: [League client update] Testing loot, clubs and (soon) ranked! (Updated 9/7/2016)
i love the new scaling option but....on my resolution, it's either too small or it doesnt fit the screen, the scaling is too abrupt, I think having half-steps on the scaling would help.
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: New HUD Feedback
I have vision problems that make me difficult to read small fonts and such...I cant see the "ult ready" light at all or read the champion levels. Teelling apart some of the portraits on the map is already a big challenge for me....but this is probably going to kill the game for me.
: SR Terrain update
Personally I prefer the bright one.....the dragon pit-one was way too dark for me.
: New SR Colors
I disagree, I liked the brightness of the new map rather than the darkness of the old one.... And i dont get this "feels more like league" kinda thing.....it IS league, it doesnt matter what color tone it uses. If we want the map to feel like the oldLOL, then just switch back to the alpha stages map.
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: I agree with decreasing tibber's cast range. I think everything else is fine at the moment in comparison with other supports (e.g. leona).
but Annie isnt intended to be a support...Annie's ranges are so low for a mage already.
: About Annie support being picked frequently with the new support meta
As a mid Annie main I couldnt disagree more with this(all of it)...what Support Annie needs is a Pyromania nerf not a range nerf or a Damage nerf....other way you are just destroying Annie mid too. I think the best option is, nerf molthen shields CD or make it so it doesnt add stacks to the passive....this way, Annie cant farm the stun while being on a bush, she has to last hit minions to do it(0 cs sup cant do that).
: Adding new champions to custom bots
I think we need intermediate bots on custom more than that...
: [Game][Minor] Bug Vision
He's talking about the "I can see X enemy champ on the fog of war" bug, this is known. _______________ Ya se reporto este bug.
: The rules between this map and Magma Chamber are the same, save Magma Chamber was a direct copy of the mid-lane layout for SR. Is that the feedback then, that you prefer SR's layout to this?
We still want Magma Chamber....and having 1v1 and 2v2 on HA instead was a Huge letdown for some...
: [BUG] [YASUO] Immobilized after completing R animation bug
Sometimes the target champion gets immobilized instead.
: [Profile Button] Profile Button not going to your profile after visiting another Summoner's profile.
As a workaround till it gets fixed, you can use the search bar (top-right) to look for your own summoner name :P
: **Quinn** * Vault does not apply its mark if a Harrier-mark lands at roughly the same time. * Vault will cause Quinn to fly out sideways or behind a target if a "reposition" mechanic is involved (e.g. Tristana's Rocket Jump or Vayne's Tumble) * Quinn's attack-cancel window is ridiculously humongous, particularly for passive-proc auto's **Please pass this on to Relaunch Team:** http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=43333990#post43333990
**Yasuo** - **Last Breath (R)** Sometimes the enemy gets frozen(unable to move for an undefined amount of time, forever?) after recieving the ult, till he dies.
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: [MINIONS] Minions totally ignoring enemies, both enemy minions and champions.
I cant help to think...."How they didnt notice this one on internal testing?"... I guess they just released the wrong version of the map, or something like that.
: [Missing Visuals] - Summoners Rift map details appear black
Try re-installing the client or upgrading your video drivers. This used to be a frequent bug on Intel video cards but it was fixed at some point....that's why I think there's a high chance of a corrupted client or bad video config on your side....
: possible bug twin shadows/ Wind Wall
It only works on "projectiles"....I dont think a shadow can be considered a projectile...
: +1, but this doesn't solve the issue if marksman has relic and the support has coin.
"These effects require a nearby allied champion **who doesnt own a Gold income item**. Recharges every 30 seconds. Max 4 charges " I dont think that coin + Relic lane is a problem , tho....
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: Relic Shield, how to avoid duo toplaner
They could also make it so the passive doesnt applies on players who also have the relic shield (that would prevent duo relic lanes)
: I actually like new summoners rift
Who ever said that SR is ruined?
: When is Yasuo getting added?
Cant wait to test his W, sounds OP as hell...
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: Problem with Featured Games
Sometimes they wont show up at all
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: Well in magme for sure they wont act like on SR cause 1 there is no jungler and 2 there are no other lanes to threat you so as bad simulation as Coop but in coop bots actually move from line to line
Nope, playing against Humans is always better than playing against bots...not to mention on Co-op, there are no junglers either.
: If you want to practice laning go to coop not magma but still 2 match is good idea
Well, in my opinion, Co-op is useless for REAL laning-phase practice, since bots and real people act in completely different ways...
: Baron Aggro?
He was taking a dump, that's why he got angro when you warded it (?) Try to replicate it on a custom game without enemys... I suspect a Nidalee javalin hitting baron or something like that.
: Magma chamber in horizontal!
Imo, it would be better if Magma Chamber were 2 rounds long: 1st Round: Player 1 on the blue side 2nd Round: Player 2 on the purple side Horizontal is more "fair" at first glance, but it kills the whole purpose of Magma Chamber , for me, which is for "practice Laning in SR".
: It is a old account like 1 year ago before the new system even began
Most of the old accounts are getting deactivated, you have to apply for a new one here: https://pbesignup.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/pbe
: Help
Redownload the client or try the repair function on the patcher.
: Where should I report bad behavior of a summonor in LoLClient chat?
Nowhere, chat behavior is not reportable because you can ignore it....or just kick the offender out of the chat.... Also, calling out people on the forums is against the rules.
: [10/31/13 Patch] Current list of bugs so far found on this patch
As Lulu{{champion:117}} , casting whimsy on an enemy Vi{{champion:254}} causes a Bugsplat disconecting everyone from the game.
: Game Crashed - unclear cause
probably this http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/rus33ZiJ-crash-lulu-neon-vi-bug I reported it a while ago
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: [Herm] OP Busrt
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