: The Round Robin is a great Comeback Mechanism I love it. I just find Force of Nature in the Early game extremely broken as I said, you can delay Level Ups for faster Gold gain. But on the other hand prioritizing that just for that would be bad unless you have an already solid field. It can be used as a tactic. But yea I think the first RR and the first Creep Waves shouldnt give it.
I just played a game and there was a force premade in the carousel! That should NEVER be a thing! I think a better option for double spatula is a +1 interest or something similar.
: Force of Nature is at any point pretty strong. It helps you delay a level up and save up gold for higher interest. But I agree Spatula shouldnt be in the first Round Robin or in the first Creep waves.
Well it just feels like playing from behind is going to be the best strategy by a lot. Like you said you'll have better eco with the same or more units and only at the cost of some HP. Currently I internationally lose the early rounds so I have a lower health total and can get the spatulas. I think the carousel is already a decent come back mechanism, and adding force of nature on top of having priority seems like it's a bit too strong. I'mm not a top tier player though so maybe it's not the best, but it seems\s to be to me.
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