: @Riot-sandbox
That's actually a really great idea, also they should add the abillity to see what spells you used and in what order. This will really help with combos.
: New Client Question
So, no one got that ? great...
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: AP Malz is Awful
AP Malz may be not that powerfull but HOLY COW, i just played a game vs AD Malz and it was a nighmare. His w needs nerf imo, still they can buff his q or e a bit. Also, his passive is broken. I get that his immobiliity is countered with immunity to cc but why give the 90% damage reduction, that makes no sense at all.
: Starter Rune Bundle not in shop?
: Sorry, but unlike you there's so much stuff I care about than just sitting at my computer and replying the same thing over and over again to people who can't figure out the simplest of things, things that have been spoken about and solved all over the board. Good luck acting so much better than people who don't care about such wasteful things, you're putting in work and time and nothing good comes out of it. P.S. No clue how can someone have so much free time to play 15 games of URF a day along with spending hours looking for ways to get my post count up.
umm, correct me if i got it wrong, but i think i saw you in other posts complaining that people don't test new stuff on PBE and that rarely report bugs. Now, that Amy Sery replied( who is one of the most active testers) you say that what he/she is doing is boring and how can someone spend so much time on PBE... So what's your point? On the one hand, you complain about people not giving a f**k about PBE and on the other hand, you bash on Amy Sery who is an active tester... Explain us please fellow "tester"
: Queue over 9000?
-Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his login time? -IT'S OVER 9000!!!! -WHAT 9000?!!! THERE 'S NO WAY THAT CAN BE RIGHT!!
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: I think it is a bug or it was just overlooked while adjusting bundles prices. It should be available for 30 RP because not every new player can afford it right now.
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oreos file mu, epitelus vrika enan ellina edo pera
: Order Of The Lotus Irelia And Victorious Skins
: I believe this is intended. Keep in mind that you can receive skins even after re-rolls for the champions that you do not own. So if a player wants to unlock that skin, he would need to buy a champion. That's how money are born. :D
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: Anyone wanna play in PBE?
i ll add you, but the thing is i usually have 200+ ping. I hope you dont mind...
: Runes Bug in Store
Many people are facing this problem including me, the thing is i am new to PBE and i cant settup my runes :(

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