quality compared to the original, and the new SFX feel kind of too heavy or distracting? Also can I ask if there's any plans to give Kat (and Ekko) an animation for when they spawn/finish recalling? It seems quite odd that they don't have one but every other PROJECT skin does
Hey guys! Just wanted to say that I'm absolutely in love with this skin and I'm so so happy that Riot decided to include Kat in the PROJECT theme I don't really have any critiques cause her model/particles/SFX are amazing, but I do have two suggestions that I think would make the skin perfect: 1. Give her an animation for when she (re)spawns in the fountain to match all the other PROJECT skins 2. Add a move speed particle for when she hits a champion with her W, so basically what you did for PROJECT Ekko when he procs his 3 hit passive but in PROJECT Kat's color theme Hope you guys can take these suggestions on board! Once again, much love for making this skin Riot ♥
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Infernal Diana!
After waiting almost 2 years for Diana to finally get a new skin, I'm slightly disappointed about how this skin turned out :( I know you guys worked really hard on this, and it's not even a bad skin! I just personally think that from playing her so much there's some stuff that could use tweaking to make it better is all. Okay so first off, her model is pretty good! I think the swords really cool and her armor/outfit work well too, although the color of the armor may be a tiiiiiiiiny bit dull, but that's no biggie. My biggest concern with the model is her head, the face and hair are so bright and there's no color difference between them so it's kind of difficult to look at or see any detail you know? I do really like the trail of fire particles that come from her hair when she walks though. I guess my biggest problem with this skin is the abilities: **Passive** - A little bit underwhelming. I like the SFX, but Lunar goddess Diana's particles change to a flower as she stacks her passive up so I was a fairly disappointed to see that this skin just used a red version of her base skin's symbol. **Q** - Definitely my least favorite part of the skin. Considering it's her primary spell, the particle just seems so bland and when it hits an enemy the sound effect feels _seriously_ weak compared to the noise her q makes on her other skins, however I do like how the moonlight debuff looks. **W** - My favorite part of the skin. Really like the visuals and SFX, great job on this ability! **E** - Pretty good but feels like it's missing something. The SFX and the symbol's fiery effects look really cool, although like the passive I was disappointed to see that the symbol was the same as her base skin. As for what I meant when I said something's missing, In Diana's other skins there's a particle for her E that makes it look as if she's pulling gravity towards herself as well as displaying the moon symbol beneath her, but in this skin it only shows the symbol? Not sure if this was intentional or not but I definitely think the extra particle makes this ability look a lot better. **R** - Also pretty underwhelming. I feel the same way about the ult as I do the Q, just a bit of a let down visually overall. I do like the SFX for this ability a lot though! So yeah, that's my feedback. Sorry if this comes off as negative or over critical, I just really love this champion and I've waited so long for her to get a new skin so I want it to look the best it possibly can when it get's released! Thanks in advance if you guys read this or take any comments I've made on board, and thanks for giving my main champion a new skin! {{champion:131}}

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