: Do you have any more information about what was happening when the meeps decided not to follow you anymore?
It was kinda weird I only really noticed it when i died for like the 15th time and noticed my meeps wasn't actually doing damage because they weren't following me I think it had something to do with magical journey though because sometimes they started to follow me again but when i died or used magical J they wouldn't follow me again and it just became a nightmare, to summon them i had to laugh or dance. (note they also came when i used MJ but they wouldn't actually continue to follow me after even after doing those 3 things) **Edit:** Im not quite to sure but its possible that perhaps traveling through an enemy bards portal might cause this as i did also use the enemys portal quite a lot too (was a custom game Bard vs Bard) I also noticed that the passive icon that shows how many meeps are following you wasn't shown at all Hope this at least helps somewhat. ^-^;
: Bard Bug Report Thread
Ahh i found a bug before this thread was made and had already made a thread about it soo.. Its a Bug with Bards passive were his meeps wont follow him unless you laugh, dance or use magical journey Not very good as while i was fighting the other bard (was a custom game) by the time the meeps came to hit him from all across the map i would be dead.. Il just post the thread here if that's ok if anyone's interested cause i feel like i will just be repeating myself again. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/crXWUG2v-major-bug-with-bards-passive
: they got tired, 80 mins is a long time
Heh to right. Those backstabbing lazy meeps...
Are you saying that having your meeps across the map while you die because you cant do any damage 100% normal? Its a Bug and a pretty major one too imo What good is that? when you die your meeps also disappear as well so i essentially could only use about 2 out of my 4 meeps (which they had to run across the map) before i died and the rest just disappear..
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: [4.5] Pantheon Changes
I seriously hope you don't go and nerf panths ult like this... Panths ult is his defining trait. Take that away and whats the point of playing him?
: My 2 Cents on Val'WhateverTheRestOfHisNameWas.. lol
I think his ult is probably supposed to be rather slow when moving since that is kinda its only counterplay either that or they might speed up its reaction a bit hopefully
: [Bugs] Vel'Koz, the chat, and the mini-map bugs.
Yup, i also experienced and confirm this bug in chat Also im not sure, but his ult also didn't seem to follow my cursor Not sure if that's supposed to happen.
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: New in-progress skin: Heartseeker Ashe (Up for testing!)
: Cannot Exit Client
Yeah i just made a new account and realized this kept happening to me too i have to manully exit out of the pbe client with task manger :\


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