: PBE is voluntary. We should not (want to) expect a reward. Just block and report the toxic people, and have fun with the people who *are* friendly
True, but it wouldn't help that most of the PBE users just use PBE as another "smurf" that they can just abuse. It wouldn't hurt to give them motivation of some sort to keep a positive behavior. I suggested this because, in the the live server people were rewarded for having a positive behavior and I believe it will change the negative stigma that PBE has.
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: Does decay affect placements MMR assuming its been more than 28 days since the last placement match? Should players get notifications for these decays even though they don't have a full ranking yet?
You don't lose MatchMakingRating when you decay.
: Challenger level should be kept for active players. But master tier should change to be slightly higher. If your in challenger and not active then you probably shouldn't be in challenger
Once you hit masters you become challenger after 24 hours, there is no point.
: Testing changes to ranked inactivity notifications
I find this really positive in the game. Definitely a step in the right direction. Maybe extend the days for challenger solo decay.
: Homeguard enchantment not working
: Has been there since last week at least. You can fix it by unfriending the person and then adding them again.
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: Ability Cooldown
I can agree, happened to me playing {{champion:1}} and {{champion:131}} on pbe. It happens every 10spells or more I believe.


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