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: Jinx ult with new Luna skin only shows a very small projectile?
I got a screen shot out of Firecracker Jinx's ult. [Firecracker]( vs. [normal]( (screen shot from [this]( video) ult. I have to say it looks a bit less noticeable since there isn't those flames coming behind the projectile.
: First impression of the PBE
I truly agree! I also just noticed this morning I got pbe account after over a year of waiting. And I got to say I am really really excited! Of course since I'm from EUNE, I got a bit lag (ping stays in about 200), but it doesn't take away the excitement and joy I feel about this account. I wish I can stay as active and good pbe player as possible so I don't lose it. I played only few games, but I love the ambiance here and I am just so hyped about all of this! x)
: 'Battle Boosts' up for testing in Nemesis Draft on PBE
I'm not so big fan of battle boost. I might find it useful if it let me buy it with some amount of ip (for like 250ip etc) or if the rp price was quite low (10rp or something like that). But I bet I, as many others too, am not ready to use 125rp for skin I get to use only temporary. :/


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