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: While we still limit the roster available for Custom games to beginner-enabled bots, we have over 60 bots available for Coop vs. AI games.
Personally, I disagree with the limits e.g. no interm bots in customs. As I believe it removes some of the customisation from custom games.
: How I feel about Vel'Koz
My personal opinion is that he should have some kind of line when he ults, e.g. "DISINTEGRATION!" or something along those lines, mainly because it looks like he's putting all of his energy into ulting, and it feels weird without a voice line to go with, apart from that, i fully agree with all you said, and he will be Insta-buy when he comes out on live.
: Hexakill surrender vote
Perhaps one of them was afk, leaving only 5 people to vote, and then that would mean 80% of the players on the team voted yes, just a theory.
: In my opinion, i don't get why he is still that strong today. He is extremely boring to play against.
He's really only strong if he is left to q farm, deny him that, and you have very few issues with him.
: [Karthus] invisible wall in ARAM
If it was on the EUW server, you ought to report the bug to the EUW Forums rather than the PBE forums.
: [Minor bug] Audio not working for Xerath.
I can confirm this happens on scorched earth Xerath.
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: [Twisted Treeline] Camps always lvl 1 after clearing.
I believe the camp changes in regards to them levelling was only applied to summoner's rift, personally i'd love to see the levelling on Twisted Treeline, I feel it would add quite a bit more to the map than there currently is.
: [Jumps and Traps] Are they accepted or should they be fixed
{{champion:133}} ult also seems unaffected by said traps, i don't think this should happen due to the fact the model is clearly off the ground, but then by that logic, {{champion:42}} would be immune to {{champion:51}} traps, which seems kind of unfair to me.
I'm having issues logging in too, here's a [screenshot]( as to the error message i'm receiving.
: no weekly ip and rp
Got the weekly last week, but not this week, not too sure why.
: I agree with this, since Fiddle's fear and Rammus's taunt got nerfed too and they were at 3 seconds too. Makes sense that morgana should get nerfed.
However the projectile for the {{champion:25}} Q moves very slowly, I would say that it's pretty fair considering how difficult it can be to land, if you dodge them well enough that is.
: [Store->Skins] Some Skins in "Miscellaneous"
Confirmed, there's others too, here's a [Screenshot]( of the skins concerned.
: [Dragonblade Riven] - persistant healing particles after first spawn
Confirmed, seems to be the case for all riven skins, particles cease roughly half a minute in.
: Unloyal PBE Testers
I'll quote the [FAQ]( on this "How is Player Behavior monitored on the PBE? We monitor both harassment scores and reports made against PBE accounts, so if you encounter a toxic player in your game please use the report function. Testers exhibiting toxic behavior will have their accounts permanently disabled without warning or the possibility of appeal." I myself haven't got around to pvp quite yet, still testing out certain setups for certain champs atm. Please do report them though, nobody deserves/needs this kind of behaviour on the pbe.
: They don't die ;) they hide
: Confirmed cause it's been here for so long already xD though it was already fixed o_O
Maybe it's only on the crystal scar then? I'll test the other maps a little later on when I hop on the pbe.
: [Poro ward skin] - suggesting a Poro ward skin
I don't know about that, because then we'd have to see them die after 3 min... :c
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