: Force of Nature - item bug
Yea, I had someone in my team who got the same bug.
: Dodges, trolls, autofill due to new champ and general pbe
I think it would atleast reduce the dodges and trolls if we had blind pick and not draft pick (because atleast 2 ppl gets a chance of playing him).
: So u write this >The Keystones don't fit for all Mages/Assassins U explain it dosn't fit to assassins. But anyway i don't agree with this, most assassin currently runes Storm riders or thunderlord. Electrocute is stronger for OSing and Phase rush is easier to proc for all assassins > This also kinda nerfed champion that would use Stormraider's/Phase Rush for mobility by dishing out damage quickly like Taliyah. A good talyah won't have any issue to use phase rush
> A good talyah won't have any issue to use phase rush The thing is Taliyah procs Stormraider's with just Q, because the damage it does is enough to give her the movespeed. Phase Rush requires you to hit 3 **separate** abilities, which means, she A: has to spam Q and hit 3 times in order to proc it, and no I don't mean the 3 rocks have to hit, I mean she presses Q, hits 1 time, presses Q again, hits 2 times, presses Q again, hits 3rd time and gets Phase Rush. B: Use full combo, which should give her the movespeed, but now she has no abilities up. As for Assassins, yea, I can agree on that they can easily proc Electrocute and Phase Rush.
: Ravenous hunter on empowered basic attack abilities(Such as darius w nasus q gangplank q yasuo q)
: Darius the only melee AD not being compensated for runes loss???
Well, he still has the new Grasp of the Undying so I think it will be enough to compensate for the Bonus AD he loses since he is a bruiser, and bruiser normally build AD with HP and resist
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: Can Ashe Q instaproc "Press the Attack"?
Y, i did try it out, doesn't work at all, shame, cause it would have been very good
: Unable to connect to the authentication service.
Try spamming the login button until you get in, worked for me
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: Azir still too oppressive
If he used Lethal Tempo, then I guess it's not that suprising
: Kayn's Darkin form is a better assassin than his shadow assassin form (I did the math)
From how I see it I think that the Darkin Form need atleast a nerf on some of his % damage abilities, this is mostly because he has too much sustain already added into his kit and then he has alot of dmg aswell. Buffing SA would be a option but when he finally hits live, if he is too strong then no matter which form he picks he will be op. We must also take consideration that nerfing the Darkin forms sustain would work but thats like taking something that makes the form unique (since SA is damage-oriented and Darkin is sustain-oriented). Therefore in order to make SA shine a bit more (because I think that SA is pretty balanced) nerfing Darkin's damage in a way that makes him not feel like a SA with sustain otherwise there is no point in having SA in the 1st place.
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