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: Cant even play
yeah pbe is fucked rn every thing is bugged
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: Okey, here the solution: 1 close the client, wait 20 minutes, if you still stuck, close the client again and wait 20 minutes, after: open the client: if you still stuck, close the client and throw your computer from the window, buy new one, install league and open your client, if you still stuck, call 911, ask for help. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: put chests with 1BE and all gonna be ok pls riot i wanted to play nightbringer yasuo for 3 month ago
yes please put chests for 1 be
: I’m about to collapse on my keyboard so imma keep it short and sweet, but the point of it all is that it’s not a bug: 1. Your PBE rank doesn’t represent your true skill (nor anyone else’s) 2. Your League/Rank is not the same as your MMR. MMR is what eventually queues you. 3. PBE has a small player base with a great variety in skill. This is the best team the system can pull together while not having everyone wait 6 years. 4. PBE ranked process is sped up for testing purposes that’s why some people are in (way) higher leagues than others. It’s why you only need one game to get placed, too. 5. Relax, it’s PBE. The most important part is for it to (continue to) work correctly on live.
so thats a normal thing and i will get iron 4 of that cool
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: Game disconnects and then reconnects
it happend to me and then my abilites on zed was disabled and we lost the game
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: I don't get free riot points
this is a bug they are working on a fix 4 monthes ago
: Runes Bug?
i was having 22 rune pages and rest to 2 so i hope riot fix that
: victourious bug??
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: not a bug but an ideia
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: 1 month with no rp
: Until you people fix the RP grant bug.... like 9 months later... can you do this?
: bardle Royale Spawn bug
i fucking happned to me i losed the game cauz this bug
: Rune Pages????
yeah me too i was having 14 rune pages{{champion:92}}
: Rune pages back to 2???
lol i happened to me too
: emotes
me too man and my rune pages that i boght i didint see them so pls fix that riot
: The game is bugged.
u forget the Kled doesnt die


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