: Bugsplat in Loading Screen
i keep getting bug splats when I spectate or loading screen. Please fix riot!
: Thoughts on the HUD Change
Its just the fact the new HUD is to big... You cannot even see what's in front of your champ below.. The HUD had me really confused... If Riot could make the HUD smaller in the middle center of the bottom then I think I could learn the HUD a bit better and maybe others too....
: PBE should be limited on new champ arrivals
I agree with this like when Bard came out so many dodgers. Its really unbelievable how people can be such cry babies and want to leave queue because they don't get their picks. Its the same in any queue actually for example " jungle or I dodge".... It's really annoying.
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: Star Guardian Lux
Honestly cannot wait for this skin to come out! This skin for Lux should be a legendary skin.
: This skin is really great. I love it but HER HAIR should STAY BLONDE. Its her iconic look. And it would still fit great with the sailor moon theme! Plase keep hair blonde. Lux main. Its not lux without her luminous hair.
Same I think the pink suits her outfit.
: Can we please get a reason as to why team builder is still up?
: Dear Riot: A Quick Question to the state of Updates
Yeah it's true team builder is still here don't they take it out after a day or two?
: Introducing chroma packs!
This is cool more color! yay :3
: Aram
Same I was wondering what happen there. lol
: Fiora ulti not hitting 5 times
same I was wondering what happened here lol
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arclight Vayne!
Some more detail into the skin maybe? Seems not finished yet! c:
: Ludens Echo on 3VS
Same thing happening to me.
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