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: ***
i only said that the language used there is arabic, i didnt say anything about anyone, im arabic too and i dont troll so idk what u mean
: what's the relation between them probably being arabs and them being toxic/trolls?
well that language is arabic soo
: Draven Draven costs more than Ultimate skins?
this is league of draven, ofc its gonna be 5k rp for that skin
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: Dude I live in North Africa, and I'm playing on a 152 ms... Talk about equality.
: 10/19 - Thursday - PBE STATUS & FAQ
the ping is fine, i live in North Africa and i get around 170 ms, which is playable, but sometimes its spikes and reaches over 500 for everyone, even for players playing from NA, that's the only problem there is with the ping, besides that everything related to the ping is fine.
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: Could not reconnect to game
: URF bugs & feedback so far
equalizing should have different overlay than the surrendering one
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: It could cause more bugs to begin with though.
yeah but then again there will be some 2 random players in a live server on each team who will both pick that new champ and that bug will occur "chances of this are low af tho", but it wont if we had the chance to play OFA with that new champ
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: Did you check the correct Server Status? The one on the left of this forums (and the one in the Client link) brings you to the NA Server Status, so here's a link for you to the [PBE Server Status](, and PBE is down currently (as it was two hours ago, when you posted this)
ah, thank you, i must of checked the wrong one
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: Riot is performing maintenance right now. Server will be back in a few hours.
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: All-Stars testing: Showdown, Hexakill & U.R.F.
How about a "one for all" - "hexakill" - "URF" LCS game everyone would watch that game
: [Rengar] – Extremely large movement speed increase
happend to me too..i was playing 1v5 in custom and i was using {{item:3270}}, and once i ulti i start moving sooo fast between them
: Aatrox needs a new skin!
So does kha'zix and zed
: [Queues] Normal game invite showing up as ranked
: Bug with RP/IP
i think they posted something in lol that says "the rp and ip can take up to 24 hours sometimes"
: High Ping on PBE
the PBE is in LA, so it's on NA server, and if you are in EUW, it's a normal ping, i get that too
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: PBE Unavailable


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