: Introducing the new LeaverBuster -- a new system for aggressively tackling Leavers and AFKs
Ok, Ill never get pissed off on league of legends, But this really piss me off So country like mine that have 20MB max , But the 80% Of the population have 8MB and have connection troubles sometime weill get their account banned for disconnecting for like 5 Minutes then recconect, OH MADAFAKA HOLY WOW What a care of the people you scrubs at riot This is system where broken in the past and will be broken on the rankeds too Suspending Honest people that spend much time on league enjoyng rankeds instead of getting rid of true leavers that REALLY Want to ruin the game So i say before release those thing make sure is a working system against TRUE Leavers The Kind Of Guys That PRESS "EXIT THE GAME BECAUSE IM A SCRUB" You Guys All Downvote this and give negative feedbacks to this system cause you will retrieve your account suspended if you get DC by something not under your control. Thats kinda Unreal Nazi Shit Riot. Keeping Good Connection Players and fucking up others with less MB and High pings Anyway, Like the guys sayd below you shoulda ban who leave the game for entire duration and will never reconnect back cause they ragequitted or just troll i dont care the motivation but those guys are cancers and i know i get 1 afk every 5 Games But i dont really care cause is a game and theres still lots of rankeds i can play but on the otherside, we have DC's that disperatly try to reconnect for help their teammates You Guys Think About It, You acting so nazi without control with all the money you get from us and disrespect our local connection problems
: [Rengar] - Frozen in capture animation
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