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: Im a bit concerned by this feature triggering Leavebuster, I mean, if you have a bad PC or conection, you can have a problem while loading, for example: sometimes, LOL freeze on the loading screen and you cannot know the difference of if it is loading or frozen, since the ping number froze too and maybe cause you have the right ping in this case, lets say loading screen took 5 mins, then you wait, but in fact the game loaded in 1 min and you wasted 4 on loading screen, then game is deleted+remade and youre charged with "leavebuster points"... So, this could also mean that several unintentional AFKs would be triggered due to minimal mistakes; lets say server failed and from the 10 players only 4 entered, 2vs2, they remake and the other 6 maybe will end up punished when maybe on 5 mins they reconnect all and end the game normally. **For this, I would like to point if a "leaver warning" can be done, 1 per day per account:** 1- You entered a game, 2- game failed=youre AFK 3- REMADE 4- Game Ended 5- Youre Warned with a "Leaver warning", This means that it will act as a Dodge(mostly for normal games, not ranked), you will have the time penalty for dodging, but you wont be charged with "LeaveBuster points". Then as you will know youre marked for the Next 24hs you will play more safely on this matter, and if your real intention would be to troll people forcing remakes, Then the system would activate LB on your second dodge effectively. This is only make as a Safeguard for the player; Then to not abuse this mechanic, there could be a maximum of 3 Remake/dodges caused by you per week/7 days, so if you are involved into other players remake, this wont have any impact to your remake counter.
I think this is an excellent idea. I myself have stuck on the loading screen and then had to restart the client ending recconecting in the game at the 4th or 5th. This should help a lot.
: Draven Draven Feedback
Is this skin really going to be on live servers?
: You can get Riot skins except Riot Singed (which for some reason is available on PBE). Those skins are not limited edition and sometimes goes on sale on the live servers.
I think that riot skins and ward skins are not available any more on live servers
: Nah, it's not a bug. The capital letter i and the small letter L look *very* alike in the client. They have different names, they switched those two letters. Look at the second "L" when zoomed in; they're slightly different :>
: Hextech: Skins u cant get
I think that certain skins such as victorious and pax are not available via hextech crafting
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: Champion Bundle costing 30000 RP
Am I the only one who bought the champs with ip?
: still refreshes after each purchase{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: [HEXTECH CRAFTING] Please allow us to skip the unboxing animation.
: Hextech Keys number not going down after opening chests
I had the same issue with the promo chests. The normal ones though were consuming the keys properly.
: Agree with this 100% I'd like 1v1's to be a permanent thing on a new map or Howling Abyss, like they did at the IWCA event last year. Even One For All becoming permanent game mode would be nice
Indeed that would be a far better idea.
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: [suggestion] New game mode
I don't think this mod could keep people interested for more than a week. They would run out of options/variety pretty quickly.
: Gragas Targeting Bug After using E
DId this happen once or every time you were using your abilities?
: Any idea how he did this?
If cancel the channeling of tahm's ultimate you can be inside him indfinitely. You can reenter every 3-4 seconds I think and immediately after again.
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: I've seen the same bug in Dunkey's video (I can't remember its name)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sweetheart Sona!
I used to love heartseaker ashe skin. And then this skin is realesed and I am love again. Good job guys and keep up the good work.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Harpseeker Ward!
I don't know if this is a bug or if it just happens on all the new wards since I am new on pbe but the sound effect when the ward is placed is from the normal one.
: The skin is pretty ok...Not my style at all but its decent... Nothing bad on it, maybe her AA missile is a bit "Big" and it doesnt seems to spin, as the other missile did(because it spin, is it?),this is maybe on purpose but looks odd. Q and E pink effects/particles are beautiful.
I agree on this view and I think AA could be a bit smaller. Awesome recall animation though.
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