: Ezreal Ult CD Bugged in URF
I thinks its the same bug as previous year : if u shoot an ultimate from ezreal, jinx, karthus etc when you just spawned (like 3 seconds therefore) it will go on the normal cooldown
: I wouldn't necessarily consider it a nerf. The build path changed from {{item:1058}} to {{item:3108}} . The armor dropped by 5 but I really like the 10% CDR you get from it. It always felt like more of a defensive AP item to me than anything. But in terms of it's old stats they did drop.
Armor didnt drop by 5 Zhonyas was nerfed a few patches ago : 120 ap>100 ap 50armor>45 armor
: PBE URF Balance Concerns
I dont think so There is counterplay against every champion even against a fizz or zed It's just a little harder to win games with like a garen for example It's still not impossible :)
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: Forsaken Jayce (E+Q Combo)
same here i didnt saw it ^^
: It's not the problem ^^ they are new skin, so they don't have splashart. But the name of some skins is invisible in the shop.
: Just a random thought on Ryze's update.
It's pretty nice but you need to bring back his runes maybe a different color :p
: Dragon - Buff Stacks Bug??!
: [Victory/ Defeat Screen] Background gone again?
: Final Boss Veigar +2 with the new Q
: [Bug] Shop: Invisible names of skin
same by me i bough debonair galio and headhunter akali and i cant see them
: item 3285 is a little bugged
thx for the information guys :)
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