: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Warring Kingdoms Nidalee
Okay, so kang here. The Warring Kingdoms Nidalee looks so beautiful and gorgeous and stunning. There is a bug with her trap, it seems to distort and enlarge than it normally would on live. Dont know if its just champs or minions causing it or its just her own bug. Thanks for reading! -k [Nidalee Trap Bug](http://i.imgur.com/dOpKPBZ.png)
: Hi!
Hi Der :3
: Good feedback tho :> Maybe the edge of the arrow should form a heart, like heartseeker vayne?
Or just make it a little bit curvy?
: Think of the havoc this will bring. One after another, poros will explode into several more, over and over again. Then BAMMMMMMM!!!! They will overrun the Howling Abyss, soon the champions unable to fight on the bridge. It's like... you. YOU! YOU'RE PLANNING THE PORO INVASION!!!! I KNEW IT!
Instead of the Gremlins, is the Poros o_o
: I really like the skin. Its very, very well made.
I cant wait fort he next Heartseeker skin <3
: Very good feedback! I'd also like to add on the rose petal particles are very nice on her E, I kinda wish petals like that were on her R as well.
ooo, What if during her recall animation, when she sits down and has her rose, rose petals start spiraling down around her? :3
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: (2/11 edit) Summary of PBE leveling, IP/RP and pricing updates
So I just need further understanding, if lets say another new skin came out or champ or anything new and you wanted us to test it, it would go for 1IP, then after it goes live, it goes to the price that is on the main servers? Thanks for answering :3
: New Ashe Skin
I think the skin is very gorgeous, its beautiful
: Team Builder Bugs!
First of all, I gotta say that this mode is completely AMAZING! A bug that I noticed is that it puts two supports in the lobby, I dont know if its supposed to do that o: Anyways, great mode!
: Ao Shin
I am pretty excited about Ao Shin, I hope that he is then next champ coming out, also hoping that he is the next Support champ that they said would be coming out earlier this new year. If not, no worries :3 at least its a support champ !
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: Cursor changes to Stretch/Slide cursor while in Shop
mine does the same thing, i dont let it bug me much, but is it a bug at all?? o.O
: [Poro ward skin] - suggesting a Poro ward skin
what if the poro ward skin was like Lulu's poro and it has wings and floats around until when the time is up, it floats down and sleeps :D
: bot game locked
says the same thing on mine, its locked until its available when riot says, so dont worry about it :3
: Accepted. I know I was; I'm in the PBE currently. I just never got the email. --Best Furry PBE{{champion:103}}
Well normally, individuals will get emailed if they got in, that's what happened to me.
: Can't access store page
can you move anywhere on the store, or is it completely black o.O?
: No Email?
Is it about if you got accepted to be a tester, or just updates that are released to the PBE? I know that they wont update until after the holidays. :D
: [Feedback] Lunar Goddess Diana skin
Same on my end, at least so far :3
: In-progress Lunar Revel skins on the PBE
I think {{champion:131}} new particles with the Lunar theme make her look like a mysterious woman who had went through much and lost in the end, only to be alone for how long she wanders....I like how she looks, cant wait for the splash art for the skin :3


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