: [Cassiopeia] - Twin Fang doesn't reset all the time on poisoned targets.
had the same, with both mythic cassiopeia and the base skin
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: Heimerdinger Turret Bug
i had the same with heimerdinger last game, and when trying to reproduce it in a custom game, the game crashed entirely (i cant join a new game, it seems like im still in that game, but it doesnt exist anymore) i took the alien invader heimerdinger skin, so it doesnt depends on which skin you take i also think the taunt is because units normally get aggro from the turrets, since they attack no matter what. its weird tho, since they dont attack
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: [Bug?] Advanced Details and Share Match lead to leagueoflegends.com
there is no website like pbe.leagueoflegends.com , thats why it redirects to your default lol page, where the match history ofcourse isnt available
: [Summoner Icon] Insidious Gaming SI is blurred in the loading screen
it happens to me nearly every game at always different things (summoner spells and icons)
: [BUG] - Solo custom games not ending properly.
had that on the live server, i wondered about that aswell
: Aren't rivers supposed to flow?
i believe sm1 from rito said that they will include a lot of easter eggs (=interactive), theyre just not in yet and about the river...it seems more like a small lake to me
: When is the Summoner's Rift VU going on the PBE?
the server is unavailable.....maybe theyre doin it naow
: Sounds like you may have bigger issues than just LoL itself. Download http://crystalmark.info/software/CrystalDiskInfo/index-e.html and check if all your Harddrives are still ok. It could also be your RAM.
this only occured on the pbe, and every other game im playing is also fine so yeah im pretty sure it is related to lol
: IP
i dont see where youre point is pointing at yeah, the qs are long, but if new stuff costs 1 ip, that shouldnt be a problem. 1 game and you can buy 100 new skins and concerning champions, you dont really need all (i would like to know where you spent your 100000? ip on tho)
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: level doesn't change in the community and I haven't get new RP or IP in 2 week
the lvl should be a bug but the ip/rp is supposed to be that way, you wont get weekly ip/rp, new content is instead available for 1 ip
: Udyr was not able to use his skills even though they don't target.
i wouldnt wonder if he needs to be able to aa a "target" to use his spells, since they enhance his aas, which isnt possible since with this bug he cant target enemies. he still would continue aaing though, since that doesnt require further targeting (i dont think bots use orbwalking) and why rammus was able to use q, he just needs to walk to that "target(not really targeted)", which he still can with this bug
: Why isnt there many people playing PBE
there are just not alot of ppl on the pbe overall, and only a really small part is in the public chatroom
: ingame message, no difference of the game
this didnt happen again in the following game
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: [ACCOUNT] Didn't receive my RP and IP upon registration
: in higher elos timing becomes much harder if close to impossible, the other team will always save cc to stop you. So if you put more power into her base abilities and less on her ult, It will loosen that up a bit, and allow her to have an effect in teamfights other than at the end. Also the removing of the ad scaling because its pointless, it only scales with bonus ad, so unless you intend to build ad its useless.
when its pointless, u can aswell keep it
: Gragas W needs buff
they should make him able to use other skills while drinking, thats the only problem
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: happened to me aswell. luckily i already had runes :S
i also only didnt receive the marks, glyphs and seals. i got the quints regularly
: Hmmm have you been able to see which module triggered the crash?
no, i wasnt there when it happened
: > i dont excactly know at which point i got it, but when loading into a yasuo ofamm game, i got a blue screen. i could relog and everything was fine after that That doesn't only happen in PBE it's also on Live, but happens quite rarely. I also heard of people having blue terrain and I experienced myself missing character portraits, no models or fog of war (however you could move and die). EDIT: I think it's probability is increased when you TAB out during the Loading Screen.
not that kind of bluescreen, the pc crashed with a blue screen and i didnt press any buttons
: Runes missing?
happened to me aswell. luckily i already had runes :S
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: Tristana E (possible bug)
this also occurs on the live servers (euw)
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: So really dumb question... >.<
you have to unpack it... and then u can do whatever u want with lol.launcher.exe
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u were alone i guess? i believe every active game closes if all human players leave it. this could even happen to a ranked match, if everyone leaves
: cannot login to pbe
i have this since 2 weeks...
: Is Darius ulti supposed to do this?
it is supposed to do this, i even got dunked over the map after ulting away with tf once xD
: [Black Background] Loginscreen animation
happened to me aswell, but sometimes the animations just didnt turn on again
: pool party LEONA
main inhibitor? nexus? if its the nexus what u meant, then probably one of the inhibitors respawned
: Yep, didn't work.
nothing works ._.
: PBE Login Down
You are talking about this http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/xKeEaLQm-login-error ?
: Login error
same goes for me.
: This is most likely an email bug, which is partially my fault - in reading this I just realized an alternative framework that would have been better for this particular distribution. Out of curiosity, is it just that the email uses your EUW summoner name, or do the links (the LoL logo, for example) actually go to EUW pages? Regardless, as CLONECONES mentioned the PBE ultimately uses its own accounts. The main point of the email is that you should log in to the PBE using your active account :)
The links do go to the euw page, thats all ok. But i have another question, i cant login, all i get is this error: http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/tojjfBgB-bug-in-loging-in. I have tried everything that i could do, so i assume its serverside. The only thing i dont know if it works is changing my email, but i didnt got an email to be sure these both are my emails. Ive also seen many people complaining about this on the live server(euw). edit: I just tried to change the email again, but it said i already did it, and so i changed it back to my first email. The verification was then sent to that email, which is very strange (shouldnt it be reversed?). I still cant login tho.
: PBE is an entirely seperate account.
Yes, but you apply to pbe with your live server account And the email I got, is not about my na account with which I applyed, it is about my euw account, which didnt got access.
: confirmed, it feels like it lags out and gets massive delay edit: i forgot to say that it worked fine 1 time, but after it doesnt work
its working completely fine now edit: nvm, now the screen is black, but it worked like 10 times in a row
: First time it worked like it should. Now it does only turn black.
same like me, instead for me it just doesnt turn the animations on, but it worked one time
: seems like the server lagged, so you got set to lvl 1 without stats
this happened to me on the euw server (thats probably why you never have seen this) when there were massive lags.
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: [Login Screen] Disabling menu animation BUG
confirmed, it feels like it lags out and gets massive delay edit: i forgot to say that it worked fine 1 time, but after it doesnt work
: [Summoners Rift] - [Katarina] - In game Level reset from 13 to 1
seems like the server lagged, so you got set to lvl 1 without stats
: People are downvoting it is because, 1. Account issues don't belong on the forums. 2. When you are spamming threads with non-relevant titles.
where does account issues belong then, if not into the forums?
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