: Katarina Rework: ultimate out of place?
How about "katarina can cast shunpo while channeling her ultimate"
: [Assassins] LeBlanc Feedback Thread
Interesting, i left some feedback about her ultimate here. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/qAMyWYeV-lb-rework-lb-ultimate-suggestion
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: All Random URF for the RGM queue now live for testing on the PBE
Alright BRO! I was playing patch 2.0 in Heroes... they dropped a brand new Starcraft map and a new hero https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hep-bsMW1rU BUT URF? I'm down. Add me in PBE guys lets group up for URF.
: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/fxdG7M5t-yorick-discussion-open-discussion-for-everyones-opinions FORGOT TO MAKE A LINK LOL please share!:D
: Change Championship Riven recal plz
Nah it would cost too much money and time for them to make this .... worlds is so soon how can they give her a recall animation that quick??
: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
Yorick's e is a really boring skill. All it does is sick ghouls on the targets. Can this either be more impactful by having a better animation or actually do some dmg? Right now it's pretty meh and unsatisfying. Also Yorick's q is really standard. Can you do more to separate him from other q spam champs. Perhaps lowering the dmg and increse the healing to become more unique. Currently it's pretty much the same as nasus q. Finally his w is a lil lackluster since iy can be killed so quick. Perhaps telegraph in advance where his bone prison will pop up so quick enemies can avoid it. Then have it remain for a fixed duration. Right now its really useless because enemies kill it so quick. It's like a .3 second cc And finally the maiden .... Can she be made cooler or more satisfying.... She is legit a ghost that looks lile a bedsheet.... Maybe raising ghouls can heal or something. There should be more interaction between Yorick and his ult.
: Thought about New Yorick's q
How about raising a ghoul with q heals the maiden. Healing minions is too op as you can deny last hits But I like your thought of having some way for Yorick to aid the maiden
: Its no difference then Nass Q or Trundles Q Tho Im still pissed Illaoi's W does not work on towers any more. Any Empowered Auto attack should work on towers
I think so too it's just frustrating how some abilities dmg towers snd others don't. I think all on hits Should dmg the tower in my opinion. (Jax w nasus q etc)
: you're in luck! ^_^ One For All is going to be back in the cycle the same time as Yorick Update, so we're about to enable it :3 PLS TEST YORICK <333
: Somewhat sad to hear that you find him boring, but different strokes for different folks. Not every character should be high octane like Kled or Yasuo. (Although I love watching them myself) The Maiden should try to hit what you are hitting if you are attacking a champion, I might want to try lifting the champion requirement and see if that makes it feel much more responsive Hm, the pentakill dance should have music to it, See if the issue continues after tomorrow.
And I saw your stream too, you seem like a pretty inteligent guy judging by the responses you gave on stream. While I dont think YOrick's playstyle should be high octane (it should be the opposite, be super chill and serene like yorick), I think you can go further into making him fun to play. For example, his e doesnt really feel very impactful. Perhaps if this had a better interaction (either more dmg, or more slow) rather than just sick em ghouls! Its a really cool shaped targetting indicator and I was expecting some sort of cool niche spell. However that spell is just Ghouls jump here. So perhaps you could try raising yorick's skill ceiling to make him appeal to a wider audience. Currently he is one of the easiest champions to play (In my opinion ofc). Maybe if you can add skill interactions (eg if you e on top of your w this happens....) to make him more fun for higher tiered players, as currently he still has a pretty monotonous play-style (of spam q) as did the old yorick. Perhaps his e can interact with ghouls currently active, or have a bonus effect if you mist on top of a grave, or mist your w. Idk just some suggestions to make him a little more interesting
: Somewhat sad to hear that you find him boring, but different strokes for different folks. Not every character should be high octane like Kled or Yasuo. (Although I love watching them myself) The Maiden should try to hit what you are hitting if you are attacking a champion, I might want to try lifting the champion requirement and see if that makes it feel much more responsive Hm, the pentakill dance should have music to it, See if the issue continues after tomorrow.
Exactly 100% Agree. I know FOR SURE there are many that enjoy the nice relaxing play style of nasus and yorick. The Maiden kinda feels like its blending into the background, but Perhaps we can only give it attack commands? IE we dont choose where it moves, only who it attacks / drains. I'll be honest That ultimate is really cool. It reminds me a lot of the warden ult from wc3. And that was one of my favourites. And yeh dont take it too personally friend, I am a very bloodthristy early game player (think kled, darius, lee j4 etc). Therefore obviously the midgame monotonous / 1D playstyle of yorick / Nasus doesnt really appeal to me. And finally, what is your opinion on Q procing on tower? I think its pretty frustrating whenever auto attack enhancers (jax w, yorick q) dont proc on tower hits. It feels sorta artificial since the tower is a real structure, and you're striking it. Care to share why you decided that YOrick Q should not proc on tower? I think it would suit him better especially as a splitpusher. He can have stronger tower threat. You guys always do well with the champion updates, this one is no exception. I think he has a niche and interesting playstyle, and hopefully will appeal to a larger audience on release.
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: The Boards are not a place for team recruitment. I would recommend going into the Public Chat on the PBE Client. Plenty of nice people there to play with. Or you could just add friends after games.
: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
Hey I gave my feedback in this thread here: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/PbaI4hh7-yorick-feedback-after-a-few-games-of-yorick-on-pbe Pretty hard feedback but thats cool. He's a bit of a boring champion playstyle, but you guys released the dynamic and unique kled and thats all good. Arguably, Kled has the most fun kit for my playstyle, even more than Darius. Regarding your questions: 1) I like the ghouls, and finally they're clickable. I think their fair too both Yorick and his opponent. AI overall is good, But I think the ghouls / ultimate AVATAR should lock into yorick's current target. The ultimate is kinda meh because it just targets whoever the fk it wants. However If I'm on one target, I want to be able to tell my avatar to hit the same target. It will be more satisfying to Yorick players if they could control WHO the spirit hits. It would create more skilled plays. 2)Clutter is good, but I think her Ult blends in too well to the background. Try making it a brighter hue to make it stand out more. Ghouls are just right (color wise). 3) I found a bug regarding a sound on his emote. The control+3 emote on Pentakill skin Has yorick pulling out a guitar. However no sound plays. I know in the other Pentakill Skins (sona, morde, olaf) When they use their instruments there is some sort of tune. Idk if its intended or if its a bug, but as a user I expect some sort of audio when yorick pulls out his guitar, at least a note. 4) I feel his q is too strong. Idk though hes a pretty boring champion with realistically 1 offensive attack. I'll try him with some weird ass masteries and see if that breaks the game =)
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: An Update on Chromas
Copy paste from another thread. Chromas in league will never be as good as the skin Variations offered in heroes of the storm. It works for heroes because every single skin and base skin have three chromas. Heroes was designed from The ground up to have chromas for each skin. It legit doesn't make sense to add some chromas for a few skins. Chromas or skin Variations are really not worth the effort for Riot. Just release new skins and remember that heroes will always be better designed from the ground up than League. You fkn unlock 3 free skin Variations for all skins on a champ for levelling up. You also get a Master skin at lvl 10 with 3 Variations. There is no way riot can catch up, and it's probably not worth the time and money to do so. I'm glad they realized that Chromaz only work for heroes of the storm because every skin and base skin have them, and their unlocked for free. Charging 300RP for something g I get for free in other games? Yeah fucking right... So greedy.... The Chinese management is really starting to shine. How much pressure does league have to break a billion this year? A fucking lot judging by how msny bullshit mixrotransactions they've introduced this year alone. I hope your Chinese overlords are happy you've managed to make a billion this year. Good job. Next you should charge RP for other stuff that should be free like runes. That should push you over the top to a billion. You can't just hope to copy an great idea and expect it will work the same. Legit heroes is designed from the ground up to give free chromas for everyone for every skin for mastering and levelling a champion. How is releasing a few bad recolours every year even close to the quality of product that blizzard has. Just another cash grab from the Chinese. Sigh this gsme is becoming like one of those shitty mobile games with pop-ups for everything asking you to spend money. Good try I guess, but I dont think your approach will ever result In Chromas being as popular as skin Variations. Like legit you took a free product from heroes, and are trying to charge people for it. If anything you should've tied it to your mastery system. But that bullshit is a totally different problem you need to fix first. Just my two cents but I think riot shouldny waste time and money on this, and just focus on releasing new cool skins. That literally the only thing riot does better than blizzard anyways. Commence down voting, I feel bad about talking si much shit but it's all true, in my opinion. Riot becoming really greedy and trying to break a billion for this fiscal year. It's very obvious
: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
Hey, I was chatting with so.e other rioters like rReave and ghost crawler. We started talking about various teams and the systems team came up. I'm wondering if you work on that team ? What are some of the roles and responsibilities for your team ? What are some of the stuff you guys are working on ATM (if you can share). Usually when talking about gameplay live balance and champion teams are talked about. I don't even know what the systems team does. Wonder what you guys do day to day. Thanks for sharing pal.

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