: LeBlanc cant go back to this.
I'd like to have them follow through with this revert. Having an assassin with such a huge damage delay does not make any sense
: Conqueror : Love how you keep lowering the extra damage when its the True damage that is the issue
IMO They should make it so it procs only on AA's and not on abilities. Only the q & AA would be doing true damage then, and I really don't think that is too strong vs a lot of other top laners
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: Is Conqueror actually working on Illaoi?
Its not working on anyone right now
: In my experience it's really horrible to play against, whether you're a tank or not. I just had a game where a Garen went 0/10 REALLY early against a Darius who just went out of control. I can't see the damage from it in my death recap though but he was unable to be stopped. I don't know if the Garen was just bad or what. Certain champions seem extremely powerful with it though, and they're not all bruisers(Master Yi for example, and I would assume Darius, who is a bruiser, but already has true damage, but I can't say for certain as I haven't faced him).
It is not good on Yi unless he is played as a split pusher, or is fighting a champ that can't down him in 4 seconds (Ali, maybe?). I could see it being OP on Darius in lane since the bleed can keep you in combat, but if Darius's choose to go that rune, they sacrifice so much HP and tank stats that they would be getting from the resolve tree, I think it ,balances out somewhat. I have versed Darius with this rune twice, and it does feel easier in a way (when i'm on Trynd at least) because he can be bursted way before he gets his 5 passive stacks up, which is what is does the majority of his dmg.
: Can we get some shields, please?
The new locket is the strongest shield ever released
: Conquerer Wind up time before activating needs to be lowered
IMO The 2 sec activation time is too large for it to be effective if it can't be charged on minions. That would make it so that this rune only works in top lane on all-ins, trades rarely last 2 seconds. I think that change would make the rune unplayable. I think the reason for the 4 second charge time (paired with the fact that it can be charged on minions) is that it makes it more of a split pushing rune than a teamfighting one. It also indirectly nerfs the rune's effectiveness on champions that want to transition their lane advantage into team fights (e.g. darius/renekton) which I think is really smart because it forces these types of champs to choose between having a potentially stronger laning phase, or a better team fight
: Thoughts on new rune?
It does not seem crazy overpowered right now, maybe a little stronger early than it should be (though maybe i've just been versing bad opponents). It really does feel GREAT into tanks though. If you are playing a melee auto attack champion, the tabi + bramble counter is not nearly as insurmountable as it was, which is huge plus in my opinion. Finally it feels like bruisers won't automatically be outscaled by tanks once the game reaches a certain point.
: Testing new rune (My personal thoughts as a plat riven otp)
I don't think the true damage does much of anything verse anyone who is not a tank thought at level one, right? Base armor stats are pretty low in the game unless you're specced into resolve, wouldn't nerfing the AD early make more sense?
: Conqueror - What should be done
That would make the rune unplayable except vs tanks. Tempo would be doing more damage on most champions than conqueror (it procs earlier, and the AS buff does more dmg than 10AD), and nobody above gold uses tempo top lane, because it is horrible. I'd like to see them change it so that instead of 20% true damage on all abilities, it is just on auto attacks. This way Yas will only do bonus dmg on AA (i'd prefer if they coded it so his Q didn't proc it) which would bring it much more in line with Yas's current options, and likely make it non-viable for him.


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